The ultimate treasure map

Excavating the path to uniting the universe in mutual respect

11th January 2011

Religion and the Federal Reserve are a lot alike. They both sell you something you already own. This deception produced the slave society we live in today.

What do we yearn for most? Peace of mind. What achieves that? Health. How is that maintained? Proper nutrition and exercise. What about happiness? That is the most important ingredient. It is obtained solely through sense of purpose � having an unshakable belief in that what you are doing is the right thing.

Yet, since the dawn of time, these things have eluded us. Thus, it makes the most sense to elude those things that prevent us from achieving what we yearn for most � right? Doesn�t it?

And so, in a dim room on a cloudy afternoon, you pull an old book from a dusty shelf in the library of your mind and open it to the cobwebbed page that is your life � and out pops the map you�ve always been looking for!

What is preventing me from achieving the things I desire most, and achieving a level of happiness within reason of reality, yet close enough to heaven to at least provide my minimum standards of civilized security? And most of all, to provide that happy home that I can build myself with no assistance from anyone, other than those friends I have made in this life who value me as much as I value them. But as all of us know, you can study this book for years and still not ever see what the real problem is.

For most of us less fortunates, it has taken decades of study to figure out what�s really happening in and to the world. It�s not primarily because we were stupid, but because the information we were able to dig out had already been tailored, manipulated, to conceal the real history from us, which is why Eustace Mullins is such an important writer, because he chronicles this in elaborately disturbing detail.

Not only does the fearsome shadow of a behind-the-scenes financial monster powered by drugs and slaves first raise its ugly head some 400 years ago in, of all places, England, this pattern of organized depravity � a desire to wreak vengeance as retribution from some injury so long ago it is forgotten � is visible throughout the spectrum of human endeavor, which is how, in the evolution of humanity, money has replaced god as the most popular measure of happiness down where the rubber meets the road.

Despite an uncountable number of meaningless words in praise of nobility, honor and loyalty uttered since that time, this is the out-of-control beast that rules us now, a beast whose thoughtform has metastasized from a genuine wish to improve one�s own security into a humongous gangrenous tumor that is about to burst and engulf the world in its poison pus. And I dearly wish I could say I was merely being metaphorical.

So, the treasure map tells us that the first move in our quest to pursue the very purpose of our being here is to understand who and what to elude in order to continue on the path to the treasure, which I don�t have to explain to you, because you are already intimate with the details of your own wishes.

And once you realize that elude in this sense means exclude, you have taken the first step toward rearranging in your mind � by excluding all the sources that have previously put poison ideas into your head. When you do that, at least you�ll know you�re on the right road because the quality of the information you receive immediately gets better. Most of all when delegitimizing mainstream media in your own mind, you find yourself suddenly free of annoying things you never had any wish to hear, as well as suddenly deprived of the false information of mainstream news, and its neverending appeals to make you terrified of the real world so they can sell you a higher volume of the unnecessary products they sell.

Now we have one thought to unite all the peoples of the world, in which every decent person in the world can get together on this project and enthusiastically cheer it on, if not participate in the execution of its plan. It�s exactly what we�ve been looking for. This is it.

One belief, one explanation to all that has gone wrong with our evolution.

And one objective: to free humanity from its semiconscious and self-destructive rituals and to release everyone into the most amazing jewel of all � themselves, suddenly free to build the world they always dreamed of.

With no one holding them back.

How could this possibly be achieved?

The answer is simple, because the answer is the same to all of the following questions, and it is an answer all the people in the world may endorse wholeheartedly, unless of course their paycheck happens to come from the very group we�re talking about.

1. Who controls our government and leads it into foreign wars of no basic interest to America�s people?

2. Which group, known worldwide for its expertise in false flag operations � committing bloodcurdling crimes that are afterwards blamed on someone other than them � manipulated the American government into killing 3,000 of its own innocent civilians in a single day just to show the world who�s really boss?

2. Who guides our government into hypocritical decisions that make it approve foods and drugs that are dangerous to our health?

3. Who taught the government to rob its own citizens in order to feed the habit of rich foreign bankers who have no interest in America at all?

4. Who taught us that women should not be mothers, but rather be businesswomen, and so sharp that they actually take jobs away from men?

5. Who taught men that they should be more sensitive like women, and that homosexuality is just a lifestyle choice?

6. Who invented the �Jewish hellbomb� and the generations of radioactive poisoning that followed?

7. Who has stolen all of America�s money from the next ten generations?

8. Who coordinates the meeting of interlocking boards of directors that assure whatever product is manufactured will be in concert with the pharmaceutical industry�s ability to make a drug that will at least claim to counteract the disease-producing effects of the product being created?

9. Who is it that teaches only members of their creed are actual human beings, with everybody else being labeled and treated as animals?

10. Who advocates for hate crime laws to conceal investigations into their own crimes, yet put people in jail for years for merely trying to advocate that the real truth be told about World War II?

11. Who is it that turns poisons into pills and marks them up 5000 percent?

12. Who is it that puts the most inane things on television and then produces critics who describe it as a sign of the decline of American culture?

13. Who is it that endorses this high-profile war on terror and recommends punishment before the alleged crime is ever committed?

14. Which is the country where a member of this group may flee if charged with a crime with no extradition possible, in other words, to a place where they can get away with murder?

15. Which is the country that claims it can strike anywhere in the world at any time to arrest or assassinate anyone it deems a threat to its own insane plans?

16. Who is it that teaches our daughters to have sex as early as possible and then gives them a shot to prevent a disease they will likely never get in order to keep them from ever delivering a normal, healthy baby?

17. Who is the group that everyone defends so vociferously because they have been led to believe these people have suffered greatly, but the part about how they have created their own suffering to gain the sympathy of others is not generally known.

18. Who is the group that controls all facets of media production, so that stories opposing their point of view never get printed, and the ones that do are so watered down by their ubiquitous censors that the truth never comes close to getting through.

19. Who is the group that murders idealistic people who clamor for peace, and then claims it had a right to do such a thing?

20. Who is the group that controls and abuses everyone in the world by its control of money, which it expands and contracts regularly, earning for itself incomprehensibly large profits while the rest of the world suffers and dies for want of a farthing.

Of course you know the answer. You knew it all along. But you were afraid to say anything, and most of you still are.

So you won�t find the treasure by being a coward and saying what you think. All you�ll find that way is more slavery, and ignominious death.

Just imagine what it will be like when they�re gone, when their murderous philosophy is not permitted to exist anymore.

Then the jewels of life will become visible, each person responsible only to his own abilities, with an abiding respect to everyone else who is pursuing exactly the same thing, and a recognition that one day we all wind up in the same place, so the best thing to do now is to ease everyone�s passage, and never again put up with a people whose religious code commands them to lie about what they�re doing.

What a day that will be, when the ugly mindlock of a hypocritical religious institution is forever stricken from the behavior of functional and fulfilled human beings, the universe will open like a flower to us, and we�ll hear music we never heard before, having been locked up tight for all those years in the sad and sullen prison of God.

Or the alternative, which you seem to want to choose, your future will be as a gray pill in a black bottle where you will be permitted to speak only upon demand, and if your answer is correct to the questioner�s specifications, you may be allowed to continue to live.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida preaching the message that no problem in the world can be authentically addressed without first analyzing tangents caused by Jewish perfidy, which has subverted and diminished every aspect of human endeavor throughout history. Support for his work is wholly derived from people who can understand what he�s saying and know what it means.

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