Kaminski: Study group forming

Study group forming
The fall semester at Skylax University


. . . private individuals, without any responsibility before the American nation, were able to get control of the nation’s money, forcing the people to pay . . . taxes for the sole benefit of this hidden power, the usurocracy. After Lincoln’s death the real power in the United States passed from the hands of the official government into those of the Rothschilds and others of their evil combine. The democratic system perished. From that time on it has been useless to speak of the United States as an autonomous entity.
  —   Ezra Pound

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, and especially you crones and codgers. Welcome to Skylax University.

Our first course for the fall semester is titled “The Nameless War”
— you can get your copy here

Chapter 1 only! (Caution: Although only 96 pages, reading this book in one sitting has been known to cause nausea lasting days, if not years.)

Our instructor will be Captain Ramsey, former member of Parliament and a significant but forgotten martyr to liberty who was put in jail for telling the truth.

Topics to be covered include:

• All the major revolutions in Europe — from the writing of the King James Bible to the start of World War II — have had one source of inspiration, design and supply common to all of them, and are integral parts of one and the same master plan.

• How a Portuguese Jew named Fernandez Carvajal used Oliver Cromwell, the George Bush of his time, to kill the rightful king and buy the British crown in 1654.

• The religious reformer John Calvin was really a Jew named Cohen. The way your instructor, Captain Ramsey, describes it, “the British senate had been transformed into a company of Hebrew rabbis.”

• A tale of two traitors, both named Churchill. (course syllabus continues below ... )

Required course textbook: The Nameless War, conveniently attached to this e-mail as a PDF file. The book is free, tuition is free, but the condition of Skylax University is precarious in the extreme.

Course objective: To promote discussion of the details of this book in as wide a circle as possible. Start your own study group. No franchise fee! Be the first to capture your neighborhood with actual consciousness. What is it worth to you to have this information? To correct the problems of the world today, this is probably the best book ever written.

I know times are hard. The bottom is falling out of everything. And most of the people I know are in the same leaky boat as me. I live in a badly deteriorating 1962 mobile home and drive a 19 year old car that was steered my way by angels, as was the computer I type this on. I am protected by angels and I need them now.

They just cut my Social Security to pay off my unpaid VA bill, which is fair, since I hadn’t paid it. Down to $700 a month. My part-time job gives another $200 per week. I just learned I need $5500 false teeth, and I have $78 in the bank. Ah, the 60s. What a trip. I have incipient emphysema, two sprung sacroiliacs, two long ago busted credit cards, a stent (my 9/11 scar) ... it’s a long list. I know you have your own list. Thanks for letting me cry on your shoulder.

I’ve been spewing out these pieces lately, after a year of reflective silence, because I feel I only have a few days left, and I want to get the best stuff out as fast as possible. How that might translate as a general statement about your condition and the condition of the world is up to you. To say the signs are extremely ominous is a rank understatement. I guess it’s cosmically true that toothaches can really focus one’s concentration. But it can’t last this way for much longer. I can’t afford even to have them pulled.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated by directing it to:

250 N. McCall Rd. #2, Englewood FL 34223 USA.

We’ll keep the school open as long as we can, but the important thing is that you read this book, and begin to act upon what you learn. The great thing about this book is that if you read it and understand it, you will never be deceived again.

In any case, I’m gonna just keep firin’ until the gun don’t fire no mo’.

This is the way to a clean future, instead of the very dirty one they have planned for us.

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