The path

Boston 1984


Don’t you love those moments when you walk around the corner of a solid skyscraper and almost smash into a mirrored image of yourself?

It was February. I had just popped out of the Boston Public Library after a bout of druid hunting in its elegant lamplit reading room and caught an icy gale whipping around the sharp edge of the giant mirror known as the John Hancock Tower, seventy some stories tall.

Look closely in your own frosty eyes, John. Forget the snow and snot in your mustache. Peer. Penetrate. Reverse direction as hard as you can.

Track your life backwards as far as you can. Castaneda called it recapitulation. You can call it anything. How you got here is exactly where you’re going.

The path you must take is your life tracked backwards.

The path we must take to save the world from ourselves is exactly where we have been and what we have done as providing a clear answer as to what we will do and what we must do. The information is available, both in a public way and a personal way, and in an even more important way, they are both the same.

This is the direction the coming exponential expansion of consciousness must take, and is not likely to, given the omnidirectional barrage of consumer-poisoning propaganda that has turned everyone into programmable buybots.

We don’t even know who we really are because we’ve been shaped by these warped belief systems that approve preaching of love with one hand and stealing your wallet with the other. All these people are essentially crooks, doubledealing mythological bullshit for profit.

The killing of each other can be fixed as long as we can love each other, making the whole healthy understanding of love of paramount importance to our continued survival. A healthy love, not what is sold for putrid pittances on the Jewish networks. Love is hard work, not titillation.

Return to the mirror, John. In reverse motion, in you might say reverse English, the point you suddenly — epiphanically — reach becomes both the thorough explanation of the path you have taken and the certain predictor of the path you are about to follow.

In other words, you are your own answer. Puzzles long unsolved suddenly come clear. We have paid a heavy price for palliating our fear of death with phony stories.

The way out is the way in. Who you have been is precisely what you will be.

Be useful. And thoughtful.

Liberation is at hand. Spin sideways and see both ends of the rainbow of yourself, from the start to where you are right now. May you be as thankful for the gifts as I have been. In gratitude is power; do not misuse it.

You are ready to cross the rainbow bridge and who should be on the other but who you always wanted to be? We’re going to save ourselves and the world, you and me.

Pass this around and take credit for it yourself. It turns out you knew it all along.

What Jesus (who was really a druid) really said:

Forgive them not, for they know what they do.

. . . private individuals, without any responsibility before the American nation, were able to get control of the nation’s money, forcing the people to pay . . . taxes for the sole benefit of this hidden power, the usurocracy. After Lincoln’s death the real power in the United States passed from the hands of the official government into those of the Rothschilds and others of their evil combine. The democratic system perished. From that time on it has been useless to speak of the United States as an autonomous entity.   — Ezra Pound

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