The moral treason of David Icke

Broadcasters Rense, Jones promote the lie that there are honest Jews

13th January 1022

Are we going to let our world be destroyed so as not to offend a tiny number of people who accuse us of anti-Semitism to cover up the crimes they are committing against us? — Count Cherep-Spirodovich, The Hidden Hand, 1925 (paraphrased)

It is a moral crime against all humanity to defend Jews, Judaism or Jewishness in any way, because the Jewish religion commands its followers to kill or enslave all the non Jewish inhabitants of the world, according to its holy book, the Talmud. It also mandates its adherents MUST lie to non Jews or suffer penalties from its rabbis.

There ARE no honest Jews. The Jewish religion FORBIDS Jews from being honest with non Jews! Hundreds of quotes reinforcing this philosophy in the Jewish psyche can be cited from the nasty books at the heart of the Jewish religion, the Talmud and the Torah. And ample evidence of this practice can be seen no matter which way we turn.

There ARE no honest Jews. Just look at the culture we have. Look at the mass death accelerating all around us.

Those microscopic number of recovering Jews who have developed the concept of conscience, chosen to become human beings and expose their deadly heritage can be counted on virtually one hand � Benjamin Freedman, Jack Bernstein, and more recently our beloved Brother Nathanael Kapner, who is ostentatiously trying to warn us about the nihilistic Judaic madness that is sucking the world into its poison sewer � are just a few of the not very many more Jews who have seen the light, and decided to be decent neighbors rather than the rabbis� killer robots.

Of Jews who appear to have crossed the line into some kind of actual human form, most of those, sad to say, are stealthily posing to gain some advantage or awaiting an opportunity to commit sabotage on any project that opposes the savage sadism of the Israeli monster, which flaunts its pathological pride in the way it kills people and laughs about it.

On today�s television channels, all the characters are venal and solitary, each willing to betray the other in order to succeed in this society the Jews have created for us on the screen. Today�s people are just like the people you see on television, and that�s not good, because they�re not real � and neither are we.

As an increasingly edgy earth population edges toward what appears to be the portentous year of 2012 AD, confusion and deception reign supreme, perhaps the way it has always been in a deteriorating world that tried to support itself on the basis of graft and corruption, which was a very dishonest thing to do to all those other people who only wanted to live and love honestly but are now lying in the dust, collateral damage in some bogus war or medical experiment.

All of this, you are beginning to realize, has been scripted for us by very rich Jewish men, who always include a few goyim in the mix to make them look demographically acceptable. The reason they have succeeded is that they absolutely have no scruples, yet have created a system that appears to be run by people with scruples � and suddenly you see that their demoralization philosophy has succeeded, and we have no place to turn but to the rabbi with the pills and the guillotine.

Welcome to the French Revolution, people. It�s here, but you haven�t realized it yet. Get used to being thin. It�s a Jewish production.

The brilliant British performer David Icke recently lied to his millions of followers by speaking at length about the difference between the good Jews and those nasty Zionists who are taking advantage of everyone including the good Jews.

What a disingenuous crock of entertainment excrement! This is the same thing that Alex Jones and Jeff Rense do, interviewing these Jewish commentators (most of them pretending to be goyim of one exoteric religious creed or another) and spinning their role into champions of candor and antigovernment paranoia, while at the same time producing no lesson of lasting value that helps us fight the creeping tyranny that is strangling us.

There are no good Jews. Except for extraordinarily infrequent exceptions, there ARE no good Jews. They take a vow every year never to tell the truth. They believe other people are animals, and that Jews can steal other people�s property with no penalty (as long as they don�t get caught by a gullible goy lawman).

Judaism is a cynical criminal syndicate, not a religion. Any society that pretends Judaism is a legitimate religion soon develops the pallor of death as a nation, and shortly thereafter disintegrates, sometimes by revolution, sometimes by disease, often by starvation. All of these are on the immediate agenda of the United States of America at the beginning of the fateful year of 2011.

Back only a few years ago, I always wanted to meet David Icke, embrace him, and say to him, �David, if everyone in the world was just like you, what a wonderful world this would be!� But I would not say that now.

David Icke knows better than to say Zionists are the problem and not the Jews. He�s a brilliant historian who has lost the thread of his mission in the numbers of the game he�s playing. Icke needs to apologize to all the gullible goyim he has misled with his pronouncement that the name we should pin on our elusive enemy is �Rothschild Zionism.�

They�re Jews, David, and by mincing your words, you are pandering to them, and as a result, abetting them in their constant and neverending criminal activity.

But there�s no hope for Rense and Jones, who are dependent on Jewish money for their survival. They are hopelessly compromised and infested with deep cover Jewish deceivers. You expect them to constantly fawn over those good Jews, and they do.

Too bad there is proof positive that good Jews don�t exist, and any assertion that they do is a moral crime against humanity.

You want to prove it to yourself?

Name me a good Jew, preferably living. No matter who you name, he or she believes in the Holocaust, that Arabs did 9/11, that Hitler killed 6 million Jews, that Israel is a legitimate country. These are all Jewish lies, which Jews will defend to their dying day, even though they are lies and most Jews know they�re lies. Jewish media has done such a thorough job propagating these lies that most goyim believe them, too. The real story � no gassings, Jews complicit in the imprisonment of Jews � is one you really need to learn. Otherwise, you will remain susceptible to this Jewish mindlock that stands reality on its head, worships the deformed and the dark, and treats us like expendable puppets, when we are really, when you stop and think about it, a whole lot more than that.

That�s why Jews make such bad neighbors, because we�re only just animals. But David Icke thinks that�s OK, as long as they�re �good Jews.� Just ask the Lebanese, or anybody else in the Middle East. In fact, travel industry polls show Israelis to be the most hated people in the world.

Joe Lieberman. Alan Dershowitz. Abe Foxman. These are the Jews the world knows. Nothing they say can be believed.

It�s really easy to catch a Jew in a lie. All you really need to do is ask, �So, there, Gilad, what do you think about Israel?� and listen to the fiction he will spin. It will sound a lot like what you hear on TV. I expected more from David Icke, but, alas, did not get it. Perhaps his decision was based on the fact that his audience is substantially Jewish, and revels in cynical amusement at Icke�s entertaining tales of reptiles instead of rabbis.

It is now and forever agreed upon by all the peoples of the world that any person or group that insists it is better that everyone else is in fact the very group of subhuman beasts that it alleges everyone else to be. All in favor say �Aye!� Opposed? The �Ayes� have it, by an extremely large majority.

This is the very power we need to invoke and mobilize to throw off this tyranny busily eradicating all natural life on this planet. But David Icke won�t be with us. He�ll be dazzling all those good Jews with his intriguing expertise.

Jews control everything in this society; and if you don�t know that, then you�re actually working for them, too, whether you realize it or not.

Honest Jews? Name one. I�ll reveal him as a liar with just a few questions. Then you must forgive me as I laugh briefly at the breathtaking stupidity of your na�vete, and then get very sad knowing that you have neither the tools nor the will to investigate the probable cause of your own upcoming death.

Ask yourself this question, David Icke. How could anyone be a good anything who came out of a system that is rotten to the core?

P.S.: To all those good Jews out there, I have this piece of advice: make yourself known as soon as possible, denounce Judaism as the terrific evil it is, and rejoin the human race, which has always wanted you back. Already people don�t believe anything you say. So do it soon so you don�t get swept away with the rest of those criminals when the big light hits.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida preaching the message that no problem in the world can be authentically addressed without first analyzing tangents caused by Jewish perfidy, which has subverted and diminished every aspect of human endeavor throughout history. Support for his work is wholly derived from people who can understand what he�s saying and know what it means.

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