When everybody finds out ...

... what the Jews have done to the world



This is a conversation that happened long ago. Similar conversations and the earthshaking epiphanies that extrude from them have happened every day for thousands of years. They will continue to happen only but a little more time into our future, but are happening right now as we speak. In millions of homes all over the planet, everyone is talking about this.

This is a conversation between a boy and his mother, who have grown old and are chatting about the meaning of existence. Three granddaughters eavesdrop from another room. Softly silhouetted in a rocking chair by a bay window at sunset, Mom is crocheting something large and bright; sitting in an easy chair, John exhales cigarette smoke and gazes idly out the window, just like he did in school.

• • •

MOM: What will happen to the Jews when everybody knows what they’ve done, John?

JOHN: Whew! That’s a tough one, Mom. I don’t enjoy thinking about that. They’ve ruined just about everyone’s life since time immemorial, including their own. The horrible scam they run time after time does nothing but destroy people’s lives, and keeps the survivors in chains they do not fully comprehend. Plus, they lie about everything to defend the dark programming that has been imbued in them by those crazy people in black robes. All in all, people are going to be pretty pissed when they realize all the havoc Jews have wreaked — wars, plagues, financial ripoffs and scams in every single generation in history — without ever giving anyone’s sadness and pain — that they have caused — a second thought.

M: What will people do?

J: I guess that depends on how much they know, and how much they’ve been hurt. Commander Z believes all Jew DNA must physically removed from the planet. I think that’s a little farfetched, just a little. One other guy I know had a terrific plan: here’s how it went.

M: Does it involve violence?

J: Mom ... !

M: OK, just tell me.

J: Anyone who believes in Purim — you know, that Jewish festival where they eat the flesh of the victims they have swindled — and anyone who professes belief in the phony Holocaust propaganda they have foisted on everybody should be shot on sight . . .

M: John, for heaven’s sakes . . .

J: Jesus, that’s what they do to us! Checked in on the Palestinian situation lately? Jews harvest the organs of Palestinian children to stuff into the bellies of Jewish near-cadavers who want to live forever. Ariel Sharon is still alive, by the way, Mom.

M: You can’t just shoot people on the spot. Only Jews and psychopaths do that.

J: Well said, Mom. Let me tell you the rest of his plan. Rules for the New World are simply the reverse what is written in the Talmud. The rules the Jews have made for the rest of the world will now be applied in reverse, and the rest of the world will now treat the Jews EXACTLY as they have treated the rest of the world. This is pure karma, Mom.

M: All right, my son, but you know we can’t treat anyone in the same awful way that the Jews have treated everybody else. That’s their problem, not ours, and I wouldn’t want to make it ours, either.

J: You’re right, Mom, although it IS our problem, the main problem of most of the social problems we’ve witnessed during our lifetimes.

Of course Jews aren’t going to be shot on the spot. They only do that to drug dealers in Singapore, and it’s not such a bad idea. But people are more civilized than that today. We’re talking about making every neighborhood a nice neighborhood that people love, no matter where it is.

M: Mmm, yes, I like that slogan.

J: OK, this guy’s plan went like this. Put out the message all over the world: Anybody who believes in Purim or the Holocaust psyop will be shot on the spot. If you want to save the world, this is the way to go. Sure some will get shot. But most people will object to shooting other people, especially the shootee, so they’ll just be arrested and suffer one of three fates.

A gentile observation panel will decide on what to do with them. This is a worldwide plan, ma, every Jew in the world will make himself available to gentile interrogation panels, for a profit, of course.

Here’s what will happen to them.

First of all, the objective is to remove Jews from Gentile society completely, because, of course, Jews survive by preying on other communities, by attaching themselves as refugees and then by their seeming magic with money — it’s really extortion by stealth — eventually persuade, control and destroy the societies they invade. Russia, Germany, Britain, France — all by bloody revolutions, ma. They sandbagged everybody, and they’re still doing it. Lehman Brothers took $400 billion of our bucks with them to Israel when they folded last year, ma. And those rabbis in New Jersey are still selling stolen kidneys, too.

(John stands up, moves closer to and stares out the window, then turns and continues.)

So they get to go to one of three camps.

The first camp, in Libya tended by Col. Gadhafi, is for the hardcore, stonecold killers like David Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger, Michael Chertoff and Rahm Emanuel, Arnon Milchan the Hollywood producer and Paul Wolfowitz, who paid his sexual slave secretary 150 grand a year at the World Bank. These guys are irredeemable. Rabbi Dov Zakheim, especially, who personally supervised both the robbery of $2 billion from the American treasury and designed the software to coordinate the flight of the remote controlled drones that hit the Twin Towers and brought us to war around the world, wars for Israel and the Jewish moneylenders. I am sorry to say this group includes the vast majority of Jews, 97 percent, the guy said.

The second group is what you might call the deluded group, believers in their Talmudic programming but aware that something is wrong with it. This is about 2 percent of Jews.

After we have dispatched the obvious criminals, we must deal with these folks as compassionately as possible. They will be assigned to the old Russian Jewish republic of Birobidjian, which sits among China, Russia and Mongolia, a cold and barren place. The Jews assigned to this sector, called Beyond the Pale, will do one of two things: they will either, in just a few centuries, create one of the most dazzling civilizations the world has ever seen, or they will cannibalize themselves and destroy their chance at being human (much like they’re attempting to do to the world right now). The smart money is on the latter possibility.

The third group is those Jews who have no clue what their kin are doing. This would be less than 1 percent of all Jews. After a thorough screening as to motivations, these Jews would be allowed to continue their lives almost as if nothing had happened. Nevertheless, changes in their status will be radically different.

The first step that will have taken place before all the Jews have agreed to be voluntarily rounded up for the good of all parties involved will be the arresting for treason and RICO acting all dual nationality citizens of Israel and any other country. This one move alone would instantly balance the budgets in every country on Earth, and end our financial difficulties, which are all the work of the Jews, instantly.

Henceforth in the future, Jews will no longer be able to possess money or transmit it beyond the ample borders of their own prescribed and private compounds in Libya, Birobidjian, and Cuba. Fidel Castro, a Jew himself, will welcome with open arms all those Jews who have managed to transcend the Talmudic barrier to becoming a genuine human being, and they can all write stories that aren’t completely honest and circulate them among themselves for their own twisted edification.

Independent of what justice system penalty they should all incur for their numerous crimes against humanity, these folks should get the maximum retribution possible from those who were injured, so we figure to hire some irate Pakistanis to assist the Libyans for maximum corrective instruction.

But the most important thing is RICO acting all traitor dual-citizen American-Israeli Jews. This would balance all the budgets of the world immediately, and this latest financial scam that they’re running on the whole world would be instantly solved, with plenty of money to spare for luxuries, like tickets so I could take Blaga to a concert.

M: Could I go too?

J: Of course, Mom, you are always with me.

M: John, my son, what have the poor Jews done to the world that would make you treat them so harshly?

J: O mama mama mama mia. Where do I begin, my precious mother?

M: Begin at the beginning, John.

J: Alan Watt says they’re reptilian refugees from Atlantis. Zecharia Sitchin says extraterrestrials tinkered with African hominids to get them to mine gold for them. Two very Jewish stories written by Jews. It’s all BS.

The first evidence of this pariah group now called Jewry derives from India. They were chased out of there for robbery and murder and hightailed it for the Golden Crescent and Babylon, where they could reconstruct their operation in a culture that didn’t recognize what they were doing. The word was out on them in India.

This is how we got all our major religions, ma, mistranslations of Hindu legends to suit the thievish purposes of the dude now known as Daniel, who first put this whole murder kaballah thing together. The people he sent back to Judah after the so-called Babylonian Captivity were not the same people who originally inhabited the place. They were a cadre of the same people who escaped from India with everyone hot on their trail.

And from this dispersion of humanoid rodents has evolved every war in history, the manipulation of money, augmented by bribery, blackmail and murder, run by the Jews for profit. As they say, they laugh all the way to the bank. Didn’t Abraham say that? And did you know Abraham really means “a Brahmin”, which means our god comes from India.

Anyway, the Jews have lied about everything, from time immemorial.

Perhaps it can best be seen in contemporary America, across the spectrum of all social activity.

Money. It’s all locked up, controlled by Jews, has been in the U.S. since 1913, when the Jews bought a couple of presidents and managed to pass legislation siphoning 50 percent of America’s income right off the top. That’s what the creation of the Federal Reserve and the income tax amounted to. It has been all downhill since then, and now, Ben Franklin was right and we are broke. The Jews have removed all our money to Switzerland and Israel via London.

Media: They have changed history. Just read that guy’s “Freud, Marx and Einstein: a matrix of nihilistic destabilization.”

When you look at long term periods of history, you see a hyperbolic evolution, climaxing in the extraordinary inventions of the 20th century. Suddenly in the 1970s, that evolution stopped, and we began going backwards with deliberately limited education back into barbarian totalitarianism. TV and Jewish school curricula, dumbed down, have taken their toll.

Medicine. The Ottomans wouldn’t let Jews practice medicine because it says in the Talmud to practice medicine in order to better know how to kill non-Jews. The history of 20th century medicine reflects this philosophy, particularly with vaccines and epidemics, but also with “normal” medical treatment, which kills people with chemicals and radiation. They brought us the Black Plague in the 12th century and plutonium and the Jewish Hellbomb in the 20th.

The law. You didn’t know there were two systems of law, did you, Mom? One that everybody thinks is in force that includes the U.S. Constitution, and the one that is really in force, called Maritime Law, that essentially derives from the Babylonian Talmud. And you wondered why Jewish lawyers were so successful? The justice system has been fixed since the beginning of time, and all those goyim who have assisted in misleading the public over the centuries should get scholarships to the Libyan camp for a crash course in Islamic banking.

Art and education. The Jews killed art and music and replaced it with scatological pornography in order to better control the cattle. Wouldn’t want to have any non-Jews getting bright ideas, would we? So we’ll deluge them with bullshit, tell them it’s profound (just like the Presidential debates), and they’ll believe it.

M: Oh John, you could go on forever.

J: That’s true, mom. There’s a whole lot more to tell.

M: What do people need to know to make their decision, John?

J: That everything Jews have ever said to anyone has been a lie, because every single word they ever uttered failed to explain that they were of a cursed species of human, following macabre rituals of eating other people’s blood, doomed to follow the echo of their own death reverberating in their own brains in the remembered instructions of their rabbis.

Because they hated their own mortality, their rabbis ordered them to hate all others. It’s your basic scapegoating. The thing that Christianity and Islam gave to the people was the hope that it wasn’t that way, but the scam was such that the Jews created both Christianity and Islam to provide foolproof testimony that the Jewish god was actually real, when it never was, only a fallacious copy of Hindu legends.

M: I can’t take any more of this tonight, John.

J: Good night, mom. I will love you forever. There’s nothing to worry about as long as you love your mom.

M: Good night, my son. It’s what we do best.

And night fell upon the town, John walked out to the front porch, lit a cigarette, and whispered to the stars.

“I am my mother’s brother. I must protect her from those madmen in black frocks. I have no worthier reason for living.”

The three sisters hiding in the next room giggled.


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