Big black cloud

Return to Florida reveals heaven turned to hell

27th August 2010

Three months on the road and at the homes of friends in the Northeast U.S. was all sultry, humid heat, choked with the smog of traffic and industry, and all the passersby coughing frequently. It was ironic, I had told my sister, that I had fled Florida fearing poisoned air, but the air near Philadelphia, dominated by those everpresent chemtrails, was much worse.

After a long sweaty summer, the first genuinely cool weather I ran into happened yesterday as I crossed the border back down into Florida. I�d thought earlier that I could smell the Gulf from about midway down South Carolina, but that turned out to be only the foul mist of the truck traffic on I-95. Still, it seemed something about the air infused the light with a dusty redness, like a pair of sunglasses that tints the air with the psychedelic rust of civilization.

The Sunshine State is what they call Florida. That�s why everybody goes there. It�s always sunny. This summer, the entire U.S. experienced a sweltering heat wave, but Florida has been inexplicably 20 degrees below average. Call it a meteorological pole shift. August 24, 2010, crossing the border into Florida produced a vision of a big black cloud, gyrating menacingly like the tornado clouds of Oklahoma, swirling out of the Gulf, rhythmic rain squalls that lashed the landscape like a sky vomiting the poison it has ingested upon the fools who made it all happen � us.

Welcome home, Johnny. Whatever happened to that seaside paradise you always dreamed of, and thought you had achieved?

Although my Florida neighborhood turned out to be profoundly pristine once I learned the right paths to follow, I always knew and have said for years that one day I�d have to move away from the ocean because it would become, through thoughtless human behavior, a danger to life itself. Of course I knew if this happened, it would be a definite precursor to what most likely will resemble the end of life on this planet as we know it. I�m here to tell you that the precursor has definitely happened.

Not only are diseases creeping up on us from every angle of a 360 degree spectrum, so are the people charged with fighting disease participating in a capitalist hoax to fleece the populace with invented diseases and their corresponding faux-antidotes, which they create from allopathic poisons that will eventually kill us. The black brew in the Gulf of Mexico is just another of those, the most potent unleashed so far.

To live in Florida today is like choosing to live beside a toilet bowl filled with poison guaranteed to shorten your life. I knew this three months ago when I went screaming out of here. Nothing has changed today. Only the lies have been compounded and a profound environmental hazard has been wreaked upon the animal populations of the Gulf Coast amounting to a long term medical cost that cannot at this point be calculated because it is beyond human comprehension.

Taking that down to a human level, this turning of the Gulf into a poisoned swamp is going to bring a lot of pain into many lives. If they sentence drunk drivers to long jail terms, then the Goldman-Sachs type gents who engineered this disaster should get longer ones than that. At a minimum. What kind of sentence is appropriate for those who have killed the whole world, or at least whole constellations of life forms?

And with each passing day, in the meantime, they�re still finding new ways to kill us.

The most significant character in the current and neverending catastrophe drama now before us is, IMHO, Matt Simmons, the peak oil propagandist who appears � like Paul Wellstone, William Colby, and other insiders turned whistleblowers � to have called it right shortly before he was assassinated in his own hot tub by the forces of petrotyranny � there are two wells, and in their TV spectacular, they capped the one that wasn�t leaking.

Haven�t heard much more about the blue plague, where people in the New Orleans area are supposed to be getting blue lips and blue fingernails as their bodies rot from inside from the exposure to the benzene and a greatly reduced oxygen count in the air, down to 13 percent in some zones, I�ve heard. That�s air almost as thin as on a Mexican airliner. Combined with the average pollution and the intensified chemtrail spraying program, the people of the Gulf Coast and the eastern U.S. are all being asphyxiated, in that same slow tortuous way that the savage vampires are utterly destroying our financial system in perpetuity. All of these are preparations for the great die-off that is about to happen, or, in so many places, is happening now.

The best thing I heard on my trip were Paul Topete�s radio interviews with incredibly astute interviewers, which can be heard at

It�s lapsing back to the basic Thomas Jefferson message, that we should own our country, and not let the money be manipulated by outsiders who regard us as cattle to be milked and slaughtered, or sheep waiting to be sheared and consumed or disposed of in the most profitable way.

The problems are clear, and the crooks are identifiable � and completely in control of us. A system predicated on mass murder for profit, the race is on to see who can kill the most people and make the most money. You doubtless heard they are retooling the swine flu vaccine, and it�s due to replace your regular flu shot this winter, without them telling you exactly that. Anybody who gets a vaccine for anything is nuts. They have left an enlarged history of debilitating diseases throughout the 20th century, and doctors and pharmaceutical companies are still playing the same game. There are about 400 ways to make cancer go away, but the quacks are still murdering people with bad food, bad results and poisons guaranteed to kill you slowly, while they take your money.

Like rats from a sinking ship, people are scrambling to get off the grid, this poison mindlock that has twisted our illusions into things that get us to actually destroy ourselves. You only have to walk into a supermarket today and check the list of ingredients of all the popular items to see how they have destroyed our health through debilitating grains and caustic sugars, growth hormones in the milk that makes girls start growing breasts at age 5, that sort of thing.

Most of us think at some time or another lately that it�s time to get out into the desert where it�s safe, up into the mountains where the air will presumably be better, but the thought only lasts for a little while, as our lives and friends are all tied up with cities of some type, and we can�t let go for the property we think we own. But you can�t run forever, and when you turn around, the big black cloud is still there, right over the terrain at Yellowstone, which is constantly pulsing with an ominous tectonic beat. No matter where you go there you are.

It�s safe to say they have us hemmed in from all sides. But amid all the futile carping now being whispered in all of the luncheonettes across the country, there is nevertheless a rising tide of consciousness that now sees the U.S. government as absolutely controlled by the Jewish international bankers who make up the rules as they go along with their plan to consolidate everything into one power source. Our esteemed government has actually become the enemy of the people, by creating a legal and medical spider web of regulations that are literally strangling all its citizens with onerous restrictions upon our freedom.

More and more the talk now is of solutions, instead of constantly recounting the imminent disasters past and present.

The first necessary solution is identifying the criminal masterminds who are killing us. You need look no further than Goldman Sachs, the public conduit of the death machine that shorted the airlines in 2001 and shorted the Gulf of Mexico in 2010. There you have the culprits who pulled off 9/11 using a smorgasbord of high tech methods and deceptions, including a 9/11 skeptics movement ready to deploy before the event which kept everyone away from the track so obviously known as the Israeli Mossad. So the real enemies are all our elected representatives who are still pretending none of this ever happened. That will be the real cause of death listed on our death certificates.

Still today, there are people running around who are saying we can�t discuss Israel while we�re discussing 9/11, but by now, we know who these people are, though most still don�t realize the chicanery taking place among those who are trying to tell you what�s going on.

Clever Jewish media has masterminded a fiction which it presents as it's picture of the world.

However, the facts are clear. Israel, backed by American Jews totally polluting the U.S. political process, through the power of the international bankers based in London and worldwide control of major media, has captured the whole world with its financial finagling, and is squeezing the life out of it.

So finally, after three months, I saw it. An unrecognizable ocean, churlish and agitated as I�ve never seen the Gulf before (and I�ve spent 13 years frequently trudging that beach).

My first trip back to the beach of my dreams. Five miles of golden sand. One pelican. Four tourists. As spritzes of rain lashed in waves across the beach�s parched and mottled vegetation, dark muscular clouds flashed violently overhead, and the sudden thunder was heavier than normal, industrial strength, the kind of threat from which you can only turn and run from in terror and pray it doesn�t strike you down at that very moment. Then, from far out to sea, came a giant black mountain, with swirling gray tentacles, and a fat lightning bolt that lit it up right down the middle, looking for all the world like a giant freight train cartoon monster, followed by hours of monsoon rains. The new Florida weather pattern is definitely a scene from hell.

Welcome home, Johnny. Now that you know, where are you going to run to now?

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