Crippled planet

The fear hidden by hypocrisy now manifests in reality


19th April 2011

I try to pare everything down to a headline, a meme to remember, billboard style, something that can be read on a T-shirt, simple, to the point, so that even the comatose might comprehend the message, but they usually don't.

So, perhaps with only a few moments left in the history of human society, I try one more time.

"Deformed souls cripple planet."

The thought came after watching this. Put it this way. It's easier to watch than the photos of birth defects of Iraqi children after the 20 years of bombing with radioactive materials, yet another "humane" production of the New World Order.

The Chernobyl photo spread is a scrapbook of our future, what is about to happen to us, or to those of us who survive to see it. And all of my previous rants about what a grand life this is and how we should appreciate it more now crumble like a giant glass chandelier shattered by a single scream.

They can't hide the radiation reality anymore. Too many people know about it from "alternative sources," which we have to use because the U.S. government, in a tacit admission they are mass murdering us, refuses to provide the information essential to protecting ourselves from nuclear poisoning. Perhaps there is no protection from it. There was no protection from our criminal government, either, or our criminal education system, or our criminal media system, which rocked us to sleep with their meaningless lullabys while they robbed and killed us.

Two months ago, everyone would have deemed that pronouncement way too harsh. Today, nowhere near harsh enough.

Show me someone who isn't seriously reflecting on the future in these horrifying days and I'll show you someone who's already dead. It's on all our minds. What will we do when the radioactive fallout contaminates crops all over the United States? Reports already are coming out that the milk supply is gone, the first rain did that. It will continue to rain. The rain will continue to be radioactive. Fatal cancers automatically become only months and years away. The rest of the story is told by the Chernobyl pictures. There is no fixing this. You will not be able to suppress that scream welling up inside you for much longer.

Many times have I mentioned that the future seemed to be shrinking. That we were coming up against a vanishing point. For me it started back in the 1980s, and it was reflected in financial reality. Since the '70s, prices went up but wages didn't. Shrinkage. Literature in the '90s pales before literature in the '60s, which pales before literature in the 1880s, not to mention ancient Greece. Shrinkage. A madman on film in the 1960s became our actual living president in the first decade of the 21st century. Consensual retardation, or, a shrinkage of perceptual ability.

In the 80s I complained I could only see about three months into the future. As the two thousands unfurled their first ten years, my view of the future shrunk to weeks (you've heard the paycheck to paycheck story), and now, after ten years of unemployment and Internet writing, plus a couple of unsuccessful (and suppressed) books, my view of the future keeps shrinking. It seems soon to pass from days into hours, and even when the future of my life devolves into minutes (likely to happen in the next few days), it will still be nothing to what the people of Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan and so many other places besieged by the heartless Jewish World Monster will have felt every day of their lives.

With under a hundred bucks which must last me for three more weeks, there is a darkness closing in on me that I would guess is the same darkness that is closing in on everyone. Sometimes this giant mass of data about the world that I have amassed is crushing me like a giant load of too long unwashed laundry. I think somewhere along the line the big boys in the driver's seat of the world figured they could make conditions on this planet so onerous that people would want to leave it. Judging by the people I talk to, the idea is being considered by far too many, a future too horrible to endure. I must admit this image is at my back, like a giant shadow.

Recently I wrote a brief eulogy for Jos� Arg�elles, the New Age guru who invented a 13-moon calendar based on the system of the ancient Mayan indians of Mexico. In the interview I quoted, Arg�elles took note of the fact that Mayan culture disappeared without satisfactory explanation. Some theorize plague, others say war, Mel Gibson, in his fantastic movie "Apocalypto," infers they just disappeared into the jungle. Arg�elles believes they left the planet because they knew what was going to happen, and left the instructions for us to figure out. It all points to very big change in 2012, and I think all of us can see that process is already underway. To me, it's chilling to realize they might have left because they knew something dire was eventually going to happen.

Crippled planet of deformed souls.

This is the future our belief system has provided for us.

Birth defects for all, if we live at all.

What we believe is what we do. I know, I keep saying that. It is my belief that the hypocrisy imbedded in our most cherished beliefs creates the events that affect us in real time reality.

Further, that our belief in an imaginary afterlife takes emotional energy away which we should be directing toward the earth and our fellow creatures, and we now see the result where human hubris left unchecked and unaudited has created an irreversible, fatal damage to a large part of Earth's human population, not to mention those creatures great and small who suffer for our reckless dreams of infallibility. The most horrifying thing is that somebody wanted this to happen. But that's not what I'm talking about here. Maybe those people will get their comeuppance, maybe not. But count on this � we will get ours.

For the last two weeks I've been tied up in this conundrum about belief. Every belief system ever invented was invented for the purpose of guaranteeing eternal life. Ernest Becker, the cultural anthropologist, called this "the vital lie" which we tell ourselves to guarantee our peace of mind. It is the quintessential human riddle that without use of this "vital lie," our lives are consumed by endless worry and doubt. With the vital lie in place in the form of some religious philosophy, we can at least attend to the duties we have chosen for ourselves in order not to think about what happens to us when we don't have a vital lie to fall back upon.

It is my contention that this idea � eternal life � is misplaced, but who among us can say we can conquer death by ourselves? Aye, there's the rub. And also why it's called "the vital lie," because without it, we don't seem to be able to live at all.

This is what people can't see. This is where the hypocrisy comes from. All communications with God, in any time or place, are human projections. They have to be, because all our information comes from other people. Therefore, all religious pronouncements claiming to be direct messages from divine beings are human projections. What else could they be? Only one other thing. Inner hallucinations, also known as wishful thinking. There is not now, nor has there ever been, any alien being whispering in your ear.

Since the dawn of time, all humans have passed this way. All of human society has been based on this reflexive striving for immortality. All our systems are based on this precept. And it's a lie, only a human projection, generated by fear. So, since the striving for immortality is based on all these lies that have been invented by human projection, all the structures invented by these precepts are bound to fail, simply because they are deliberate misrepresentations of our true situation, and as a direct result, riddled by hypocrisy, corruption and outright falsehoods.

Edward Bordeaux Szekely, in his wonderful books about the Essenes, referenced a line in the Bible where Jesus was "of two mothers." The first mother was biological, but the second was spiritual, and it involved gnosis, a reaching of a plateau in your life where you knew what you were here for.

It has always been my position that notions of immortality prevent gnosis, prevent you from knowing why you're really here. Notions of immortality deaden the mind with a certainty that does not exist in the known universe, and which is, therefore, fictional.

Rule 1 in the universe is that nothing lives forever, not even the oldest star. All religions say you have to master these prayers in order to wind up in heaven. To me, this is a philosophical lobotomy.

Humanity's failure to correctly understand the true nature of life, which is that we are only here on a temporary basis to inflict as much good and spread as much light and love as we can in the time we have, is directly linkable to the hypocrisy it takes to maintain these fantasy systems of racial superiority and doctrinal snobbery.

But, I know, this is not the best time to be saying this, because people everywhere are scrambling for any kind of existential anesthesia to immunize themselves from the present and future horror of contemporary reality.

But even as we are dying, I would say to you, this is exactly what got us into trouble in the first place. All you have to take with you when you go is what you have done in this life, and you get to play with that for eternity. No prayer guarantees your arrival in the ultimate La La Land, only the kindness you have shown to those who didn't expect it does.

It is a lesson those on the crippled planet known as Earth never really learned. And why none of us will be here that much longer. Thus, in a darkness we created ourselves that is much darker than any normal night, we have no alternative but to say our prayers and wonder why we did this to ourselves.

The lesson of WHY we are only here for a little while, despite five thousand years of effort, was never even addressed, never mind answered. If there actually was a reason why we were put here in the first place, it was to answer that question, which would account for the popular notion that humanity is definitely a failed species. Not only could we not answer the question, anesthetized by our dreams of immortality, we could not even formulate the question.

Now, after all that, I can confidently say we have nothing to worry about. No power with the power to put us here, in all this miraculous beauty, would ever present something awful to us as a conclusion to our terms of incarnation. Anything awful we might conject for ourselves is only an object lesson about our own behavior to be learned, even at this late hour.

I know that in our hour of need that is of no comfort. But the essence of comfort is understanding . . . understanding the finite terms of the human condition and learning what it means in relation to everything we do. As you pass on to the next realm of your choice, understand that this is a question that, to this day, we have never even asked ourselves.

Which is why today we have a crippled planet, poisoned by our own misplaced belief that we can live forever if we just pretend it is so.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, urging people to understand that no problem in the world can be authentically addressed without first analyzing tangents caused by Jewish perfidy, which has subverted and diminished every aspect of human endeavor throughout history. Support for his work is wholly derived from people who can understand what he�s saying and know what it means.

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