If I were a carpenter

Foundation of human society crumbling: Fabricated magical myths of immortality prevent us from seeing the real purpose of life

Easter Sunday, AD 2011

Nothing lasts forever, they say � and they're right. If I were a carpenter, the first thing I'd tell you is that nothing � no structure, no organization, no life, no world . . . no, nothing ever lasts very long unless it's built on a solid foundation.

And you'd nod, ho hum, and say "So what else is new?" without ever realizing for even the most fleeting of instants that your world, your life, the groups you belong to, and everything you've built in your life rests on a foundation that is not only vaporous, arbitrary, and abstract, but deliberately contrary to the laws of nature, unprovable, and purposely constructed to prevent you from acknowledging the truth.

Yes, I'm talking about what you believe. It's a lie. I can prove it. That thing you think is the truth? You can't prove it. And this is exactly the foundation that the world is built upon.

Not only CAN I prove what you believe is a lie, I WILL prove it, right now, so we can end all this doctrinal silliness that wastes so much of everyone's time and misleads everyone into thinking that there is one group who always has the right answer. There are thousands of these groups, although generally we see them as the five or six major religions of the world. All of these groups are characterized and motivated by reasons that they can't prove.

The monotheistic religions are all frauds based upon magical fictions that are relevant as myths but meaningless as historical facts, other than the history of mind control. All the monotheistic holy books, as one scholar put it, "are simply so many frauds and impostures either inserted into the revised works of real authors or else perpetrated in fictitious works manufactured for the purpose."

Let's take these nefarious religions � Christianity, Judaism and Islam � one at a time, and obliterate for all time the notion that any of them have any objective psychological legitimacy, although all three are indeed a collection of pathologically projected material that creates out of thin air � much like the way they create money � an entire fabricated reality that rules all the other realities, yet is based on a totally artificial and corrupt depiction of what our purpose on this planet is and should be.

Striving for immortality is a fool's game, and has just about destroyed us as a species. The exploitation and corruption it engenders has engulfed the world in flames and hypocrisy for millennia. Yet no person on this Earth has ever been able to resist the notion, even as we watch everything around us disintegrate, fatally poisoned by the darkness of the bottom line. How many times have you said, "Please God, don't let this life ever end . . . "

The monotheistic religions drive us to create idols honoring the belief that we live forever, when it is clear that we don't. As a result society has suffered beyond maximum pain for millennia because we strive for an answer that cannot be obtained. The entire human population has spent all of its lives seeking for something, worshipping something, that cannot be obtained. The sanctimonious excuses for trying to obtain it and the corrupt misery that has followed have driven the world so far off course that an extinction level crash appears inevitable. Also to be noted is that all these monotheistic religions promote a specific geographic deity whose adherents insist should rule the entire world. This is a guaranteed formula for perpetual war.

� The Old Testament shatters into a million fragments of ancient trivia once it becomes known that its great historical figures like Abraham, Moses and David were actually invader pharaohs of Egypt known as the Hyksos, which is why there is no archeological evidence of where the Bible says the Temple of Solomon was supposed to be. The Temple of Solomon was never in Jerusalem. It was in a town called Zion in Egypt. Old Testament renderings of ancient Israel are the first spin job, covering up the first false flag operation of Hebrews posing as pharaohs and abusing ancient Egypt into eventual extinction (after first stealing and then concealing all its spiritual traditions). Any similarity to contemporary America is not coincidental. The Garden of Eden was the Garden of Aton, and it was destroyed by people who convinced everyone money was God, while subtly changing the names of everything they touched.

� A thousand years later, the New Testament was the Jewish revenge on Rome for destroying its capital in Jerusalem in 135 AD. Like the destruction of America through immigration, Christianity conferred instant equality on slaves, criminals, and immigrants, which rendered meaningless everything Rome ever built, and guaranteed the empire's destruction. Christianity was wholly the creation of apostate Jews. This is why today Christians and Muslims are really only junior Jews, slaves to the Sanhedrin that designed their mental chains. The so-called chief persecutor of the early Christians, Saul of Tarsus, supposedly had a famous epiphany on the road to Damascus, in which he became the rock of the church, the apostle Paul, upon whose words Christianity depends for its credibility. Today's equivalent of turning Saul into Paul would be like turning Dick Cheney into the Pope. Today's Jews get a real chuckle over this story.

� The grievance against Islam, which excoriates the Jews but gives a free pass to Catholics, hangs on the tale of of a runaway Jew who became a Catholic, then a Protestant priest, one Alberto Rivera, who claims to have been informed by a superior that Islam was created to create an army among Arabs to recapture the city of Jerusalem, a plot which failed when the leaders of the newly constituted Islamic faith reneged on the deal and kept the city for themselves. This then empowered the Crusades which created a permanent state of war in the Middle East which continues as we speak. Though this tale was forwarded by a known and courageous Jewish spook named Lenny Bloom, it illustrates the one piece of truth the Jews have produced over the long and sorry course of their carnage and deceit � that the Christian messiah was a bogus construct created by the Jews themselves to pacify the rabble and destabilize and rob the moneyed elite by delegitimizing their achievements. How many times has this happened over time? Can you see it happening now?

Not only are Jewish fingerprints all over the creation of all three of these religions, the material available to analyze the dilemma all emanates from sources with Jewish tangents, if not Jewish authors. The dominant aspect of all three religions is their insistence that people who refuse to believe their creeds must be killed. In this important respect, these three religions are identical.

Even the deconstructors of the Jewish myths are Jewish, usually in well concealed ways, rendering us surrounded with Jewish analysts rationalizing the actions of Jewish revolutionaries (the real story of Western philosophy), always and ever concealing the transfer of large amounts of cash from us to them.

However, in all this Jewish research of Jewish spin jobs are valuable analyses of the religions they created, because when Jews analyze their adversaries for future pillaging possibilities, their success rate is unusually high, probably because Jews always play a major but clandestine role in the creation of all these religious variations. Remember that John Calvin, a known Jew and founder of most of the Protestant religions, compiled the Geneva bible, from which the corrupt King James version descends.

So Edward Bordeaux Szekely's revelation that Bishop Eusebius once changed the title of a work from "Revelations of the Rabbi" to "Revelations of the Lord" is in keeping both with the false spirit at work in the creation of the Bible, but also with the phony spin that comes at us out of our televisions every single night.

In particularly Szekely, whose lifelong promotion of the Essene version of Judeo-Christianity (used in its proper sense here) alerts us to the great thought crime of this Jewish creation called Christianity, emphasizes that the destruction of all ancient works espousing other viewpoints primarily concealed the evidence of its thefts. Think about all the stuff that is now being systematically eliminated from the Internet, not to mention all those people who are in the process of being eliminated from the planet (checked your Geiger counter lately?).

Another promoter of Judaism, the Biblical scholar Greg Lyons, lays out the cynical task of Ezra in Babylon constructing this false history and transmuting tales of real pharaohs into the daring deeds of our long familiar Biblical heroes, rendering the whole corpus of material inadmissible as historical evidence because of the lies, distortions, and unattributed thefts of material from other religions.

Yet, within this research lies some instructive material, like this nugget inside of Lyons' encyclopedic Bet Emet website.


"These Aryan people worshipped nature; the sun, moon, sky, and earth as a comparison of ancient religions and mythology in the land peopled by Aryans, demonstrates. Their chief object of adoration was the Sun. To this race, in the infancy of its civilization, the Sun was not a mere luminary, but a Creator, Ruler, Preserves, and Savior of their world as they knew it. Around the Sun these people would develop a religious doctrine which finds its origin in the Sun and its influence upon mankind. Such is called "Astro-Theology".

This is worth reading just to get a taste of what he's up to:


"What is important for our study is that it would be the Essenes of the first century A.D., who in repudiation of a Judaism they felt had apostasized since they had lost the priesthood to the Hasmoneans, turned from many Jewish beliefs and under the influence of their Teacher of Righteousness, adopted many of the above religious beliefs which can be shown to have had their origin in sun-worship. These Essenes would later attach themselves with the Jesus Movement in Palestine and this explains the infusion of their religious beliefs into the early church and the early faith which is today called Christianity."

And that is essentially where the matter stands today. The monotheistic religions have stolen principles of the ancient astrotheological religion and dressed them up in their own corrupt finery, for the purpose of guaranteeing to themselves the status as the world's exclusive system of worship. And guaranteeing endless war.

And for what? Szekely describes it particularly well.

"The second century was chiefly notable for a long series of controversies centering around the Revelation and the Cerinthian and Gnostic fables" (bases of two of the four Gospels known today, John and Mark). These were started by scribes of the synagogues or by Jewish communities in the Empire, and had for their protagonists people like Justin, Irenaeus, Tatian, Origen, Basilides, Marcion and Hippolytus, all of them either Syrian, Assyrian or Egyptian Jews or else Judeo Greeks . . ."

"The invention of the Word, incarnate in the Christ, is simply the revenge taken by Messianist Jews, a sop to their disappointed feelings, after their Christist expectations of a restoration of the throne of David had been dashed by the final destruction of Jerusalem and dispersion of the Jewish nation." (Szekely's work in the mid 20th century could not have reflected the recent discoveries of Shlomo Sand that the Diaspora never happened.)

"In all of these authors, all of them Jews, there is no incarnation," Szekely writes.

"The incarnation was the great achievement of the scribes of the third and fourth centuries, who constructed a 'history' of their own, an ecclesiastical 'history,' resting on the fringe of history in the true sense . . . "

"The incarnation, the real transfiguration, is all mystification � without a shred of mystery. Jewish scribes, apostate Jews, Judaeo Greeks � Christists all � spent three hundred years gradually eliminating the Revelation and the commentaries of Papias, in so far as they were historical."

And then there is the matter of what these apostate Jewish Christians did to the rest of the world (which sounds remarkably similar to what the Khazarian Jewish bankers are doing to us today). Szekely writes:

"At the same time that they were . . . manufacturing the Gospel fables . . . the Christists were waging a war of unheard-of violence against the Greek and Roman cults and other religions. The exhibited a fanaticism of a kind hitherto unknown, a fanaticism bred of deformed Judaism" (redundant) "which constitutes a further link between Messianic and Christist Christianity, the canker of Western civilization."

And then there are all those lies about how the Romans persecuted the Christians (again, a chilling foreshadow of the lies the Jews have told about World War II). Szekely writes:

"Such great conquerors, world citizens and pioneers of civilization as the Romans never persecuted either peoples or individuals for their religion. (Montesquieu is absolutely right when he affirms this fact.) The Jews . . . were even treated with favor by the Romans, who never had 'missionaries' following in their armies' baggage trains to impose the gods of Olympus on the vanquished. Rome was the Pantheon of all the gods.

"What the Romans objected to was 'the abominable Jewish superstition,' to use Tacitus' phrase, the doctrine exposed in the Christist Revelation which looked forward to the destruction of the Empire."

And now it stands exposed. The purpose and objective of Christianity was to undermine by any means possible the structure that opposed its supremacy. We see the identical circumstances today created for the same reason, the Jewish financial creation of a world superstate whose edicts may not be challenged upon pain of excommunication and extermination. Same shenanigans, different day.

Sooooo . . . if I were a carpenter, I would highly recommend consideration of a world system with a better foundation that the one we use now, which is riddled with serious pathological flaws and absolutely devoid of historical honesty.

Probably the best one was the original religion of ancient man, the natural religion, that Lyons and Szekely, both Essene Judeo-Christians in good standing, admit provided the framework that the Hebrew prophets and spinmeisters stole and then adulterated, erasing its actual relevance in the process in their creation of the psychological hammer of Almighty God that they have used to assault the world ever since.

A great place to find a coherent explanation of it all is in the archives of Manly Palmer Hall, famed author of The Secret Teachings of All Ages, who spent his long life publicizing the ancient mysteries, which have been so denigrated by the monotheistic religions despite their unacknowledged theft of so many of its processes and principles.

In the introductory tape titled "The Solar Christmas, part 1", Hall explained the basics of the ancients' religion that we now call astrotheological.

"The misuse of knowledge must end in tragedy, must end in disaster, and if the misuse of this knowledge is not curbed, it can topple over a civilization," Hall begins.

In the ancients' religion we now call astrotheology, a person's life was a test to qualify for immortality, with a specific curriculum to be mastered before being permitted to understand the great truths of life.

The only thing that really counted, Hall stressed, were one's own "internal integrities."

Most people understand that materialism is the "ethical darkness." Hall called it "the lower hemisphere of ignorance, where there is no great light available except one's own internal light."

The world suffers from "man turning from the ways of light, or refusing to light the darkness by his own conduct. The labor of the individual therefore is to bring light into darkness, first by turning his own darkness into light, and later bestowing that light on the whole world which is in darkness. Great teachers are the lightbearers who bring light and hope to the lower half of the zodiac."

"We don't have the answers to the ultimate and we are not going to have those answers given to us, we must release them from within ourselves," Hall said. "Each individual must work out his own salvation with diligence. These were the last words of the Buddha. Each of us must find the light according to our own integrities."

Astrotheology acknowledges the Sun as the giver of all life, but the Sun in its karmic aspect, the great all-seeing eye of Osiris, governs the process of how your soul is judged at the time of departure from this plane of existence. Osiris's son Horus, with the eyes of the solar hawk, is your public defender at the time of death and will take your guilt away, if necessary, when your soul is weighed against the feather of truth. If you soul is too heavy, you will return for another incarnation to try to get it right. Hall points out this concept has permeated virtually every religion in the entire world, which points up the great advantage of astrotheology on Planet Earth in that all cultures are familiar with this system in more ways than they even know. The essence of it is the soul achieves victory over its own weakness, and this would be called real faith.

"Easter is the great symbol of the resurrection of the dying god," Hall said. "The coming of the vernal equinox is proof of the pact between god and man. The whole world has a new lease on life, another chance to perfect itself, a new chance to be wise and good.

If I were a carpenter, I'd build a world system on this model, and get rid of all the pious mystifications that are only meant to control people and outcompete other creeds (which at bottom are all variations of the same creed). But personally, none of these creeds really do it for me, because they all fail to fearlessly address that our ability to understand these thoughts is limited to our living lives, and any speculation on what came before, or what comes after, is only just that � speculation, which all too often degenerates into pathological projection.

We have no say about what comes after, we only have control about how our light shines here. That we believe the light we shine here determines what comes after is a perfectly sound belief. Believe it. But never force others to believe what you believe, because the mere attempt to do so means you don't believe yourself, who should know � and remember � that freedom to let others do what they think is best is the ultimate freedom, liberty and salvation from these fearful chains that bind us to this terrorist hypocrisy practiced by all sides in every debate that my God must be your God, or you must be murdered.

Any carpenter would tell you � you can't built a sturdy house on a foundation like that.

The real purpose of life? To bring light to the darkness, silly. That way you'll be sure to wind up in the light.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, urging people to understand that no problem in the world can be authentically addressed without first analyzing tangents caused by Jewish perfidy, which has subverted and diminished every aspect of human endeavor throughout history. Support for his work is wholly derived from people who can understand what he�s saying and know what it means.

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