Fractal psychology

Time dislocation technique reveals a morality we have lost


Keep them striving for something they can’t achieve; that way, they’ll never see who they are.   —  Anu, commander of the first offworld mission to Earth 350,000 years ago, quoted by a blonde Pleiadean channeler on the island of Moorea, 1994

There is no valid distinction between religion and magic.  —  Ernest Becker, Escape from Evil, 1974

Time dislocation is a concept recently popularized by sci-fi giants Arthur C. Clarke and Stephen Baxter in their two-part book, separately titled Time’s Eye and Sunstorm (2006).

In Time’s Eye they jumble historical characters from different centuries in an archetypal battle for Babylon, and in Sunstorm, one of these characters returns to 2037 to witness the Sun exploding across the Earth.

(BTW, NASA has budgeted for a study of an orbiting sulfur shield much like the one described in this book.)

The melding of characters when Alexander the Great meets Genghis Khan opens the door to considering the relative behaviors of humans from different eras.

The thing I forgot to mention in my recent story ( “The Cause”) about economics professor Michael Hudson and his epiphany that interest-bearing debt has caused all the wars in history was this — the attitude of ancient humans living in citystates ruled by philosopher priest kings that he depicted possessed an attitude very different from our own.

In Hudson’s snapshot we learned from the records left by people 5000 years ago that these humans would no more consider making a profit at the expense of their neighbor than they would slitting their own throats, because the profit making impulse was secondary to their connection to their neighbors, their king, and their deity. Their lives were permitted by the god whose emissary was the king. The meaning of their lives was principally driven by this connection.

Not like it is now, in which everyone seeks to make the big score in order to escape or transcend the society that controls them, because it is so oppressive and banal. This is the freedom we have won after three thousand years.

Rather than participate and build the society in which we live, now, through the glitter of white noise media, we pursue escapist and disintegrative pastimes; thus, rather than enrich our lives, we trivialize and diminish them. And, in the process, have just about destroyed our human society through the basic hypocrisy that sabotages the meaning of everything.

This change in human attitude did not happen by accident. The actual moral power of the king was systematically stolen by the priests and their imaginary god.

Our religious leaders have totally failed us over time, ever since the time of the Romans, because in the end, they are always bought off by power. It certainly has not been a help to us true believers that the Rothschilds have run Vatican finances for centuries, and absolutely impossible to tell where one leaves off and the other begins.

When the priest was separated from the king, the king lost his conscience, and the priest his honesty (rabbis never had honesty; the Talmud forbids it), and the bankers, who were also the rabbis, got to control both. In 1993, the Dalai Lama got more than a hundred grand from the CIA. It was his yearly salary.

Did you know there’s now a rabbi every Sunday on the altar of the Catholic mass (ecumenism, they call it) and that Catholics now call Israelites Israelis? It makes many actual believers in God tremble with creepiness.

The creation of the Christian bible is actually the principal template for deception that has been followed ever since its clumsy conception in 325 AD by a group later called “a synod of fools and madmen.” Uttered as it was by the Empress Irene, a Khazarian Jew serving as de facto Pope in 787 AD, one can only wonder what from the original Bible was lost as she changed the lineage of Jesus from Galilean to Jewish.

The basic formula of any religion has always been this: If you believe this whopper, unlikely as it seems, we’ll give you a free pass to social acceptance and throw in eternal life. As Ernest Becker once said, “Societies are standardized systems of death denial.”

This profound coercion, based as it is on emotional blackmail, has led to widespread belief in many things that are demonstrably false to anyone with a functioning brain.

Some examples are:

• 9/11 being pulled off by Muslim malcontents living in caves in Afghanistan.

• World War II being caused by the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

• The Civil War was all about slavery.

• America defeated Britain in its Revolutionary War.

Despite fervent belief by the vast majority of the world’s populations, these statement are all provably false, and all are excellent examples of how media spin, following the believe-it-or-else template first established by Constantine’s Christian church, has twisted our perceptions of reality into something truly dark and dangerous — and erroneous.

In World War I, the media in control of the world tried to turn farmers into warriors and didn’t have much luck.

In World War II, officials found that peaceloving American infantrymen would deliberately miss when firing at the enemy, because the farmboys from Iowa didn’t want to kill anyone.

Today, how many American soldiers have been charged with raping, torturing, and murdering innocent Iraqi men, women, and children? How did this happen?

Jewish media control is how.

Where did they learn this, to rape and kill innocents? From the Old Testament and the Talmud is where.

What has happened to America since the time when at least many people believe that America was the hope of the world?

Jewish bankers have bought everything, and control everyone, in some manner.

9/11. For many previously unconscious Americans, that false flag terror event opened a window on hidden American history. World Wars. The Spanish flu. The Great Depression. All the wars, all the big diseases, all the financial catastrophes that have beset America and the world throughout the 20th century have been caused by the Jewish bankers, from Samuel Untermeyer and Bernard Baruch through David Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger and now on to Rahm Emanuel, Mossad agent in the White House, and the Bronfmans or the Schiffs or whomever is driving the multinational Rothschild-Rockefeller train these days.

How many trillions in hard money did all those failed stock brokerages remove to Israel when they crashed the economy this time?

The Bible says he who believes in me shall not perish. Isn’t that what the generals tell the troops? And don’t the troops always get forgotten in the end? Or worse.

The Christian version of Jesus Christ as a real person has been blown so far out of the water by even cursory scholarship that the possibility of his being real in the corporeal sense is an incontrovertible impossibility.

Get this straight. The letter J had yet to be invented in 325 AD. Hesus was a Druidic divinity, the Emperor Constantine was a Brit, Krishna was the oldest god on the planet. This is where the name comes from. Any stories about JC flying around and doing anything are fiction. Occasionally, good fiction.

Ah, you correctly say, but the Jesus in people’s hearts is real, and I would totally agree. People who believe in God are the nicest people, they believe in honesty, and have done more good in the world than any other single group.

It simply would not occur to them that what they believe in is well-fabricated fiction, because their hearts are simply too good to contemplate the possibility.

It is that desperate hope that we have always clung to, that at the last we realize is the only hope we ever have had. The way out is of course through gratitude, and the knowledge that nothing this beautiful could ever be bad.

Then — and this is the important step — realizing it actually is very bad for some, and doing something about it.

But the world is no reflection of the beautiful gift we have been given. Instead, it has been manipulated into landfill status by those who fail to see the beauty of normal life.

Those who believe in nothing have taken control of the world, and it’s going very badly for the rest of us.

In order to maintain the mindlock, the church has to insist that everything it says is right, notwithstanding apologies to Galileo 400 years late. When the Pope called the Jews “our elder brothers” he betrayed the image of Christ beyond repair. Christ threw the Jewish bankers from the temple, but now Pastor Hagee says the people of Israel are more important than Christ. Now that’s what I call Jewish media spin with serious traction.

We have to band together to fight a common enemy who has made us believe he is one of us, but isn’t.

How serious is the the threat? According to Eustace Mullins, every American president since Abraham Lincoln has been in the employ of the Jewish paymasters who control reality.

This idea that we gained something when Christianity was established is ultimately false, because, even as it pacified and standardized churlish populations, it limited the possibilities of expanding our consciousness to pre-approved role models.

This created an unprecedented level of control in the world, a control which has now led through lie piled upon falsehood to a point where the destruction of American society is now an imminent certainty, and the fate of the rest of the world is all tied to those soulless men who control everything and listen to what the murderous rabbis of the Sanhedrin tell them to do.

We get confirmation about the possibility that there is something profound to be learned from better understanding how the ancients lived their lives from none other than the founder of psychology himself, Sigmund Freud (Moses and Monotheism, p. 170):

“We must conclude that the mental residue of those primeval times has become a heritage which, with each new generation, needs only to be awakened, not to be reacquired.”

And this, from page 167:

“The psychoanalyses of individuals have taught us that their earliest impressions, received at a time when they were hardly able to talk, manifest themselves later in an obsessive fashion, although those impressions themselves are not consciously remembered. We feel that the same must hold good for the earliest experiences of mankind. One result of this is the emergence of the conception of one great God. It must be recognized as a memory — a distorted one, it is true, but nevertheless a memory. It has an obsessive quality; it simply must be believed. As far as its distortion goes, it may be called a delusion; in so far as it brings something out from the past, it must be called truth. The psychiatric delusion also contains a particle of truth; the patient’s conviction issues from this and extends to the whole delusional fabrication surrounding it.”

There you have all of human history laid out in a single paragraph.

This, my friends, is the mystery we’re trying to ferret out using fractal psychology. Our lives depend on it.

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