The revolution will be won in a single day


8th December 2009

The final revolution for human freedom will be won in a single day, not by bombs, famine, mass poisonings, or electronic vaporization, but by a few well chosen phrases uttered in exactly the right time and place, which will turn on a light that will illuminate the darkness of a beast that has afflicted us for more centuries than we can sensibly count.

It WILL occur in a single day, because the serpentine network of the beast engulfs the entire planet with its self-destructive blackmail avarice, and everyone everywhere will simultaneously realize that it is not the philosophy of profit that has turned our planet into a diseased cinder, but rather the policies of a certain collection of megalomaniacal fools who control every last dollar in the world, or damn near. It is they who are directly responsible for all this senseless mayhem and needless destruction, and it is us sheeple who are secondarily responsible for tolerating their evil mind control methods all these years.

We proles are only numbers in the ledger book of some rich Jewish crook tied into a worldwide network of shysters who strive to make us all half-dead zombies bound up in complex payment plans with no say in our fate.

All it will take to free us from this bizarre bonded indebtedness is to understand what Jews have done to the world over time, and how they are currently well advanced in their objective to either kill or enslave all the non-Jews of the world, thus fulfilling the commands of their secretive “holy book,” the Talmud — which is a psychological atrocity that has resulted in THEIR control over ALL the systems that control US.

Not to realize this is to guarantee your future as a mind-controlled slave, and quite likely, your impending and unnatural death.

What Jews have done to the world . . . what exactly have they done?

1. Social engineering of reality through editing of history.

From earliest times, the core criminals who later became known as Jews had the natural advantage of being itinerant merchants (caravansers), and their knowledge of multiple cultures imbued in them an experiential advantage over sedentary populations confined to one small town or country, who were, you might say, sitting ducks.

I’m genuinely sorry to tell many of you that the template for deception that has been followed all these years was the creation of Christianity in 325 AD, which taught everybody to turn the other cheek when the Hidden Hand reached into their pockets. It taught people to conceptualize their safety based upon a promise that could never be redeemed except in the manipulated imagination of the believer.

Belief in something that could not possibly be true is the same mental mechanism needed to believe that our current system of banking is an honest business.

The similarity of proposition, authority and trappings leads us to believe that somehow religion and banking are cut from the same cloth. The logic it takes to believe in some great god guiding all from above is the identical leap of faith it takes to borrow money at compound interest. Trust us on this one, they say. And because of the way we are built — fearful and finite organisms — we do.

The great sci-fi visionary H.G. Wells authored the thought that mankind’s mental and moral progress stopped in the 1770s. The name most associated with this sudden surcease in evolution would be Rothschild.

Control of money led to control of everything else, and the bastardization of every discipline known to man for the benefit of the host parasitic group, Mongol invaders known as Ashkenazi who deliberately chose to ally themselves with the worst of all possible brigands, the Sephardics, who together, shrewdly and patiently, plundered all the sitting ducks in the world.

Control of the media made possible all their scams. It is Rule 1.

David Rockefeller famously said it best:

“We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the light of publicity during those years. But now the world is more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supra-national sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries.”

Having the most money gave them the upper hand in business, and they in perpetuity captured all the valuable industries in the world: Rockefeller’s oil, Morgan’s railroads, Marx’s politics, Sassoon’s drugs to China, Monsanto’s slaves, Lehman’s carpetbagging, Freud’s psychology, Meyer’s Hollywood, Einstein’s physics, Irving Berlin’s music monopoly, Warburg’s Federal Reserve scam, Oppenheimer’s Jewish hell bomb, Betty Friedan’s housewives, Abbie Hoffman’s hippies, Bronfman’s booze, Henry Kissinger’s assassinations, Norman Lear’s sitcoms, Bill Gates’s computers . . . and so on.

Perhaps the Jews’ most heinous crimes are in the area of medicine. One cannot but remember that old Ottoman Empire proscription against Jews practicing medicine because it says in the Talmud that Jews should become doctors to enable them to kill goyim in a wider variety of ways. Can you say cancer treatment? Mercury fillings? Fluoride? Thimerosal? Squalene? Depleted uranium? Lead poisoning did Rome in. Chicago babies, too. The mad cow is due to come home soon.

John D. Rockefeller first sold oil as a medicinal elixir before he found out it could really burn. Jonas Salk was given a Nobel Prize for a vaccine that gave everyone polio, a fake disease that was really industrial lead poisoning which bought-off medical scientists concealed with fancy rhetoric.

Then there are more recent elixirs: Gardasil, which has already destroyed future generations of Americans; Prozac, the fast track to zombieland; Morgellon’s disease, they say, comes from the chemtrails and puts little wriggly nanobots twitching through your deteriorating veins. Count on these all being Jewish inventions. If conventionally trained, count on your doctor prescribing things that will kill you.

2. The Jews’ harvest

Have you lost a loved one in a war? Cindy Sheehan did, and after years of crying in public, she choked on the American flag. The newspapers regarded her as an abnormal crank — imagine that, a mother whose son was murdered for no honest reason, being called abnormal, when all she was trying to do was to point out the lie each and every one of us reading this has let rip the soul right out of all our hearts, as we cringe with uncertain confusion in this ugly soup of manufactured realities.

The famous Berlin professor Werner Zombart uttered the immortal truism: “Wars are the Jews’ harvest.”

Most notable in our worldwide indictment of Jewish crimes against humanity are the needless deaths caused by covert usurpation of, at this point, virtually every government in the world. The best place to see this in all its historical vividity is in Capt. Ramsay’s “The Nameless War,” on my website and also for years, I have recently learned, on the quality websites of Daryl Bradford Smith and Jackie Patru

In Ramsay you see in one glance the Jewish penetration of England (Cromwell), France (Rothschild’s renegade puppet Napoleon), Russia (New York Jews who changed their names and became the Politburo), Germany (Nuremberg verdicts were a hoax, just like the lynching of Saddam Hussein), and lastly, and most thoroughly, the United States (Roosevelt and his right hand man Nelson Rockefeller).

Talking about wars, we’re talking about the Federal Reserve, the very shadow government that has bilked us out of our hard earned money for more than a century while protected by the well-coached puppets who pose as presidents whom the bankers themselves have chosen to lead us. And how have they accomplished this?

By taking subversive control of all our media — from schools to movies to TV to computer options — every possible avenue of human endeavor is saturated by this pornographizing influence that is decidedly Jewish. The distinguishing feature of all successful Hollywood actors is that the finest non-Jewish actors must be utterly debased in a depraved way before they get their Oscars.

As Bugsy Siegel’s Las Vegas Jewish architecture became the norm for development in the United States in the 1940s, so nihilistic dissatisfaction became the fashionable ethic toward the 1960s, and revolutionary activities sprung from U.S. college campuses, fueled by an array of CIA distributed drugs.

The Jewish destabilization template so successful in England, France, Russia, Germany and most of the other countries in the world has, at this point, AD 2009, just about rattled the entire world into crumbling pieces by making money the centerpiece of everyone’s focus, causing all other areas of human thought to become polluted and diminished by greed.

The poet Robert Lowell once wrote that nothing good could ever be written if it was written for money. And yet today, practically everything is written for that very purpose, which is an instructive insight into the reason for the consistently poor quality of contemporary communication.

The important thing to know is the death toll caused by the Bolshevik Revolution, which in Stalin’s later days was controlled by Nelson Rockefeller, who was also Franklin Roosevelt’s top adviser. Sixty-six million non-Jews were killed by a Soviet state funded by New York Jewish bankers. That is important American history for you.

Jewish TV took apart Sen. Joseph McCarthy when the Wisconsin senator, fueled by Eustace Mullins’ research which had been commissioned by the imprisoned poet Ezra Pound, named Communists bent on subverting the Constitution.

Both Mullins and Pound, however, failed to fully perceive the power of the Jewish moneymedia monster. Though Pound was imprisoned for 13 years and Mullins’ books were burned in Germany, the great mistake everyone made was not realizing that the word Communist was an exact synonym for Jewish. And while we were involved in all these Whitewater-type brouhahas, they created the state of Israel.

But we didn’t hear it. We couldn’t. The white noise media blare was simply too powerful. Destabilization trends proffered by Kerouac and the pervert poet Ginsberg lured adolescents into Jewish-manipulated nihilism. The highest image it seems the Jews want to cultivate is to call pissing on a crucifix an art form. That seems to be the bellwether image they wish to imbue on the mind of the goy.

Frankly, I consider that repugnant act as the highest expression of their so-called religion, Judaism, and I sorely wish the world would wake up and see what it really means. It really means that they’re pissing on themselves, and don’t realize it.

But they’re definitely pissing on us, and we must stop them — now!

3. Provable pathology

Every crime is committed by someone who did not receive love at the proper time and place. We all need to stop being whores and zealots for one philosophy or another and realize we are all in this together, except for that one group of congenital onanists who urinate on crucifixes.

That’s like pissing on hope. It’s a form of nihilism guaranteed to destroy the practititioner of it, and all around him. This is precisely what is infecting our world.

The core philosophy espousing this is the Talmud (and also by extension, The Old Testament). What ill-begotten god could have uttered that it was OK to kill others, rape their women, and take their property because they were acting in his holy name. What kind of twisted adolescent sociopathic bullshit is that?

The words of a psychopath, is what. The god of the Old Testament, for now and forevermore, is mentally ill, and the Talmud is the diabolically perfect illustration of how that perverted pathology will destroy us, if we let it.

It’s not OK to say you’re better than everyone else because your G-d says so. That is known as deviant behavior, as defined by Jewish psychiatric authorities. It is a superiority complex, born out of fear and lack of love.

The basic mistake of monotheistic religions is that you can’t get love by force, and that’s what they’ve done, by coercion and social engineering. The Jews just twisted it to inculcate into the minds of the feckless bovines that the actual Messiah was Israel, the Jewish people, the outlaw caravansers, the bandits from across the river.

Jews worship thieves. And this is what we have let our world become.

Are you a thief? Do you go along to get along?

Do you temper your remarks with politically correct (but tantalizing) rhetoric to let your listener know what you mean, but not the whole world around you? On TV, they say that’s what freedom is. Do you believe them?

The revolution will be won in a single day because the world will finally wake up and see that doing the right thing is far more important to our survival than doing the profitable thing.

Any religion that can’t admit it has profaned the true nature of God over time is not worthy of being called His emissary, for in our imperfect natures, misunderstanding the grander design is inevitable until we finally understand, stop worrying, and get on with the work of life.

One thing’s for certain: when everybody finds out what the Jews have done to the world, the world will treat the Jews far more kindly than the Jews have treated the world, and in this way, with severe protections, they will lovingly be allowed to rejoin the human race and share in its glorious future.

It’s always wrong to shatter the beliefs of people who believe the best thing in life is love. Let them alone; they’ve worked it out; they’ll be OK.

The reason the guy wrote “Thou Shalt Not Steal” is because what really matters in this life is how much your neighbor likes and respects you. Without him, you’re nothing.

This is how the revolution will be won in a single day. For many of you, that day is today, and one day soon, everyone will realize it, all at once.

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