Getting to know your own killer


6th June 2010

for Furkan Dogan

Attention all Jews. As you sow, so shall you reap.

Repeat after me: Jews shoot unarmed teenage boys who risk their lives for peace with four slugs in the back of the head..

Let�s hear it: Jews shoot unarmed teenage boys who risk their lives for peace with four slugs in the back of the head..

Tell your friends: Jews shoot unarmed teenage boys who risk their lives for peace with four slugs in the back of the head. Tell especially your Jewish �friends.�.

Jews shoot unarmed teenage boys risking their lives out of a love for the very highest human value � trying to save people who are about to starve to death � in the back of the head with four slugs. This was the recent fate of one boy on a boat to Gaza, to try to save the people that the Jews of Israel are trying to exterminate, have been exterminating for almost a century, and will continue to exterminate into the future unless they are stopped..

This is what Jews do. They shoot people who are trying to do the right thing..

This is what Jews do on a regular basis, but because they control the money and the media worldwide, the cowardly and brainwashed citizens of the U.S., Britain and all the other Jewish-controlled nations turns their backs on justice, and take the money for as long as they can. Anyone with a brain COULD have predicted the end of this story. Now that the whole world is about to killed � or at least severely maimed � by the oil volcano of 2010, that money doesn�t mean that much to you anymore, does it, you disgustingly corrupted gentile stooge?.

Jews have done this for thousands of years. It�s what they do. And then they lie about it. Because they own the media, and almost always have, the fearful braindead population (braindead because of the Jewish educational system) believes the lie..

The unarmed teenage boy, named Furkan Dogan, that the Jews shot with four slugs in the back of the head most recently, on the Freedom Flotilla boat to Gaza, was a victim of the Jews� insistence that they can kill anybody they want for any reason anywhere of the world. Jews explain that they have a �holy� book that guarantees their right to do this. Even today, Jews are defending their action of shooting an unarmed teenage boy in the back of the head with four slugs by saying they have a right to defend their policy of killing people for any reason anywhere in the world..

The unarmed teenage boy the Jews shot with four slugs in the back of the head most recently was killed to defend the right the Jews insist they have to continue torturing and slaughtering the Palestinians, the Iraqis, the Iranians, the Afghans, and any other Muslim or Christian who opposes the Jews� �holy� aims..

Therefore, anybody who opposes the Jews, especially young boys, will be shot with four slugs in the back of the head..

Unfortunately, anyone who doesn�t oppose the Jews, will be made a slave to the Jews, like the Americans and Brits are now, and the Germans, the Poles, and members of any other nation who is not on the verge of declaring all out war on Israel..

Anyone who doesn�t oppose the Jews is already their slave, and � special bonus gift, courtesy of the Jews � they will die anyway, if not from the oily red sky, then from poisoned GM food which is utterly controlled by Jews, or from poisoned medicine from the allopathic medical profession, which is utterly controlled by Jews, or from overeager cops seeking to lighten their miserable lives by killing a few �domestic terrorists,� or from a U.S. military gone mad, drugged, perverted, and utterly controlled by Jews..

Go to court? Utterly controlled by Jews. Inform the media? Utterly controlled by Jews. There are many more options to carry out your upcoming murder, almost too numerous to mention, that are already in place, and yes, they are all utterly controlled by Jews..

The whole world needs to declare war on Israel � and even more importantly, on the Jews of their own country, who are at this very moment working to subvert and destroy your own country. Why? Because the Jews of Israel have declared war on the whole world. It is well past time that every freedom loving country in the world declare war on Israel, and on all the Jews of the world, wherever these murderous scum may be hiding. Declaring war on Israel and the Jews is now the No. 1 priority of every peace-loving person and country in the world..

Jews shoot unarmed teenage boys who risk their lives for peace with four slugs in the back of the head. Shout it in the streets..

It�s always good to know beforehand exactly who it is who is going to kill you in the very near future..

We close today�s chapter in human history with several comments on religion from one of the great suppressed books, the 1834 classic �Anacalypsis,� by Godfrey Higgins..

Page 40.

"Pythagoras, returning from his Eastern travels to Greece, taught the doctrine of the Metempsychosis, and the existence of a Supreme Being, by whom the universe was created, and by whose providence it is preserved; that the soul of mankind are emanations of that Being..

Socrates, the wisest of the ancient philosophers, seems to have believed that the soul existed before the body; and that death relieves it from those seeming contrarieties to which it is subject, by its union with our material part. Plato (in conformity with the learned Hindoos) asserted, that God infused into matter a portion of his divine spirit, which animates and moves it : that mankind have two souls of separate and different natures�the one corruptible, the other immortal : that the latter is a portion of the Divine Spirit : that the mortal soul ceases to exist with the life of the body; but the divine soul, no longer clogged by its union with matter, continues its existence, either in a state of happiness or punishment : that the souls of the virtuous return, after death, into the source whence they flowed; while the souls of the wicked, after being for a certain time confined to a place destined for their reception, are sent back to earth to animate other bodies..

Aristotle supposes the souls of mankind to be portions or emanations of the divine spirit; which at death quit the body, and, like a drop of water falling into the ocean, are absorbed into the divinity..

Zeno, the founder of the Stoic sect, taught that throughout nature there are two eternal qualities; the one active, the other passive; that the former is a pure and subtle �ther, the divine spirit; and that the latter is in itself entirely inert, until united with the active principle. That the divine spirit, acting upon matter, produces fire, air, water, earth : that the divine spirit is the efficient principle, and that all nature is moved and conducted by it. He believed also that the soul of man, being a portion the universal soul, returns after death to its first source..

The opinion of the soul being an emanation of the divinity, which is believed by the Hindoos, and was professed by Greeks, seems likewise to have been adopted by the early Christians . . . Saint Justin says, the soul is incorruptible, because it emanates from God; and his disciple Tatianus, the Assyrian, observes, that man having received a portion of the divinity, is immortal as God is. Such was the system of the ancient philosophers, Pythagoreans, Brachmans, and some sects of the Christians."*
(* Forbes, Orient. Mem. Vol.III xxxiii p.261) .

Page 41.

The oldest philosophy or mythology of which we have any certain history, is that of the Buddha of the Eastern nations, in which are to be found the various doctrines to which I have just alluded. From the Metempsychosis arose the repugnance among the Buddhists to the slaughter of animals,�a necessary consequence of this doctrine uncorrupted and sincerely believed..

From the circumstance in the first book of Genesis, or book of Wisdom, which probably a work of the Buddhists, the slaughter of animals is prohibited or not allowed. After a time the mild doctrines of Buddha came to be changed or corrupted and superseded by those of Krishna. Hence in the second book of Genesis, or the book of the Generations, or Re-generations of the planetary bodies, which is, I think, a Brahmin work, they are allowed to be used for sacrifice. In the third book, or the book of Generations, or Re-generations of the race of man, the Adam, they are first allowed to be eaten as food..

Page 50.

By vilifying and running down the religion of the ancients, they have thought they could persuade their votaries that their new religion was necessary for the good of mankind : a religion which, in consequence of their corruptions, has been found to be in practice much worse and more injurious to the interests of society than the old one. For, from these corruptions the Christian religion�the religion of purity and truth when uncorrupted�has not brought peace but a sword..

Page 51.

The religion of Buddha, of India, is well known to have been very ancient. In the most ancient temples scattered throughout Asia, where his worship is yet continued, he is found black as jet, with the flat face, thick lips, and curly hair of the Negro. Several statues of him may be met with the East-India Company. There are two exemplars of him brooding on the face of the deep, upon a coiled serpent. To what time are we to allot this Negro ? He will be proved to have been prior to Krishna. He must have been prior to or contemporaneous with the black empire, supposed by Sir William Jones to have flourished at Sidon. The religion of this Negro God is found, by the ruins of his temples and other circumstances, to have been spread over an immense extent of country, even to the remotest parts of Britain, and to have been professed by devotees inconceivably numerous. �.

[The end of book 1 is a thorough argument that blacks, the Ethiopians or Cushites, built Stonehenge.].

Page 62.

The fact that Abraham worshipped several Gods, who were, in reality, the same as those of the Persians, namely, the creator, preserver, and the destroyer, has been long asserted, and the assertion has been very unpalatable both to the Jews and many Christians; and to obviate or disguise what they could not account for, they have had recourse, in numerous instances, to the mistranslation of the original, ....

Page 100.

Treating of the religion of Persia, Sir William Jones says : "The primeval religion of Iran, if we may rely on the authorities adduced by Mossani F�ni, was that which Newton calls the oldest (and it may justly be called the noblest) of all religions; a firm belief that one Supreme God made the world by his power, and continually governed it by his providence; a pious fear, love, and adoration of him; and due reverence for parents and aged persons; a fraternal affection for the whole human species; and a compassionate tenderness even for the brute creation."*
* Sir E. Jones on the Persians, Diss. VI. p.197..

� However bigoted my Christian reader may be, he will hardly deny that there is here the picture of a beautiful religion. �.

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