Enemy makes Dalit Voice world famous

Truth from the bottom about the lies at the top

4th March 2011

On a snowy winter's day in a tiny New Hampshire town � Marlborough, to be precise � I was a small town newspaper editor interviewing a female Episcopal minister for a story that I would later title "Women and God" on the cover of my newspaper, which was called Leisure Weekly. It was my intent to collect inadequate defenses of Christianity's misogynistic holy commands in order to illustrate the question that lingered in my mind and underscored the motivation for the story: how could a female defend that blatant discrimination, never mind preach it?

But as they say, that's why they play the game. When I asked her about Abraham selling his sister to pharaoh, she smiled. And then she said something that stayed with me, at the forefront of my decision-making processes, for the rest of my life. She said, "Nobody has a corner on the truth." I love talking to priests. They're so amusingly obtuse. But more often than not, they get you with a truth you can't deny, no matter how hard you try. My friend Father Wright knows exactly what I mean. Who Jesus is to him is exactly OK with me. You don't do the things you want to do, you do the things that need to be done, and � funny how this works � they become the things you want to do.

Most of us place our ultimate faith in numbers. I'm impressed by consistency, longevity, accuracy, and nobility of purpose. Coming out of the sports world, I saw these qualities in Lou Gehrig and Muhammad Ali. Waking up late in life to the political arena, I can only gape in awe � and try to imitate � the shining examples of insisting upon the truth over an incredibly long period of time.

I think of the brave professor Robert Faurisson, who has asked: "Show me a picture of a gas chamber at Auschwitz?" for almost 60 years. Of people like David Duke, Willis Carto, and Ernst Zundel, who have been in the trenches of truth for upwards of fifty years and seen � with nauseating repetitions and variations � the same patterns of hypocritical perfidy wreak havoc on innocent people everywhere except in the plush boardrooms of the New York Jewish brokers and bankers, who are the people who pull the real strings in the world.

Due to the Jewish media mindlock, we have had tunnel vision � yes, the true name for television is Talmud Vision � imposed across the United States pretty much ever since the very inception of television, which really took hold in the early 1950s (I saw both Eisenhower and Truman drive by my house in convertibles in 1952, but it was all on TV in 1960). This tunnel vision persuades us that the rest of the world is peopled by savages ignorant of our high standards here in the U.S. (the rest of the world laughs fearfully at this).

So now I will introduce you to man of equal stature to the heroes of the fight for freedom and honesty in the West, on the front lines for 30 years in the elephant trammeled wilds (and more recently interstate laced terrain) of Bangalore, India, the tough talking, battle tested 80-year-old V. T. Rajshekar. I suggest you will see a description of his world that is very familiar to your own eyes.

And from the rolling ghettoes of the most downtrodden people on the planet � the Dalits, as you may know, are the Untouchables abused by all other Indians since the dawn of time � comes as clear a message as you could find among all the holy shrines, think tanks, and prestigious universities in the world.

Here's one of his latest headlines from one of the innumerable pamphlets he has produced and sent all over the world during the last three decades.

"Enemy makes Dalit voice world famous"

"Jewish owned Wikipedia spits venom on editor"

Why would such a "respected" [vomit later] institution as Wikipedia, darling of the media, be so impolite to a humble Bunt professor?

Rajshekar writes: "Brahmins are the Jews of India."

The two groups have the same ethnic origin. "A Jew is one who was born a Jew. There is no conversion to the Jewish religion. A Brahmin is one who is born a Brahmin. They are as bad as the Jews. The Jews and Brahmins have joined hands in a big way in the USA, England and Europe."

Has a more accurate depiction of the world ever been written?

Rajshekar's famous book � "Dalits � The Black Untouchables of India" (published in the US. by Clarity Press in Atlanta) � unveiled the history and exposed the cruel nature of the caste system in India, and like patriots in other countries all over the world fighting against the tyranny of unjust governments, Rajshekar has been often jailed and tortured.

A Columbia University publication described Rajshekar's publication Dalit Voice "characterized by strong anti-Brahminist, anti-caste and anti-racist stance, advocacy of liberation from Brahminism, . . . In its anti-Brahmin rhetoric, frequently follows to anti-Semitism with claims of Brahmins in India being descended from Jews and deriving their "fanaticism" and "arrogance" from "Jewish Zionist racism."

Rajshekar also has accused Indian Jews to join hands with Hindus to crush Muslims, blacks and Dalits. He also believes that 9/11 was "a total falsehood manufactured by the zionists controlling the Bush administration."

Rajshekar's pamphlets have travelled around the world. Their titles are startling. "Brahminism killing India; Zionism killing Israel"

"Horror story of two world famous tyrants (Brahminism and Zionism)" "Dalits alone have the capacity to destroy Zionism"

And, among many others, "Horrors of Hinduism: British expert says India will die if caste system not killed."

Rajshekar subtitled it: "Need to kill the cancer before it kills India." I couldn't help thinking that this was a rallying cry that could be (and probably is already) vociferously echoed in every single country in the world, especially the United States.

He elaborates: "Brahminism, hiding under the name of Hinduism, is a curse on India. If the whole country today is pauperized and ridiculed all over the world, it is because of this over 3,000-year-old curse.

"As we are victims of this cancer, we feel the pain and are groaning under it. All of us are agreed that this is an unbearable pain. If we decide today, we can put a stop to this tomorrow. Because the perpetrators of this pain are not even 3 percent of our total population (1.3 billion).

"There is no need for any more expert opinion on this subject of destroying Hinduism, which is no religion at all as per India's Supreme Court verdict. What is needed is how to end this pain, relieve the suffering, and liberate our country.

"The tragedy is instead of the victims of the disease trying to cure it, they are willingly welcoming the disease and dying in droves."

But the real meat of Rajshekar's argument can be found in the pages of the newspaper itself.

"Rig Veda promotes brother-sister sex." Verses from the Hindu texts. "Corruption can't be curbed so long as Brahminism continues as India's poisonous thought." This story chronicles a religious festival where people die from their faith that the Hindu establishment controlled Marxist government allows to happen, saying it promotes religious freedom.

In every story, Dalit Voice pins down the bigger questions everyone in the world needs to answer.

"In a country where Laxmi is worshipped, not Sarasvati, every man or woman is encouraged to beg, borrow, steal or murder � because the rich alone are worshipped in India."

Is there a country in the world in which this truth does not apply? Is there a writer in the world who states the case of all humanity more clearly?

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I wish this story to suggest to those politically principled people who lump Jews and Blacks in the same oppressive category to reconsider the focus of their rage and frustration and stop conflating the two. As Rajshekar's rhetoric confirms, others of different skin color have a perspective on the demolition of the white race that whites are unable to possess, much in the same way Jews can't comprehend the beauty of being honest about themselves. As this editor's words confess, those whom society teaches us to think less of usually have a candid accuracy that we who insulate ourselves in our self-congratulatory hubris of academic accomplishments and material success, never having been seriously prevented from achieving these things, are forever unable to comprehend.

No matter what our color or social standing, the light that animates the hunt for truth burns brightly in the hearts of people in every country in the world, people who realize that the soul has no color except the hues love paints it with, and the only thing that can ever brighten up the soul is the unadorned truth.

The last word, from V.T. Rajshekar:

"Fortunately, the USA � the new fatherland of the Jews of India � is dying, being killed by their own Jewish blood brothers."

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, urging people to understand that no problem in the world can be authentically addressed without first analyzing tangents caused by Jewish perfidy, which has subverted and diminished every aspect of human endeavor throughout history. Support for his work is wholly derived from people who can understand what he�s saying and know what it means.

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