The tsunami inside your mind

The big black wall of karma that cannot be outrun

14th March 2011

All our seeming wakings are the debris of evening waters. — Edward Dahlberg

Thirty feet high. Five hundred miles per hour. Eleven minutes warning, maximum.

The angry tide of black broth � spiked with shards of steel, whole buildings, buses and ships � erased the memories of a million dreams with one muscular surge that destroyed an entire nation, a bolt from the beyond that could never be described more accurately than "an act of God," but a dark god, not the one of light, maybe Thor's hammer, or Shiva's dance of death..

No intention here of underestimating the mournful pain of shellshocked Japanese as we sift through the remnants of our own understanding trying to make sense of how a tremor in the ocean ruined the lives of millions in a few agonizing minutes. The real terror for Americans began at that moment, the minute they heard forecasts that unprecedented radioactive fallout was headed this way, and that the New Madrid earthquake fault was going to blow this weekend, March 20, when the Sun, moon and Jupiter were all aligned to pull the Earth apart, and that what we are all watching on TV and YouTube is a chilling preview of what is about to happen to our American lives in an alarmingly short period of time..

The dark god metaphor lingers in our consciousness as the conspiracy stories parade past us on the Internet. .

With compelling data, seismographic evidence, and the sordid history of this not-so-secret program, the conspiracy hacks immediately homed in on HAARP, the sinister ionospheric heater in Alaska, blamed for other recent earthquakes..

Then, videos of threats by financial titans sent an icy feeling through the veins of Americans when it was alleged this earthquake was somehow payback for Japan not playing ball with the Rothschilds on recent financial matters. What would the rest of the world think if they learned the Americans did this on purpose? (And would it change what they think of America already!?).

Conspiracy talk shows focused on the solar angle, photographs showed explosions on the surface of the Sun just prior to the quake, now rated at 9.0, and these dovetailed nicely with both the recent Clif High report and all the little earthquakes besieging Arkansas that the Earth was being suddenly and dangerously animated by cosmic macroprocesses we do not completely fathom. .

But my own favorite conspiracy theory in this most tragic of times is still the Large Hadron Collider. Every time it goes on line, the conspiracy theorists allege, a major earthquake occurs. First Chile, now Japan. Perhaps you missed the story of scientists in Europe trying to understand the technics of a black hole, and risking the future of the Earth should they succeed in creating one and reducing the planet to a 3-centimeter wide ultra dense cinder.

Whichever satanic method is deemed to be the cause of this inestimable tragedy in Japan � comparable to the Thera volcano in 1500 BC or Krakatoa in 1883 AD � the important thing to remember is that all public disasters in our own time appear to have been manufactured by the power elite to send messages to the people and nations it wants to intimidate. This is always the purpose of these false flag operations, and in the last two decades, they have proliferated. From Bali to Mombasa, and passing through New York, London, Madrid, and Sana'a, the list is long..

The big events of history always have a subtext that it so evil that most people won't let themselves even think about it. Which is the exact reason why they keep happening..

Imagine your brain as a goldfish bowl, filled with water. Imagine this water is utterly polluted with not only the tragedies of the world, but of ever expanding threats to our own continued existences..

A recent report noted that everybody who lives on the Gulf of Mexico Coast � at least the northern part (I hastily add to assuage my own gnawing fear and persistent cough) � has been poisoned by the Corexit, and the long term medical diagnoses for those who remain is fearsome. Those next closest to the BP killzone are slowly moving away, or getting sick..

In the U.S. northeast, residents are under siege from neverending chemtrails and bronchial infections. The U.S. West Coast is trying to recover from an unusually cold and rainy summer, and the Midwestern section of the North American continent has been plagued by crop failures, constant tornadoes and a record number of earthquakes. Big cracks in the ground are turning up in Michigan, Pakistan, and elsewhere..

Inside our own homes, more and more of the foods we consume are being revealed as poisons by various consumer watchdog groups, a rebellious but respected doctor says 96 percent of the medicines doctors prescribe don't work, everything you hear on television is to promote the interests of the invisible power elite, and then you realize the cops work for them � not you � too, which is going to make it very dicey when you have to turn to them for help..

The talking heads come on TV and use fancy phrases to obscure the fact that your money is now worth half of what it used to be, while another department of the same company raises prices on everything � especially gasoline � at least once a week. On top of that, the puppets positioned to destroy our lives give trillions more of our future dollars to the same satanic bankers who caused all these problems to begin with, and more and more our lives begin to resemble those hapless buildings and buses and cars and people who were swept toward their instant oblivion by an unexpected black tide of karma that is about to engulf the whole world in a satanic symphony of environmental disasters..

When the banks close, the gas stations shut down and the ATMs don't work. Every neighborhood supermarket is emptied in eight hours. People start roaming the neighborhoods for food, and you are one of them. At this point, the real disaster � as yet uncontemplated � strikes..

Is that what's on your mind, Bunky?.

Suddenly the tsunami inside our heads looks very much like the tsunami outside. A sense of impending doom floods across the Internet of our minds looking very much like those astonishing videos of the apocalypse at Sendai...

Nobody and no thing ever outruns Father Time. We humans always postpone recognizing that until it's too late to do anything else. If the universe is sending us a message at this time, it is that nothing you can say and nothing you can do can alter your appointment with the black wall of night speeding toward you..

This is where atheists really get in trouble. Articulate though they may be, they are still missing the answer that gives real comfort to so many in the very worst of times..

I always yearned to write a story that shows how focusing on a benign afterlife has actually diminished the quality of life on this Earth, by taking reality and locking it into a dream, and not paying attention to the things that really needed to be solved, not milked for individual profit. But when the big wall of water is running you down from behind, I guarantee you have no other choice. Ultimately you will choose to rescue yourself in whatever way you can, with certain knowledge you will be forgiven for whichever way you choose..

But pushing all that aside for the moment and focusing on political programs that may have precipitated the crisis in Japan, or the poisoning of the Gulf, or the needless wars etc. etc. . . . the hypocrisy of our belief systems have manifested in reality and corruption is destroying everything in real time. And we watch, pretending we didn't know what hit us, when we really did know, all this time, but judged it was too dangerous to say anything, because that would jeopardize the meager possessions we had already accumulated..

But don't let me lay all this Catholic guilt on you. The most annoying fact of all in this apparent end of the world scenario is that human karma had nothing to do with the disasters and their lies we are now observing. It's all about the Sun and pressure from the planets that is treating the Earth like a stupid commuter in a bad rainstorm, blowing him this way and that, and maybe throwing his back out of whack in the process..

Translated to the macrocosmic level, that becomes uncountable lives lost and civilizations destroyed as the Earth adjusts itself to the apparently new conditions it encounters as it voyages through the universe with its solar system siblings..

These tribulations of human societies caught in the uncaring vise of galactic events is in no way attributable to guilt-ridden human karma, which is really only the hubris of a species that only pretends to know what is going on. No, there's no connection at all, cosmic forces acting out their script on the plane of time, in which humans are just so many ants in the diorama of a minor planet..

Taking the opposite tack, if our karma is somehow connected to the titanic twitching of the ground we walk upon, then judging by the result, it might be just as well � for all and everything involved � that we are out of here, permanently, judging by the sorry record of our achievements and our sick attitude toward life. If this were the valid path of meaning in the Japanese apocalypse � that human karma and the secrecy of rich men were responsible for this tragedy, then the only way out of this would be for every single person on Earth to tell the truth about absolutely everything, but that appears to be the one thing human beings cannot do, and I don't expect to see that in the TV listings anytime soon..

Whichever motive it is � cosmic forces oblivious to the whims of humans, or an evil so great most of us can't even conceive of it � you can probably find me scanning YouTube videos or Internet archives for the rest of my life, trying to gather the information to decide which one it really was, and what exactly happened..

For the dead and grieving in Japan, and the living and worried throughout the world, this excerpt from "Dreaming the End of the World: Apocalypse as a Rite of Passage," by Michael Ortiz Hill (Spring Publications, Dallas, 1994, p. 199), a collection and analysis of apocalyptic dreams in psychoanalytic practice, which is one of the dreams recorded and transcribed..

"Selfless action".

"I play the 'Christ,' the servant to others, trying to help them weave together provisional meanings even as things unravel. I am profoundly aware that when I die, I will be there in the children, but first I must get them to a green place, a new land, let them rest and heal, and learn to play again. I looked up and said, "Don't worry � wherever I end up, I will take you with me" as if I were going to be able to take care of them in some way. I remember that I said I'd be around to help people put it together afterwards. The first thing I did was go to the school and get my girls and whoever's kids I knew whose Moms and Dads would not be home. I was sort of the 'mother' who was taking care of my little brother and sister. The disease apparently erupts from under the Earth, and a friend of mine is in the underground � and quite literally under the Earth � carrying out reconnaissance. I was now listening to the very same voice calmly insisting, 'You see, you volunteered.' Her refusal sparks a determination in me to do what I can until the end comes."

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, urging people to understand that no problem in the world can be authentically addressed without first analyzing tangents caused by Jewish perfidy, which has subverted and diminished every aspect of human endeavor throughout history. Support for his work is wholly derived from people who can understand what he�s saying and know what it means.

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