The Sixties

The songs we loved convinced us that our parents lied.

27th January 2011

�Friday morning at nine o�clock, she was far away.�
 — The Beatles, �She�s Leaving Home,� 1966

It took me thirty or forty years to realize that the time of my life that was the sweetest � that turbulent time of post adolescence when I told myself I�d learned all there was to know about life � was actually a vast social experiment aimed toward erasing all individuality in human beings.

Several questions that have lodged in my mind unanswered for many decades all converge on this point.

The social magnets of �style� and �coolness� draw children away from their parents somewhere around the age of puberty. What caused me to run away from home in the middle of my junior year in high school in 1961, though I hadn�t read them at the time, was already reflected in the works of Beatnik writers Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg, who offered moral anarchy to teenagers chafing under the hollow certainty of overly disciplined parents, parents conditioned to believing and teaching their children to follow the dictates of what their education authorities told them was best. All this information came from a variety of Jewish psychology propaganda such as the Frankfurt School and various Communist philosophers who were deliberately overemphasized by Jewish booksellers and reviewers.

Back then, no one ever suspected that the education authorities and the music producers were working for the same objective � the standardization of humans into optimal and controllable labor vehicles.

Thus, despite the best efforts of doctrinaire parents, children were sucked into the vortex of what was �cool�, a word that I now believe has devolved to �edgy.� As Edward Bernays proved in the 1920s with cigarettes and women, so it is that an effective advertising agency can morph what is essentially a neurotic disease into something to be desired for social distinction, an ego booster. And clearly, that�s the way our society has gone. It hasn�t been an accident. The toys that have been put in front of us have deceived us into abandoning the most sensible paths to our overall health, which is about as concise a description of the perennial Jewish business philosophy as you can get.

The legendary hippie scene in San Francisco may have been a CIA construct based on the Tavistock plan, but throughout the rest of the country as the hippie wave crashed over the boondocks in the subsequent years and decades (it didn�t hit Nashville until thirty years later), it was real, and for many people, the first time they really related to other people in their entire lives.

So when the hippie ethic was gradually crushed out during the �70s � it gave way to a new, media driven corporate coolness � the effect on those who genuinely tried to reorient their lives to love was all the worse, the fall from hope was so much higher. But then, that hope might have be an illusion innocently facilitated by hemp and LSD, which was rubbed out some few years later by the style shift in consumption to cocaine, which deadens rather than enlightens.

But these subsequent gradual social manipulations were all tectonic emotional echoes of the major social shocks of the 1960s � the Cuban missile crisis, the JFK assassination and its repetitions, the Vietnam destabilization program to expand drug addiction, and the Six-Day War. Oh yes, and we supposedly went to the moon, a debate which continues today, focusing on Stanley Kubrick and the apparent inability of the human body to survive in outer space.

All of these events and trends � as is the case throughout history � have a distinctly Jewish caste to them, aspects that upon the clarity that years provide reveal themselves, but which were not understood by most at the time they took place.

It took at least 30 years for many people to realize that the most significant event of the 1960s was probably the attack by Israel on an American ship in the Mediterranean in 1967, with the most shocking aspect of this shameful event being President Johnson�s recall of U.S. planes speeding to defend the USS Liberty, which was being destroyed in one of a long and continuing line of Jewish false flag attacks that continues with increasing regularity today. The attack on the Liberty was supreme and irrefutable proof that Jews completely controlled the United States in 1967.

But we danced right along to their alluring tune.

Communist philosophers like Angela Davis and Herbert Marcuse were all the rage on the turbulent college streets of Berkeley and Ann Arbor. Mark Rudd (Jewish), leader of the SDS (Students for a Democratic Society) radicals at Columbia University, later estimated that six out of ten protesters were covert government plants (a ratio which was to turn out to be much higher forty years later in now-moribund 9/11 skeptics movement).

There was a famous trial before a Jewish judge of a collection of hairy, dope smoking Jewish defendants known as the Chicago Seven. This was right after the infamous police riots at the Democratic National Convention, right after the city of Detroit was in flames, right after the assassinations of Martin Luther King (by an Army sniper) and Bobby Kennedy (by his bodyguard).

When I got out of the Navy in 1970, I styled myself after the hairy Jewish radical Abbie Hoffman (�Fuck the system�), notorious author of �Steal This Book� and �Steal This Urine Test.� I dreamed I�d be a famous radical like them someday. Never did I dream that exposing what they really did to the psyche of America as part of the Jewish conspiracy against civilization would be the ultimate focus of my radicalism (a conversion that didn�t happen until the 1990s).

When I finally realized that Jewish destabilization tactics had created and governed all of the startling social upheavals of the 1960s, I thought about my befuddled parents, who never really understood why I kept running away from home � but then, neither did I!

I only remember that I felt I had nowhere to turn, that nobody understood what I was saying (a condition that persists to this day), and that a creeping black nihilism that was happily anesthetized by drugs began to permeate my life. There was nowhere to turn, nobody providing reliable answers, and a solid wall of hypocrisy emanating from the official sources of society.

Think for a moment about the facets of the Jewish destabilization program in America in the 1960s.

� A cabal of homosexual Jewish women suddenly emerged in the Jewish media limelight and drove the housewives of America out of their homes in search of �women�s liberation.� This not only fattened the tax base by which Jews pay themselves for robbing us, but accelerated the disintegration of the American family system, and left men competing with women for the very purpose of their lives.

� In the minds of most Americans, it was clear that Big Business had killed President John F. Kennedy in 1963, but the Jewish spin machine gave us the �lone nut� theory, and the race to tighter security procedures was on. To this day, Americans have not figured out that of the U.S seven presidents all assassinated by �lone nuts,� Jews figure prominently in all of them. In fact, the reason for all those assassinations was always the same � control of the money supply.

Like the fallen dictators Saddam Hussein or Manuel Noriega, these presidents had gotten �too big for their britches� and thought they really were in control of things. So if they weren�t poisoned secretly, as Gen. Zachary Taylor was so long ago, they were gunned down in public by some previously anonymous �irate citizen.� Except in the case of Huey Long, who should have been president in 1936; he was gunned down in public by a Jewish doctor. Imagine that.

� All the great Jewish songwriters of the 1960s � from Bob Dylan to Carole King � championed a negativity about the country they lived in, which was still observed by the world at that time to be the greatest nation that had ever been created. Elton John was to come along later and sing �tear down the mission if you want to stay alive� and the �60s promise of love and peace had finally reached its polar opposite by the early �80s with its urge to abandon society, trust no one, and pile up the cash in any way you could get away with.

Thus time passes in the blink of an eye, and what we remember at the Elysian Fields of our youth now checks out as a staging ground for mindless tyranny, which, by the process of reductive modernization has turned all our hopes and dreams into new programs run by the federal government, as we stare absent-mindedly into the Big Eye that watches our dreams and turns them into salable products.

With all the great songs that have been written over time, no one ever wrote:

�Turn off this monster TV, I tell you, whose only purpose is to take you away from the ones you love . . .�

And then, in a dream, the radio comes on, scratchy on the roof of a New York tenement on a sweltering summer night. It�s the Beatles . . .

�You never give me your money, you only give me your funny paper, and in the middle of negotiations, you break down . . . boy, you�re gonna carry that weight for a long time.�

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida preaching the message that no problem in the world can be authentically addressed without first analyzing tangents caused by Jewish perfidy, which has subverted and diminished every aspect of human endeavor throughout history. Support for his work is wholly derived from people who can understand what he�s saying and know what it means.

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