Directions to the revolution

Step 1

22nd February 2011

Shackled by debt, deluded by prescription drugs, and agitated into righteous rage against anything that doesn�t speak of the real problem debilitating us all, Americans are now virtual prisoners in their own homes. You can talk about anything else anywhere you like, but to talk of the real problem that causes all the other problems is to invite derision, defamation, and death courtesy of the people who don�t like you talking about such hateful things as their rape of your entire life, and the lives of the ones you love.

If I were to conduct a voice vote right now in an acoustically perfect arena with every single one of our 300 million Americans in attentive attendance, the American government would fall in a heartbeat, in a truly unanimous show of hands accompanied by enthusiastic cheers with all the assembled thumbs pointed straight to hell. The spontaneous appreciation of the world would then echo across the skies.

The American government would instanteously crumble in a tumultuous paroxysm of moral outrage by shamefaced Americans at the sexually perverted and criminally negligent actions of their treasonous rulers who have sold our jewel of the world to the pawnbrokers on the corner for a fistful of shekels.

(Hmm, sounds kind of familiar when you put it that way, doesn�t it?)

It�s time to tell our so-called leaders that we don�t trust them � in no uncertain terms. It�s clear to everyone � they are not working for us, they are working for them � the predators. As such, they are clearly guilty of multiple counts of treason that multiply daily, but as they own the judges, who often just send them back to Israel for their own safekeeping, the U.S. courts are no longer � if they ever were � effective avenues of redress for the complaints of legitimate Americans (excluding those recently imported from elsewhere to mow the lawns of the rich).

It�s time for you and me � and most especially, prominent members of every community who aren�t in on the take, if there are any � to tell their local cops, the mayor or selectmen, county commissioners, especially sheriffs and every government employee whose throat you can get your hands around that the American people know they�re being treated as prisoners in their own homes, and anyone who assists the predators in their enslavement policies is now an enemy of the people, us prey, who, like everyone else in the world, only ever wanted a chance to dream in peace, without being constantly sold something by somebody who makes us want to puke.

It�s time to demand of these fat government characters whose side they�re really on � ours? or theirs? Because we need to know. The big cloud is comin� down if we don�t do something about it right now.

I absolutely guarantee you would need no recount. A voice vote would do it. Too bad it wouldn�t work with TV, but you may not deny that the Jews control all the TV networks in the world, even the so-called hip ones on the Internet. So this would have to be in person, and what a joyous party it would turn into. The whole world would leap into the streets in celebration that the Jewish robot state known as the conscienceless American war machine had been unplugged. And then we could all cry together, but only for a little while, because there is simply so much to do, so much wrong to be halted and rectified.

So many crooks to be exposed and neutralized. So many poisons and poison programs that all aim to shorten peoples lives, but not too quickly, so that the maximum amount of cash can be extracted from their pockets before they succumb to the poison �medicine.� So many lies we have built our lives upon.

Perhaps now we finally realize that like Egypt, Greece, Rome, France and Russia, our heritage and our possessions have all been stolen by foreign operatives recruiting local patsies of bad character to be our righteous moral leaders, who stuff their pockets with largesse from criminals and create widespread social programs that paralyze our vitality like so many vampires from central Asia sucking the life�s blood out of everything they touch.

It�s time to walk up to your local cop and say, �Whose side are you on, flatfoot? The people�s? Or the predators�?� Look him right in the eye. Observe his reactions closely. He won�t have to say anything. You�ll be able to tell right away. Will he understand what you�re saying, or will he look at you like Michael Chertoff, restraining himself from the urge to twitch and taze you?

If you are on your way to being scanned or groped, I would not recommend mentioning this to an airport screener, whose thought control implants connect him directly to the desk of Michael Chertoff. You remember Michael. Who flew those 70 Israelis who�d been planting suitcase nukes in various cities but came together for the big Jewish celebration in New York, the one Netanyahu called �very good for Israel.� Yes, the same Michael who became head of Homeland Security, which is building its new $70 billion headquarters on the grounds of the same mental institution that imprisoned the war protesting poet Ezra Pound, whose savvy perspectives on justice and reality guide real patriots to this very day. Oh yes, and the very same Ashkenazi Rabbi Michael who now sells scanners that give you cancer at airports, after assisting with the creation of the laws that demanded them for �security purposes�. Talk about following rabbinical dogma. Oh, just one more thing: Chertoff engineered the crotch bomber burlesque in Detroit that �convinced� our patriotic Congress we needed these cancer-causing scanners to fight terror. I would think the Sanhedrin would give him this year�s Rothschild award for making a tidy profit off the mandatory infliction of either cancer or sexual molestations on the feckless American goyim. It is for this and a million other worse abuses of people everywhere that this American government needs to be �disappeared� immediately if not sooner. And with it, all the third-generation Israeli terrorists who are now running America.

And I do mean �disappeared.� I wrote in 2003 that the president, the congress and thousands of other people needed to be arrested for treason, accessory to mass murder and obstruction of justice � all capital crimes � for the obvious coverup of American participation in the attacks of 9/11. Imagine all the innocent lives that would have been saved if my recommendations had been accepted and implemented.

But the Jewish PR anesthesia kept people waving their flags in stupefied shock and they plugged their ears to all the lies their leaders were vomiting forth, all the evidence that was deliberately destroyed, and the false, preconstructed leads that they followed led to more piles of lies and very soon, with the acclaim of both the media and the American people, they were bombing Iraq and Afghanistan. I have written previously that the plotline of this drama would receive low marks in highschool debate class.

But the chief observation in all these recountings should be: how could the American people swallow this line of clumsy daytime TV soapery? Hmm. Maybe that�s the clue. Daytime somnambulance training in trance state America. If it�s not on TV, it�s not real. Comatose people cannot conduct a competent revolution. But then, that�s their problem. The rest of us have a lot of work to do.

When the American government collapses this year after an endless succession of massive protests in every single city and town in America, I would do this, just to get over the confusing hump that will inevitably ensue.

� Dismiss all elected and appointed members of all three branches of the federal government, and let the sovereign states take over all functions of the law on a temporary, possibly permanent basis.

� Hack the Constitution down to the first 12 amendments and reinstate the original 13th which stipulates that lawyers may not run for federal office (non judicial assistance would be permitted but regulated) or hold an elective position in Congress. All Jewish judges dismissed in perpetuity. All subsequent amendments to be reviewed for possible discard. Overturn the Santa Clara decision, the income tax, the Federal Reserve, and return the naming of senators to state legislatures to eliminate illegal international interference. Except for military purposes, we don�t need the federal government at all. And if we stop paying for it, it will go away. It�s time to grow up and take control of our own lives.

� Name Cynthia McKinney, Ron Paul and Mike Gravel as tribunes of temporary service to oversee the reorganized reestablishment of the United States government (no capital letters � that entity is now illegal). Persecuted lawmakers George Hanson, James Traficante, and Bill Bradley to serve as backups.

� The Construction of a new Constitution, very similar to the Articles of Confederation that focuses on the need to maintain the decentralization of power to prevent tyranny by pretty much eliminating all federal government departments and returning their responsibilities and authorities to the states, thereby eliminating unnecessary duplication of services in the service of bureaucracy, and ridding us of all those Beltway bandits.

� Immediate elimination of the income tax, and simply following the law that exists for taxing employers and contractors of the federal government. Mass amnesty of all convicted of tax evasion, as well as smalltime pot dealers who committed no other offense.

� Officials, judges, military flag officers, media owners and other business tycoons and Wall Street archons for propagating government lies and profiting from that practice, all subject to military tribunals and automatic death sentences for treason, mass murder and obstruction of justice. Congress shall be housed at Guantanamo prior to tribunal trial, and scheduled to be the victims of exactly what they did to innocent Muslim bystanders to hype up their phony war on terror. This event will be hosted by some Jewish wraith like Lady Gaga or Oprah Winfrey and televised worldwide.

� President and vice president and cabinet; supreme court justices (all federal judges are hereby dismissed; states to take over caseloads;) senior military officials who were promoted for betraying their country, quick tribunals and firing squads composed of the people they formerly commanded; all members of Congress housed at Guantanamo prior to execution (if convicted).

� Get Admiral Fallon and General Pace temporarily back on board to facilitate the reconstruction of the American military. Automatic retirement for all flag officers, who are to be examined for evidence of their controllabity by typical Mossad programs; draft senior colonels for leadership positions, backchecked by selected junior officers who report to new Congress and president the results of their observations. Same process to be conducted in all U.S. law enforcement agencies. Triage all servicemen and women for pharmaceutical poisoning by their own leaders.

� Require immediate registration of all Jews in the U.S. (actual definition to be announced by me). All dual Israeli-U.S. citizens automatically arrested, tried, convicted and executed for treason by definition during time of war, which was always against them. Also, RICO acted proceeds from the criminal profits of these goons would instantly balance the federal budget, whose money would then be used for reconstruction of U.S. infrastructure and seeding small communities with happier ways to live that they will invent for themselves, with outside help only if they ask for it.

� Sever relations with Israel, lead coalition of all other countries to do the same, as all countries have the same problem; help them extract and detoxify homicidal Jewish tendencies from all their governments. Begin campaign of worldwide extermination of Judaism with recovery treatment plan for Jews. Once organized, all countries would ship their Jews to central location, where they would be required to live among themselves and not prey upon others. This sentence will last for one thousand years. First probation review in one hundred years. Individual Jews may petition for parole, which would be granted after extensive psychological review of the claimants� stated objective.

� Nuke the city of London and hope the Queen is there when we do it. A totally poisoned Great Britain would be a fitting monument to the epidemic of Jewish perfidy it has distributed, along with its drugs and other perversions, throughout the world for centuries. Having London as a gray nuclear wasteland (which it very much resembles now) will be a fitting destiny for this den of thieves, and truly make it the sister city of that other warmongering world capital of world history, Babylon, which now sits in the poisoned desert of Iraq covered with depleted uranium dust, all historical artifacts having been looted by the Bush family and sold on the black market in Miami.

� Let economists Ellen Brown and Michael Hudson finalize a system of state banks that totally erases the Federal Reserve from the loop. Massive arrest of Wall Street tycoons and functionaries, with military tribunals to get these pathological poachers off the planet as quickly as possible. The decentralization process will be fueled by the decommissioning of 95 percent of federal programs. Welfare has sapped the strength of this country. Everybody gets to work; they will be supervised only if they need to be, and the immediate neighbors will make all decisions on whether that will ever need to be done (though it probably will be).

� All new elections depend on paper ballots, lead pencils and three people at a time counting every single vote that is cast. Problem of fixed elections ends.

� Free heating and cooling fuel, free healthcare, no insurance premiums (the federal government is about to become an insurance company, and we�re going to run it), free internet (constitutional amendment to prevent any mind-forg�d manacles from ever being imposed on it: the internet is the mental construction of ultimate freedom and liberty, and it should become the main purpose of humanity to transmit this concept throughout the universe as the best of all possible worlds); total reconstruction of all public school curricula (learning foreign language and musical instrument now mandatory) . . .

How much our local cops have become like Michael Chertoff bears directly on the chances of survival past the year 2011.

America�s reputation has become the smell of a dead body on a very hot day.

The odious remnant of America�s horrid deeds would linger for awhile in the fetid Washington air, but soon � with a good plan � the sun would begin to shine again, and maybe � just maybe � there still is a chance that America could be the home of the brave.

But right now, the brave are elsewhere. Fortunately for us, they�re becoming active. All those brown-skinned people � yes, the ones we whites have all looked down upon for centuries, and followed Jewish instructions for the exploitation of � Tunisians, Egyptians, Jordanians, Yemeni, Libyans, Bahrainis . . . now they�re showing us the way to a more sensible life, declaring their governments illegitimate and contrary to the explicit needs of the people they pretend to protect.

Let�s stop looking down our noses and rejoin the rest of the world, and admit that all those limpid peasants whose lives America has negatively affected over the years were all really people who had something to teach us. But instead of learning what they offered, we killed them and took their money.

Now is the time to learn and understand exactly how we got that idea to begin with.

It�s time to stop being confused. It�s time to let them know that we know what they�re up to. And let them know bigtime. I�m talking loud, from all angles, and in the most profound and penetrating method you can muster.

It�s time to let Jews know that we know they�re not really Americans, that they value their allegiance to the worst religion that ever was (because it�s not a religion at all) and the ugliest nation on the planet above the highest moral values human civilization has ever invented.

Any country that allows Jews to live within its borders is not a trustworthy country, because the Jewish philosophy is so diametrically opposed to all the basic human values. The admission of Jews into any country guarantees sedition, perversion, revolution and destruction, as the consensus historical record of world history proves beyond even an inkling of doubt. Other than outright invasion, which the Jews very rarely do, the only way Jews have ever gained admission to ANY country is by bribery, blackmail and murder, and by these three black arts have utterly destroyed any country in which they have been allowed to remain for any length of time.

But, as I mentioned, they never do the dirty work themselves. They dupe others into committing the crimes they engineer, and insinuate themselves into their target society mostly by breeding and urging others to breed frequently, which destroys the bonds necessary for strong families and makes more half caste citizens to increase their anonymity. Oh yes, and to go on welfare, which is really what has destroyed all societies, especially America, with the manipulated weight of its cripples actually crippling the potential of its geniuses.

It is now time for all that to end, so we may at long last realize that all those people we were told were our enemies were really � minus the Jewish propaganda that taught us to hate them � all this time . . . they were really our friends, wanting exactly what we wanted. What we share with them is this lesson. We can have exactly what we want in this life. All it takes is the courage and resolve to take our freedom back, and share it with every single person on this planet, who, with a little time and patience, we can all learn to love, once the predators have been neutralized and are out of the way of what could be a very promising human destiny.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, urging people to understand that no problem in the world can be authentically addressed without first analyzing tangents caused by Jewish perfidy, which has subverted and diminished every aspect of human endeavor throughout history. Support for his work is wholly derived from people who can understand what he�s saying and know what it means.

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