The James Von Brunn story

Crazed killer or American hero?

26th November 2009

Only that rarest kind of courage – intellectual fearlessness and honesty to face things as they are and not as they appear – is required to abolish poverty and economic degradation from our midst . . .  —  Frederick Soddy

If you plant an obsession in your mind and nurture it for decades with resentful persistence, when you finally decide to act on it, one way or the other, a shocking explosion is guaranteed. If you’re a large nation, which can create a huge audience that it then persuades through a massive public relations campaign to endorse its obsession, then no matter how terrible the result, you are cheered by the misled multitudes. But if you are acting on principle alone with no friends at your back, you often wind up being declared a “lone nut” by those who don’t have the courage to comprehend your ideas about justice, honesty, and who is doing what to whom, and you wind up alone and bleeding, your sharp tongue finally silenced, never to feel the warm hand of a friend again in this life.

In this world, such is the frequent consequence of acting on principle.

As a young man, reading the Washington Post in 1981, I saw on page 24 how a man in an overcoat hiding a shotgun and various other weapons walked into the Federal Reserve Building in Washington, D.C. and attempted to arrest the highest officers of that financial institution. The quixotic caper ended when the gunman admitted to the Marine guard that his weapons were not loaded, after the Marine guard, a young black man, had informed the mysterious interloper that he would not abandon his post, whether he was shot or not.

In his later recountings of this escapade, it was the admiration James Von Brunn expressed for the young black Marine guard’s steadfast devotion to duty that made those who knew Von Brunn, and knew OF him, disbelieve one key aspect of the story that happened 28 years later, in June 2009, when the 88-year-old Von Brunn, still considerably spry, pulled the same stunt all over again, only this time at the Jewish Holocaust Museum in Washington. With one major difference. This time, a black security guard was shot to death, and Von Brunn, who was shot himself, was blamed for it. Various anonymous chatrooms whispered that one guard shot another, but the official account remains sealed by media repetition.

In almost identical fashion, James Von Brunn had attacked — 28 years apart — the two central influences responsible for the rapid destruction of the American republic: the Federal Reserve and the Holocaust Museum.

Some people consign James Von Brunn to the group of famous bad guys that includes Timothy McVeigh, the reputed Oklahoma City bomber, and John Hinckley, the would-be Reagan assassin. Others more knowledgeable are more likely to include him in a category that includes the famous patriot Patrick Henry, who said “Give me liberty, or give me death!”, or Eugene Debs, a presidential candidate who was put in jail during World War I for saying that war was bad.

James Von Brunn spent his entire life searching for the truth as he saw it, and as he learned it. Very early on he spotted the Jewish financial hammerlock that appeared, to him, to be turning the world into a pornographic quagmire. He spent much of the rest of his life trying to convince anyone who would listen of the dangers we all were not seeing, and how our lives were being degraded and destroyed by this network of financial vampires.

As the news reports tell it, his family has just about disowned him, and made embarrassing statements about his treasonous behavior.

He has been declared unfit to stand trial, and remains in isolated custody, his condition unknown, the tortuous tampering with his medical needs, like the unbiased description of what happened in those final minutes at the Holocaust museum, forever to be concealed from view by the mindlock secrecy imposed by the new American KGB known as Homeland Security.

What surprised me most about the truncated media circus that accompanied the Holocaust Museum shootings was its brevity. It disappeared from the A-list of media buzzshows rather rapidly. It didn’t figure. Here was a great opportunity for the lockstep Jewish media to really go off about a white supremacist Jew hater shooting up a Holocaust Museum. I mean, is the movie version already in production, or what?

Only one answer fits. Von Brunn was too hot to handle. He was so on point that there was no debating him. He had the goods, and Jewish media didn’t want people to hear that. That’s why they’ve made all these laws prohibiting hate speech, so no one may question the Jewish lies that are imposed on us as their utterly deleterious fabricated rendition of reality.

The title of Von Brunn’s book, for instance, comes right out of the Talmud; Sanhedrin 59: “Tob Shebbe Goyim Harog!” Kill the Best Gentiles. He’s not making this stuff up. The Jewish “holy book” really says this. This is all the real history that has been excised from the schoolbooks which are furnished by the state, which has been controlled by Jews for at least 100 years. This is the real history that has been kept from you.

Von Brunn includes a first rate selection of philosophers from throughout the centuries:

“The raison d'etre of a Communist government, according to Karl Marx, is to build up a proletarian system of society. When persons or classes of persons are found who cannot be fitted into such a society they are "liquidated", that is they are put to death... In this entirety passionless spirit, Lenin (JEW) and Dzershinsky (JEW) had eliminated the aristocratic and plutocratic classes of Czarist Russia together with tens of thousands of Orthodox bishops and priests after the Revolution of 1917....The great majority perished (simply) because they could not be assimilated by the new proletariat state being created.”
— F. J .P. VEALE, English jurist, "Advance to Barbarism."

Any similarity between what happened then and what’s happening now is not coincidental.

Thus is the PDF file of Von Brunn’s opus Kill The Best Gentiles made available to you so that you may make your own informed decision about the worth of his version of world history.

Von Brunn’s basic beef is this:

“The Constitution states that Congress alone shall issue and control America's currency; Congress may not delegate those functions. Nevertheless a corrupt and ignorant U.S. Congress enacted the unconstitutional Federal Reserve Act (1913). Few Congressmen since have dared suggest it is unconstitutional — fearing for their livelihood and their lives. The word "Federal" is a sham. It has no more relevance than "Federal" Tire Co. The FED is a private corporation whose stock is owned by International Bankers. It is not an agency of the United States Government. It is one of many parasitical Rothschild Central Banks infesting the world stage. Its power ascends over every U.S. citizen from cradle to grave. Every dollar in your wallet is a note issued by the FED. The U.S. Government redeems that note (principal and interest) with your taxes. Through its enormous resources and power the FED controls the machinery of the U.S. Government.

“The Rothschild empire was created by infiltrating every level of ALL Western governments. Through manipulation, bribery, slander, assassination, and control of the mass media, JEWS contrived to pit nation against nation, race against race, financing all sides in the resultant wars; then at exorbitant interest rates financing reconstruction of the devastated countries. Rothschild's modus operandi has kept Western Civilization in a continuous state of war and eternally in debt.

“In 1981 America's future seemed dismal indeed. It seemed to me that IF the FED could be brought to center stage and exposed, the entire Illuminati structure would collapse. Enraged citizens would hang the International Bankers. America would resume its role as a bastion of Western Culture.”

Von Brunn is prone to quoting Cicero and other classical philosophers.

“Our money system is nothing better than a confidence trick... The "money power" which has been able to overshadow ostensibly responsible government is not the power of the merely ultra-rich but is nothing more or less than a new technique to destroy money by adding and withdrawing figures in bank ledgers, without the slightest concern for the interests of the community or the real role money ought to perform allow it to become a source of revenue to private issuer's is to create, first, a secret and illicit arm of government and, last, a rival power strong enough to ultimately overthrow all other forms of government.”
— Dr. FRED SODDY, Nobelist, Wealth, Virtual Wealth & Debt

Von Brunn knows the suppressed history of the Jews better than most.

“The West viewed the JEW as an alien living within its midst. JEWS had no State of their own, no territory. Whatever the landscape they spoke the common language. Publicly they denied a racial identity assuming the outer garments, no matter how preposterous, of whatever nation in which they appeared. Adoption of Christian names, conversions, "nose jobs", and platform shoes were part of the camouflage. JEWRY seemed to be merely a religion. Therefore, JEWRY was politically invisible to the West, and its war against the West was always subterranean, cunning and deceptive. JEWISH strategy was to infiltrate the institutions of Western Culture and destroy them. JEWRY'S primary weapon was money manipulation and USURY.”

“JEWS have no religious scruples regarding money where goyim are concerned. They now have the means to carry out their war of annihilation of the West. They would not surface as a fighting unit and openly attack their hated enemy. They remained invisible. Their strategy was to organize the entire JEWISH People into a Fifth Column whose purpose is to penetrate the West and destroy everything. This is being accomplished by exacerbating natural disputes between the Western States and influencing the results in favor of Liberalism as opposed to Authority; that is, materialism, free trade and usury, as opposed to Western Socialism; Internationalism as opposed to Western unity. MONEY was their sword and buckler. Hate and revenge their motif.”

Rep. Louis McFadden was later assassinated by poison just before he was to deliver a speech in Washington about the Federal Reserve. As chairman of the House Banking Committee, he addressed his colleagues in 1932 as detailed in the Congressional Record, that Von Brunn meticulously records.

“Mr. Chairman, we have in this country one of the most corrupt institutions the world has ever known. The Federal Reserve Board has cheated the United States out of enough money to pay the national debt...Mr. Speaker, it is a monstrous thing for this great Nation to have its destiny presided over by a treasonous system acting in secret concert with International pirates and usurers. Every effort has been made by the FED to conceal its power. But the truth is the FED has usurped the government of the United States. It controls everything here. It controls foreign relations. It makes and breaks governments at will.”

“Some people think Federal Reserve Banks are United States government institutions. They are not Government institutions. They are private credit monopolies which prey upon the people of the United States for the benefits of themselves and their foreign customers; foreign and domestic speculators and swindlers; and rich and predatory money lenders. In that dark crew of financial pirates there are those who would cut a man's throat to get a dollar out of his pocket; there are those who send money into states to buy votes to control our legislation; and there are those that maintain an international propaganda for deceiving us...that will permit them to cover up their past misdeeds and set again in motion their gigantic train of crime...”

Von Brunn wrote a letter to then Secretary of the Navy James Webb.

“I served as PT-Boat skipper, and executive officer during WWII in the Mediterranean, and Pacific Theaters. I received a Commendation from Admiral Hewitt. When I took the Navy Officer's Oath I pledged my heart to every word of it — and of course I still do. I am under the impression that the most formidable enemy of these United States, and of Western Culture, is Marxist-Communism. American taxpayers have spent billions of Federal Reserve Notes fighting a prolonged "cold war" with the Soviet Union, and we've spilled buckets of blood fighting "no-win wars" against Marxists in almost every part of the globe.”

“Yet, within our own gates, protected by the very Constitution they seek to destroy, Marxists have been permitted to capture the machinery of our government. No doubt a conspiracy exists to create One World Marxist Government at the sacrifice of America's sovereignty. Just as certain, One World ideologists of all stripes are financed by the International Banking Cabal, in which the Federal Reserve System (FED) plays a major role.”

“It is no secret that U.S. Bankers financed Soviet military build-up. That, during the "police operation" in Viet Nam, Soviet truck production doubled resultant of U.S. financing and technological assistance. Those trucks were delivered to North Vietnam aboard ships, on the Haiphong run, built by America and our allies.”

“Why are dominant men in positions of great power in America willing to sacrifice America's treasure and lives to advance the spread of Marxism throughout the world?”

“One reason was given by Reinhold Niebuhr: ".... Marxism is the modern fulfillment of Jewish prophecy." ”

Von Brunn tells of the thoughts that went through his mind just before he entered the Federal Reserve building in 1981.

“I hoped to reveal to the American people certain facts regarding the World Marxist Conspiracy that are suppressed by the mass-media. I attempted to place the FED Board of Governors under legal, non-violent, citizen's arrest — supported by D.C. statutes, and by Misprision of Felony statute under U.S. Treason and Sedition Law. I charge the FED with Treason, operation of a Fraudulent Enterprise, and un-Constitutional Private Corporate Operations. I intended to hold the Board prisoners in the Board Room, demand that their fellow conspirators at CBS provide national TV-hookup; then, over TV to figuratively hand over the felons to the American people with an explanation of my charges against the FED. I then intended to hand over the prisoners, unharmed, to the President of the United States. I expected to stand trial in a U.S. Federal District Court, and prove the FED's culpability to a jury of my peers. I expected the jury to find the FED guilty and my citizens arrest of the felons upheld by statute. Thus, We the People would issue a mandate to the Congress of the United States to bring proceeding against the FED, a privately held corporation, under Federal Tort Law.”

“My trial revealed most importantly that JEWS run America's courts. I hadn't known that. It revealed also the despicable behavior of professional right-wing patriots. Liberty Lobby/Carto/Dall, were advised by Gen. Del Valle of my actions. I notified George Dietz, and Wilmot Robertson (Dispossessed Majority), I visited Eustace Mullins at his home, met vis-à-vis with Bill Pierce (NA), twice, in his Arlington, Va. office. All that I asked of them was to attend my trial, take notes, and report the events. No one showed up. No one reported in their journals the arguments, the testimony, and the conduct of the trial. I had prepared a slide show exposing important aspects of FED unconstitutionality and its blatant treason. There is NO DOUBT that the FED is an instrument of coercion, and theft, used to carry forth JEW aspirations for One World Government: the Kabala behind all 20th century wars. It intends to destroy Western Civilization. Indeed, it has.”

(For a fuller version of Von Brunn’s remarks, see

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