The root of all evil

The deceptive smokescreen of Jewish pseudonyms

6th July 2010


. . . the real source of the rapid decay of all relatively recent civilizations and so-called empires of the last 5000 years, whose establishment was so often due to the behind the scenes activities of bankers as agents for what was necessarily an internationally spread network of bullion interests, was the complete dearth in the later days of such civilizations or empires, of clean and noble men in places of control and power . . . — David Astle, The Babylonian Woe, p. 200

The tireless depleted uranium activist Leuren Moret first confirmed my suspicions of this. But it was the late David Astle, in his seminal work �The Babylonian Woe� (1975), who identified it with irrefutable clarity.

The problems of tyranny, manipulation and oppression we face today are the same problems that have afflicted every civilization and every empire since the very beginnings of civilization as far back as we can track it. In every instance, these tragedies are all the spawn of the same secret and corrupt principles.

Talking about the ancient kings who ruled Mycenaean (very ancient Greek) civilization before 1000 BC, Astle wrote (pp. 32-34):

�He who was literally the Son of God on Earth (the king) . . . was beholden to none other than the people below who he served from his place as the apex of the pyramid of life itself, and to the will of the one above who appointed him to serve. The peasant king of Mycenae or Troy or wherever it might be, for all his seeming rock-like strength, and a certain god-like-ness in character of the kingship he bore . . . necessarily existed as (an) instrument of those who manipulated gold or silver supplies internationally, and at the same time the slave market . . .

�(These were) men of a class who, in their control of prices which they so clearly exercised, were able to control prosperity in all those seemingly powerful states that had accepted the international valuation of silver as the factor determining internal or national values . . .

�They may have been, as it seems they are today, a close knit conspiratorial group threaded through the priest and scholar class of these cities and lands; though (they were) not themselves of this (same) origin.

�The answer may be found to lie in the existence in very ancient Sumer of a privileged class, who, having access to the �credit� of the temple, thus were able to control the masters of the great donkey caravans who carried such �credit� (or will of the god of the city) from one place of business to another; incising records on their tablets of loans of such credit made to enable purchases, or interest overdue, or repaying of such loans as had been made on previous trips.

�These persons, who may be considered to derive from the hereditary caravaneers and who must have functioned as bullion broker and banker, would have been fully clear on the subject of silver and its function in settlement of foreign trade balances and its use as a standard on which to base money accounting.

�In the latter days of the city states of Sumer, it is reasonably clear that during certain periods of decay, a . . . corrupted priesthood might delegate to these persons, not only matters of trade, but also those decisions relative to foreign states so essential to the continuance of the might and right of the god of the city.

�The special international character of the outlook of these people, sprung as they undoubtedly were from the donkey caravaneers � born to be at home amongst all peoples, yet to always bear in mind the peculiar business of the caravan merchants, their trade and profit � may not have made (the same) decisions as . . . a true and dedicated god-servant (would have made). Thus it may very well be that we must look to the professional caravaneers, from whom descended the �Habiru� (footnote 16 below), for widespread dissemination of the knowledge of the possibilities offered to merchants by the development of the practices relating to private money creation . . .�

(Footnote 16: �In the words of Prof. F. W. Albright writing of the findings of his students of the caravan trade of the 20th and 19th centuries BC: �It became particularly obvious that the previously enigmatic occupational background of Abraham becomes intelligible only when we identify the terms Ibri, �Hebrew� . . . with �Apiru,� literally �person from across or beyond.�� (The Amarna Letters from Palestine, Cambridge Ancient History; Vol. II, p. 17.) In clearer terms, the legendary Abraham was a money lender.

Why is all this important to understand? you may rightly ask.

The reason is because every civilization ever created, and every war ever fought, has been manipulated into being by these principles, the evil and secret manipulation of private money creation, and the gullible people who imprudently put their trust in the false words of leaders secretly chosen by these very same money creators.

Now, I must say that I am just an ordinary guy who likes to read, but who understands (like most of the rest of you) very little about how money comes to be and how it operates in the real world. So I tripped over this avenue of investigation quite by accident.

It all started several years ago when I wrote a story titled �Jews don�t believe in freedom speech,� which made reference to the fact that a small group of rich Jews (they all happened to be Jews; I didn�t plan it that way!) seemed to own all the media outlets in the world, and as a consequence, limited the facts that people were able to learn.

As it happened, a popular Internet news gatherer named Jeff Rense, who had graciously offered to popularize my works through his substantial Internet empire, changed the title of this story to �Zionists don�t believe in freedom of speech.� I didn�t think much of it at the time; after all, it was his website, and he was modifying what I had written, I figured, simply to protect his advertising base, since many of his advertisers (and also his writing contributors) were Jews, and many of them presumably DID believe in freedom of speech, or so I thought at the time. As luck would have it, a number of other websites did publish the story with the title �Jews don�t believe in freedom of speech,� leaving Rense in the unenviable position of being exposed to the few readers who actually noticed this small difference as someone who was modifying what people were saying to protect certain Jewish interests, specifically his advertisers and contributors who all wanted to be known as defenders of freedom of speech, and not censors of it. (Subsequent events, not all of them connected to this issue, but all of them connected to Jewish issues, led to his excluding me as a contributor to his voluminous new package.) It was then I began to notice how many of the contributors to Rense were actually Jewish, although often their names (Maxwell, Gates, James, Livergood, Miller, Roberts, Steiger, Tarpley, etc.) did not readily reveal this lineage.

All of this led me to scrutinize the use of the word �Zionist� as a substitute for the word �Jew�, and after years of study, led me to realize that Jews use all sorts of pseudonyms � Communist, Bolshevik, anarchist, revolutionary, and even the word liberal � to distance themselves from any connection with the mostly negative reports that all seem to involve a significant Jewish connection, particularly in matters concerning Israel, finances, censorship, and manipulation of people�s minds.

Then it happened that a number of Jewish acquaintances � mostly on the Internet � kept telling me that it wasn�t Jews who were the problem, it was those damned Zionists, who, as I understood it then, were Jews and friends of the Jews who were big fans of Israel. At first I accepted that distinction. But as usual, I began to dig a little deeper, and discovered that the word Zionism was invented by a British prime minister � Britain�s first Jewish prime minister, in fact, a guy named Benjamin Disraeli � in the middle of the 19th century. Before that, the term Zionist didn�t exist.

And then I began to correlate these terms with the political events of the day, and did a little historical time study of the use of both words and their connection with significant political events. I did a little time/name study and discovered that all the major political events of these last 150 years or so were connected to either Jews or Zionists. These included 9/11, both World Wars, the creation of the Federal Reserve, and the American Civil Wars, among other tragic events.

It was right about then � thanks to reading hard-to-find writers such as Eustace Mullins, Archibald Ramsay and others � that these same kind of events actually went back before Disraeli invented the word Zionist. So that led me to believe that the term Zionist � like Communist � was actually a synonym for Jews, or to be precise, Judaism, and these same kind of world-shaking events, seemingly always precipitated by bankers and money, occurred at regular (if not continuous) intervals back through history as far as one could see. But I hadn�t mastered the particulars of these long ago events, so I was kind of shooting in the dark by saying Jews seemed to be involved in all the wars and great crimes of history. Since then, I have done my homework, and learned that Jews � or more precisely, a secret network of international moneylenders who at least in the present day are ALL Jewish � have been behind all the great tragedies of history, beginning with Joseph capturing all the money of Egypt and bringing plagues upon that beleaguered civilization, that Pericles, the supposed bringer of democracy to ancient Greece, was actually a pawn of the international bankers and helped destroy that society, and that even the ancient Roman republic was destroyed by warlords named Julius Caesar and Marc Antony, who were put in power by the international moneylenders.

It was then � as it is today � that I learned that nothing has really changed throughout history, and that the international moneylenders have controlled all the societies of the world down through the centuries, chosen the leaders who would do their bidding, and watched as those leaders betrayed their own people and destroyed their own countries (well, not always their own countries, since one of the primary distinguishing features of these tragedies always involved foreigners who infiltrated all these civilizations by pretending to be citizens of them), right down to the present moment when Barack Obama, born in Kenya, really works for a Jewish outfit named Goldman Sachs, and they are busily sabotaging and destroying my very own country, the US of A, which as most of you already know, is just about dead, certainly poisoned, and most definitely broke, due to the insincere and duplicitous machinations of . . . well, surely you must know by now, but just as happened in all these other countries and civilizations . . . the international moneylenders. The people who pretend to be law abiding citizens of all these countries, but really only have allegiance to one thing, money.

The guy who really put it all together for me was David Astle.

Earlier in The Babylonian Woe, Astle wrote (p. 7):

�Those merchants of whatever race they may have been, who voyaged to the cities of Sumeria from places as far distant as the great cities of the Indus Valley civilization known today as Mohenjo-Daro and Harrappa (as is clearly demonstrated by the Sumerian seals found at Mohenjo-Daro and the seals from Mohenjo-Daro found at Ur) and who were without a doubt one of the main sources of precious metal supply in Sumeria, came to realize that they could actually create that which functioned as money with but the record incised by the stylus on the clay tablet promising metal or money.

�Obviously, as a result of this discovery which depended on the confidence they were able to create in the mind of people of their integrity � provided they banded together with an absolute secrecy that excluded all other than their proven and chosen brethren, they could replace the god of the city himself as the giver of all.

� If so be they could institute a conception of a one god � THEIR god, a special god of the world, a god above all gods � then not merely the city � be it Ur or Kish or Lagash or Erek (the major Sumerian cities) � but the (whole) world itself could be theirs, and all that was in it . . .�

I ask you now, as the world is slowly being poisoned, principally by the oily Armageddon now taking place in the Gulf of Mexico, is this not the same formula by which American presidents and their Jewish moneylending controllers in New York and London are destroying every country on Earth?

And if you dare not answer �yes� to this loaded question, do you dare ask yourself why you will not recognize the obvious causes of the catastrophes that now confront you, when they are certain to lead your diseased lives down that same road that took all those other civilizations into the dusty rubble of ignominious oblivion that is now your certain destination as you read these very words?

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