Just another Hebrew pharaoh

Egypt today exactly mirrors Bible�s phony Exodus story

16th February 2011

Damn few people today know about the Hyksos pharaohs, and how the Biblical book known as Exodus is actually a camouflaged cover story concocted by the Hebrew prophets to sanitize their ruthless 500-year takeover of ancient Egypt and provide a luster to their dastardly deeds that obscures the hatred whom those they enslaved felt for them.

Thirty five hundred years later, the situation in Egypt remains essentially the same.

The legendary exploits of the fathers of the monotheistic Western religious systems are the disguised descriptions of Egyptian pharaohs, many of whom were foreign conquerors from desert tribes north of the Sinai and west of Babylon. One scholar, by comparing Biblical verses to inscriptions at Karnak and observing identical events ascribed to different names, has even pinpointed King David as the Jewish alias for the Egyptian pharaoh Thutmose III.

The acknowledged top scholars in the field � Redford and Thompson � have proven that the Exodus story in the second book of the Old Testament is really the heavily scrubbed spin of the tyrannical Israelite occupation of Egypt, with names are changed to protect the guilty and conceal the insane criminal history of the forefathers of Western civilization.

The purpose of this substantial and long lasting public relations deception aimed to erase the memory of the hatred the conquered Egyptians felt toward the invading collection of Mesopotamian barbarians whose battle technology � horses and chariots � easily overwhelmed the culturally isolated natives.

This indigenous hatred of the Hyksos � later known as Hebrews � could have no place in a religious system which commandeered by force the allegiance of the abused masses, so Abraham, Moses, David, Jacob, Joseph and their like became the heroes of history once their names were applied to the actual deeds of all the pharaohs whose civilization the Hebrews had hijacked.

This is the story of the murder of a culture immersed in sacred mindset that could not see the world for what it is, a bloody battleground. This is what it was really like from the side we never got to hear, the Egyptian story, transmitted from Manetho through Josephus . . . only all your favorite priests, mullahs and rabbis forgot to mention it � for two thousand years.

Which brings us right up to the present moment. Today the whole world has recently focused on Egypt, as its longtime dictator was forced to disappear by an agitated populace. Many observers are wondering if this recent spate of apparently spontaneous people�s revolts in four Muslim countries is not a harbinger of a process that is about to happen worldwide � all with the same focus on corrupt governments that are betraying their own people, governments in the blackmailed thrall of a worldwide financial monster whose emblem is the very Star of that bogus King David.

Modern day Egypt has had only three leaders in 60 last years: Nasser and Sadat, both of whom were assassinated, and now Mubarak, president for the last 28 years, and widely seen as a puppet for the Jewish driven New World Order of decaying Western powers led by the Zionized United States and the moneychangers of Frankfurt and London.

When I last checked, Egypt was second on the list of nations receiving foreign aid from the United States, behind only Israel. That whole collective expenditure costs each American taxpayer between five and ten thousand dollars a year, not counting the consumer spending that is siphoned in that direction.

So the world waits with breathless anticipation the next appointment of a new Jewish pharaoh for Egypt. Will it be El Baradei or Suleiman? And will Mubarak actually seek refuge in Israel, or was that just a ridiculous tabloid eyebrowraiser? How blatantly can they illustrate this surehanded Israeli control of the whole world?

Hey, it�s only been going on for . . . let�s see . . . how many thousands of years? Let�s leap back three millennia and check it out.

The account of the Hyksos pharaohs and the conquest of Egypt by �asiatics� and �sanddwellers� is clearly recorded in the history written in AD 130 by Flavius Josephus which today is titled �The Jewish War.� Josephus quotes the 3rd century BC Egyptian historian Manetho, who refers to the �lepers� who were finally driven out of Egypt after a long period of onerous occupation. http://www.reshafim.org.il/ad/egypt/history12-17.htm#hyksos

�The identity of major figures in Egyptian history were disguised and depicted as major Jewish figures in the Bible,� writes Craig Lyons, extraordinary religious researcher and creator of an astonishing historical archive called Bet Emet Ministries. www.egyptcx.netfirms.com/were_there_hebrew_pharaohs_egypt_2.htm

The single clearest piece of evidence for this transposition of identities is this, Lyons explains.

�2 Sam 8:5-6 5 And when the Syrians of Damascus came to succour Hadadezer king of Zobah, David slew of the Syrians two and twenty thousand men. 6 Then David put garrisons in Syria of Damascus: and the Syrians became servants to David, and brought gifts. And the LORD preserved David whithersoever he went. (KJV)

�Answer for yourself: Are you aware that the same things are said of Thutmose III in prior Egyptian history where it is recorded on stone monuments that Thutmose III defeated an earlier coalition of Syrian and Canaanite kings as described in the Bible and attributed to King David? Are you aware that it is told in Egyptian stone and history that Thutmose III also established garrisons in these same regions in order to permanently secure Egyptian control there? Is this proof that these two men are the same? (Cross, "Origins of the Alphabet" in Ebla to Damascus: Art and Archaeology of Ancient Syria, p. 106, 119).�

We continue on with examples from Lyons� voluminous archives comprised of extensive material on the comparison of ancient belief systems.

That which is known as the Christian religion existed among the ancients, and never did not exist; from the beginning of the human race until the time when Christ came in the flesh, at which time the true religion, which already existed began to be called Christianity. (Retractt. I, xiii, cited by Dr. Alvin Boyd Kuhn in his Shadow of The Third Century, Elizabeth N.J.: Academy Press, 1949, p.3.)

Augustine admits that Christianity is not "new" or "unique"; in fact if the truth be told its origins can be found in Ancient Egypt dating back 10,000 years or more. What follows are Lyons� words:

Now, a quick summary. The similarities between Jesus and Osiris and the similarities between Jesus and Horus abound. In Egypt Ausar/Osiris was the man-god who was killed and brought back to life thus giving the world the first notion of "the Resurrection." Ausar then became the great Judge of the deceased. Auset/Isis, Ausar's wife, was said to have become impregnated by her husband's spirit while he was dead. She gave birth to a child named Heru/Horus in the world's first "Immaculate Conception."

At his birth a host of deities and wisemen were said to have honored him. Some believe the birth of Heru was commemorated on December 25th when the sun was in the zodiacal sign of Capricorn at the Winter Solstice. Capricorn was also known as the Stable of Augeas; so the infant Heru/Horus (Sun/Son) was said to have been born in a stable. Thus Ausar, Auset and Heru made for the world's first Holy Trinity.

This story of the resurrected God-King can be found among a host of nations in the world today; for example the Khoi and San peoples of southern Africa as early as 2,000 B.C.E.. The story of the God-King and his divine son also appear in many other cultures, not just Egypt. This includes Krishna of India (1200 B.C.E.), Tammuz of Syria (1160 B.C.E.), Iao of Nepal (622 B.C.E.), Quetzalcoatl of Mexico (587 B.C.E.), Mithra of Persia (600 B.C.E.) and others. Jesus of Nazareth of Hebraic folklore would be the most recent addition to this pantheon. Famous the world over is the statue and picture of Ausar/Osiris, Auset/Isis and the infant Heru/Horus. This version of Auset and Heru would become the model for Mary and Jesus throughout the Christian world.

For thousands of years before the advent of Christianity the Ancient World world looked to Egypt as the seat of Spiritual Wisdom. With the rise of Rome and in a period of less than 300 years, the wisdom of Egypt was replaced with the ignorance of Christianity. The round earth of the Egyptians and Greeks was replaced by the flat earth of Christianity, in which the sun and universe revolved around its dead god's earth. The Ancient Priests of Egypt who knew the earth was round and revolved around the sun were put to death.

The Christian sword first silenced the Egyptian priestesses who offered salvation to those who attained spiritual wisdom, and the rest of the unenlightened would follow. What escaped Christianity would be destroyed by Islam, but it would be Islam, not Christianity, that would retain some of the Ancient Spiritual Wisdom and knowledge. While the west was immersed in the Dark Ages, where few could read or write, and even fewer bathed and none practiced hygiene, Islam promoted literacy and cleanliness.

In spite of their short sightedness, the Greek historian Herodotus (500 B.C.) stated: �Of all the nations of the world, the Egyptians are the happiest, healthiest and most religious.� Herodotus� statement reflects the excellent conditions of people who didn't just theorize about metaphysics, but who practiced it to the fullest.

Ancient Egyptians had a very sophisticated understanding of metaphysics and the laws which govern man and his universe. The Egyptian thinking was simple, coherent, consistent, logical, analytical and rational. Their main premise that one is all, and all is one, reflects their total cosmic consciousness, which Herodotus called �most religious�.

The Ancient Egyptians did not have a word for religion in their language. For them, there was no perceived difference between sacred and mundane. They understood that man is a model of the universe. If man understands himself perfectly, he also understands the universe: Astronomy, astrology, geography, rhythm, proportion, mathematics, magic, medicine, anatomy, art � all are linked in a grand dynamic scheme. No aspect can be isolated from another and treated as a separate specialty or field without distortion and destruction. http://www.egyptcx.netfirms.com/

[end citations]

Today, an Egypt distracted by impulses of revolution waits on edge for a new Jewish pharaoh to be appointed by these same foreign invaders, who deceive noble nations with bribes and manipulations, and install leaders who pretend to be patriots but are really actor puppets of the spiritual and intellectual descendants of these very same Hyksos invaders. Right this minute, every country in the world is exploited in this same basic way, and possesses a smoldering resentment of this clever continuation of slavery that is ready to explode and exact retribution from these �Hebrew prophets� who, down through history, have been the forgers of our chains.

Note: Donald B. Redford and Thomas L. Thompson, referred to above, are two recognized experts on the empirical history of the Middle East. Redford, a Canadian Egyptologist who is a professor of classics at Princeton University, is the author of the landmark text, Egypt, Canaan, and Israel in Ancient Times (1992). Thompson, founder of what is today known as the Copenhagen School, was an American professor who was driven out of the U.S. by the religious establishment for his unbiased observations about the fictionality of the Old Testament. Craig Lyons is the compiler of his fantastic library of religious history, the extent of which can be observed at: http://www.egyptcx.netfirms.com/cover_page_egyptian_christianity.htm

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