New political alignment

People who believe vs. people who don’t

7th January 2010


When the same thing happens repeatedly, for thousands of years, and the results are always negative for the vast majority of people in the world, it’s probably a good idea to understand what it actually is.

A new political alignment is forming in the world that recognizes similarities in traits and predicaments that previously have been obscured by looking at the world in terms of states and philosophies. Its conclusions will soon result in an unprecedented peace conference, unique in the annals of history, because it will be called BEFORE the next great war starts, and succeed in preventing it.

After decades of studying what people believe, what eventually becomes apparent is that people who believe in some higher power are responsible for most of the good works that are done in this world, whereas people who do not believe in some sort of benevolent system are more likely to commit destructive acts due to the subconscious negativity of their own inner motivation.

Thus, peoples of the world who believe that happy families are more important than worldwide war can at any time they want all come together because they believe in treating people like we all want to be treated, and even better, loving people like we all want to be loved.

What threat then, we must ask, interferes with the acquisition of this universally desired teddy bear scenario?

From out of our oldest nightmares comes the harrowing vision of the deformed Shylock, wielding not only nuclear weapons but the very keys to our own bank accounts, for thousands of years working ceaselessly to steal and destroy the very things that we desire most. In case you didn’t know, Shylock taught your doctor, your teacher, and your preacher exactly how to treat you.

The pivotal meme in recognizing the destructive pattern of political history is perceiving the repetitive pattern in the English, French, and Russian Revolutions. The Jewish bankers killed the king, debauched the populace, and wound up owning every valuable thing in the land. The applicability of this meme is more than obvious in the context of the USA in 2010.

So, it became obvious to everyone that people who believed in the good stuff simply didn’t act this way. Decent people, who comprise the vast majority of Earth’s human population, respect authority, and act with compassion.

From John Calvin, who infused a profusion of confusion into English religion that has led to our puzzling Protestant spectrum of sects who argue violently about minor points of theology, to the Wahhabi sect of Islam, which was invented by Jews to permanently sabotage the worship of Allah, it suddenly has become easier to see that believers have been led astray by the nonbelievers who had actually created their dogma for them, to control them.

Over time, all bureaucratic structures collapse of their own corruption. This is a hard and fast rule of human civilization.

So it’s easy to choose up sides for the battle of Armageddon.

Everybody who believes in God on one side, and everybody who doesn’t on the other.

Let’s examine the starting lineups for World War III.

On the one side we have the Catholics, the Protestants (except for the Zionized evangelicals), the Orthodox Christians, the Muslims (except for the Wahhabi and Salafi sects), the Hindus (from whose legends Christian dogma originates), the Buddhists (ever intent on noble action), the Taoists (like me who can see good works produced from every path), the Shintos, the Jains (who most of us are not good enough to be), the pantheists, the druids, and all the spirit worshipping indigenants of the planet who have a benevolent mythology to guide their lives and answer questions that can only be revealed by faith.

On the other side, we have the Jews and their demonic children, the Christian evangelicals and the Islamic imitations, who were both put in place to sabotage and corrupt the religions they pretend to worship. This is an old Jewish technique that has been used throughout history, and, in fact, was why the Spanish Inquisition took place, to root out the Jews who pretended to be Christian. I can think of many current writers in need of vetting by this process.

Arrayed against all the God-fearing peoples of the world is essentially only one group — the Jews. And as it happened, that one group — the Jews — is poised to destroy all life on this planet, somehow following this strange ancient programming that is directing them to kill everyone who doesn’t abide by their G-d’s supposedly holy law, and make slaves out of everyone who does.

Once the deceptions of modern political society are fully understood, the sides in the struggle for human freedom become clearly identifiable.

Those who generally believe in God and the good works he encourages are on one side, and the destroyers of life for what they call profit — the Jews and their subtly satanic pseudonyms — on the other.

Thus, the whole world of believers is lined up against the nonbelieving Jews. Yet, the nonbelievers control the whole world through their manipulation of money, and the corruption and death that it brings.

Which side are you on? And which side do you pretend to be on?

This is the new political alignment of human beings on planet Earth in the year AD 2010.

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