Your Holocaust prescription is about to be filled

Expect utter devastation followed by carpetbaggers fleecing widows


Only now, as the Christian peoples totter on the verge of worldwide annihilation by the Jewish master scheme, can some indication of the nature of the enemy begin to be seen.
  —   Eustace Mullins, The Secret Holocaust

Did you know that the three most common Jewish surnames in the United States are Brooks, Davis and Miller? All the landscape names — Hills, Rivers, Fields — all the mineral names — gold, pearl, diamond — and many other ordinary British names like Edwards, not to mention Polish names like Kaminsky — all of them are now Jewish names. (The -ski, -sky distinction is not consistent across the spectrum, as the pathetic Vatican bashing writer Greg Szymanski is actually Jewish, and very much doing the work of the Jews. He’s pathetic because we’ve learned the Catholic church has been controlled by Jews since 787 AD and the Second Council of Nicaea.) It’s all about deception, eh? The Jews killed his Messiah and the Pope calls them “our elder brothers!” Hallelujah, can I get a witness?!

Given the true (that is, the suppressed) history of the so-called American republic, it should be no surprise that the government appears to be planning to use battle-hardened troops and roadblocks in order to get the sheeple to submit to their poisoned vaccinations.

We have all been duped by so many staged public events — principally 9/11, Oklahoma City and Waco — that the Jewish puppetmasters who run the world must feel — because we believed all those other phony explanations — that the American people are ready and willing to step up to the robotized medic who will administer your rapid and painful death with a syringe. We haven’t heard “do it for your country” yet, but I’m sure we will.

All our military men (except our four top generals, who are all Jewish) have already been poisoned by these same vaccinations, and the stage is set for the annihilation of America by the Jewish world financial octopus, aided by all those who all this time thought the Jews were nice people; “They’ve always been very good to me,” is what so many people always say.

The great Jew fighter Count Cherep-Spirodovich once asked: Do you sacrifice the lives of millions so as not to offend the pathetically miniscule percentage of Jews who aspire to be genuine human beings?

Get this straight. Anybody who uses the term Zionist is working for the Jews, unwittingly or not. The term ‘Zionist’ obscures the term ‘the Jews,’ achieving the same objective as all those other synonyms for Judaism — Communism, Zionism, anarchism, fascism, Shabbataean Frankism, the Illuminati; these are all false flag stratagems, meant to confuse the gullible goyim and conceal the Jews’ real identity. All the -isms are just various Jewish strategies for sabotage, and cannibalization of their targeted victim state.

Furthermore, the Protocols of Zion furnishes you with valid tools for survival, because it tells you in great detail exactly what they’re doing. The claim that the Protocols is a “forgery” is ludicrous in the extreme. It is The New York Times that is the Jewish forgery of reality, from Walter Duranty to Judith Miller, only lies to suit the powers that be, and, it turns out, destroy America. Check out the Protocols, right now, at

An intense forum on the subject of the Protocols of Zion is scheduled to begin online in early October, part of the Skylax University Outreach in La-La Land initiative to raise consciousness about the Jewish peril.

A roadmap of what is about to happen to all of us one day very soon is eerily foreshadowed by the account of predator Jews ravaging the defeated Confederacy during the American Civil War, written by the most incisive American patriot writer of all time, Eustace Mullins, in “The Secret Holocaust.”

The whole book, only 59 pages, which is available here, is essential to seeing the real news, the real history, that has been hidden from you by the ultimately totalitarian Jewish media.

See how the ancestors of today’s rich mass murderers acquired their fortunes in the first place:

“From New York, Jewish carpetbaggers, the Lehmans, the Baruchs, and other special emissaries of the Rothschilds, came to seize from the widows and orphans of the Confederate dead their last savings, their last possessions, and their devastated lands. The "Federal" power was absolute, for the military Reconstruction of the South was an occupation zone, and no democratic procedures were allowed the vanquished Southerners until they had been stripped of their last holdings. The impoverished survivors were forced to make a living by whatever pitiful means left to them.”

(The Lehman Brothers just absconded to Israel with $400 billion of Americans’ money; Bernard Baruch turned out to be the Henry Kissinger or Rahm Emanuel of World War II — actually, the reverse is true — and the Rothschilds still run everything from behind a screen of elite Jewish names — Bronfman, Gates, Spielberg, etc.)

“In Europe, too, the civilized nations were beset throughout the nineteenth century by successive wars and revolutions, which resulted in millions of Christian refugees. Modern history begins with the Congress of Vienna in 1815, when the Jews, unleashed from their ghettoes and bearing a tide of gold amassed by the Rothschilds through their instigation and financing of wars from 1775 to 1812, used their newly acquired wealth to subvert the established governments of Europe and to start them on their terrifying slide into oblivion.”

Eustace explains “the Jews are now delighting in mass murder as a compensation for the myth that they quietly went to their "deaths" in the notorious "Holocaust" fantasy without resisting their Nazi "killers".

“The idea that the heretofore "passive" Jews are, for the first time in their history, learning to kill, belies the entire recorded history of this plague. There are too many well-documented massacres in history in which the Jews tortured and murdered their victims with the greatest glee, gloating in such barbaric practices of tearing out the hearts of women and children and smearing the blood on their faces, while the Jewish women ripped out the writhing entrails of their dying victims, wrapped the steaming evidences of their victory around their waists, and began the traditional Jewish dance of the Hatikvah as the celebration of their triumph over their vanquished foes.”

Read the whole PDF file which is available here. It is the history they never told you about in school, and our lack of knowledge about it is the very thing that is about to cause the mass deaths of millions of people, because rich men think they know how to play God. That is the Talmudic philosophy in a nutshell.

“One of the most striking parts of (a) well known quotation from the Book of Esther, the only genuinely Jewish book of the Bible, and, for that reason, the only one in which God is not mentioned, is the revelation that the code word of the Jews to indicate their knowledge of the Jewish World Murder Plan, is their remembrance of their massacre of the innocents by their code phrase, "had a good day".

Since that massacre, Jews have always offered this recognition phrase to each other, in Yiddish or in whatever language of the particular nation which they planned to take over, by saying, "Have a good day", meaning, of course, "We're looking forward to more massacres of the women and children of the goyim, or the gentile cattle.”

Reading this book may help you understand what is happening to you a few months or years down the line when the Council of Chertoffian Rabbis decrees that you will be beheaded in accordance with Talmudic law (Congress actually adopted these statutes in 1993) for defaming the memory of the Talmud.

Check your collar and your deodorant. And your underwear.

Talking about this reminds me of the frequent conversation I had a couple of years ago with the great patriot writer J. B. Campbell, and precisely — what is a person to do when stopped by a cop on the highway?

Back then it was a worry about being on the government red list. Campbell was concerned that if one of us was pulled over for a broken taillight, and the cop said, “Let’s go down to the station for a background check,” it very likely could be — given what they’ve done down at Guantanamo and at Abu Ghraib — the very last time we’d ever see the light of day. And no, we’re not microbiologists; just people who try to see the truth and speak it.

So what do you do? Take the injection or shoot the cop? This is what your future has evolved into because you haven’t noticed how the Jews have slowly, assiduously, and now blatantly, taken control of the money, the media and the government, and as a result . . . your freedom is gone, and your life is in serious jeopardy.

What will you do when that universe-shattering moment comes?

Take the swine flu shot, go home, pop yourself a beer, take a valium, sit down on the couch . . . and DIE, muthaphuhkha!

This is your government speaking. We no longer need you. Only Jews and their slaves may remain.

Your Holocaust prescription is the swine flu shot. Say goodbye to everything you ever loved.

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