Analyzing irrelevant answers

Jews twist reality with lies, stonewall truth with smears and sidesteps

20th May 2011


How does it feel to you when you ask people a question, and they don't answer it, but instead, they change the subject? (See most common technique at bottom.)

So then when you ask the question again, they ridicule you for asking such a stupid question, and make derogatory remarks about your education, insisting everyone already knows the question you have asked is absolutely ridiculous?

And if you persist, and ask the question one more time, pushing as hard as you can without being totally offensive (or not), that's when you get the real reaction. They tell you you're a bad person for even asking such a question, that it's in bad taste, that it's an insult, and that it will cause profound emotional distress to a certain group of surely innocent and perpetually harassed people. Surely you wouldn't want to harm an innocent person, would you?

The question of innocence we'll deal with in a moment. The reality remains that you have asked a question and have not received an answer.

What is your usual thought when a person stonewalls like that, evading the question with a series of objections about the question, rather than just answering it?

It's obvious the person is trying to deflect you from the original question you have uttered. Can you see that? What possible excuse could they have for not answering a straightforward, simple question? There's only one. They're trying to hide something. And that something is most often an existing false story which they want you to continue to believe.

If this were only a demonstrable paradigm in interpersonal communications, that would be one thing, and this conversation would simply be a pleasant intellectual diversion in a parlor over tea. But unfortunately, this is the dominant paradigm of world communication on all levels � most especially and profoundly in mass media � where the lie they can get away with becomes the truth that we live with � or die with.

The whole world knows that there is one category of question that must be asked by first looking over your shoulder to ascertain who might be within earshot before you ask it out loud. And everybody knows what that category is.

Here are a few sample questions you might want to ask certain people to observe exactly how the process of evasion by smear and sidestep � social manipulation, you might call it � actually works (as if most of you didn't already know).

Question #1: The FBI was able to identify "all 19 hijackers" THE DAY AFTER 9/11/2001, but in the ten years since has nabbed no one else except a few patsies who they will never let speak in public lest their fraudulent poses be observed by everyone. More than 70 Israelis were rounded up in the days following 9/11, but all were allowed to return home by scanner salesman/rabbi Michael Chertoff. The question is, who do you think pulled off 9/11?

Be sure and observe head and eye movements at the exact moment the punchline is delivered.

That should tell you a lot. Furtive glances in both directions, clearing of the throat, or hard swallowing. Use of the word Muslim in any connective reference is certain evidence of mindlock poisoning, now estimated to effect 77 percent of Americans (major drop in last two years; it continues to drop with increasing environment disasters).

Question #2: When you know that the main thrust of the Talmud commands Jews to kill or enslave every non Jew in the world, that all Jews renew an oath every year to lie about everything they do, and that all their holidays celebrate the slaughter of non Jews, would you like to contemplate the coma you're in that leads you to believe Jews are just ordinary members of society?

This question will usually totally shut down any conversation with a Jew. Observe the squinting, the quick turning away, usually accompanied by the most disturbing profanity. You can even see the wheels turning as the Jew makes mental notes about how he can help his tribe destroy you in the most painful of ways.

Question #3: Ernst Zundel was illegally kidnapped in Tennessee on a series of pretenses, illegally transported to Canada, illegally held in solitary confinement, illegally removed to Germany, illegally sentenced to five more years in prison, his lawyer also sentenced for trying to defend him, and now is illegally ordered to keep silent in perpetuity about the truth he speaks. The Canadian Supreme Court, after a decade long battle, found him innocent. Yet he's been harassed, kidnapped, abused and silenced ever since. Makes me think of Sami Al-Arian, the Palestinian professor who was found guilty of nothing, acquitted by a jury, served a five-year sentence, and when it was time for him to go free, THEY NEVER LET HIM GO! Who do you think was behind all this? And do you think they have our best interests at heart?

The question Zundel had asked that got him in so much trouble was a republication of a book titled "Did Six Million Really Die?" During Ernst's long ordeal and consecutive prison sentences, the plaque at Auschwitz was changed from "4 million were killed here" to "1.4 million were killed here," proving Harwood's title and Zundel's point. But still, Zundel lingered in jail for many more years.

Are all of you so brain dead that you don't know who is behind this? The only reason for doing this is that you are paid to do it, perhaps not directly, but from the so-called benefits this fascist lockstep conformity has given to America. And you can just look around you and open your eyes to assess all of that. I hope they paid you a lot. Because it won't be worth much much longer.

The question of innocence. Funny how the world's greatest killers and liars always feign concern for the little guy, the innocents of the world. Maybe that's because the poor are the Jews' cash cow. They bleed them dry, from booze to legal fees to bogus medical procedures and bills. You know the technique. It's the one that's bleeding you dry as well.

Your lives are dependent on people you know are lying to you. Yes, OK, stop listening now and go back to watching the game.

We don't really need to know who's doing the fighting, we need to know who's funding the fighting. Chances are excellent it will always be the same group. It has been for hundreds of years.

Jews make a big deal about how they are "the Chosen" and have attempted to prove their omnipotence by going around the world and assassinating whomever they choose and daring anyone to do something about it. The United States, with its celebrated bin Laden assassination drama, has now officially emulated its masters, and communicated to the whole world that World War III is under way, with the Talmudic axis of evil of Israel, Britain and the U.S. (and all those other assorted sycophants) attacking the whole world for the purpose of robbing and enslaving it. The Constitutional republic that began more than 200 years ago has now metastasized into a bloated Jewish tumor about to burst with blood across the entire surface of our planet.

You know, the Jews themselves are the ones who say they're not human, only they put it this way. They say the Jews are the only humans and the rest of us are just animals put here to serve the Jews.

To list Jewish achievements would be to note all the traditions they have either destroyed or polluted, all the people they have needlessly killed and laughed about it.

If you're not a Jew, I bet you and I agree on what we have to do. That's right, a total quarantine from human civilization. And that's also right, the other solutions are much, much worse for everyone, but especially for the Jews.

Just imagine, no more Jewish doctors trying to kill you slowly in order to get every bit of your cash, no more Jewish lawyers conspiring with other Jewish lawyers to maximize their profits at the expense of both their clients, no more Jewish teachers telling us there is strength in diversity, no more Jewish priests telling us Israel is more important than Jesus, no more Jewish presidents telling us we have to stand fast behind our gallant defender of democracy Israel while it kills all its neighbors . . . just imagine, no more Jews. No more people going to jail for telling the truth. No more buildings being blown up in the middle of our largest cities.

So here's question #4 to ask the Jewish person of your choice to listen closely to his answer and analyze it for (1) sincerity, (2) rapid eye movements, (3) implied threats that you should not be asking such an dangerous question, (4) stealthy attempt to change the subject, (5) denigration of your educational background, (6) allusion to a possible financial opportunity, (7) thumb twiddling, (8) grabbing crotch, (9) farting, and (10) insisting that everybody is in the same boat (Jews have their own boat).

Question #4: "As an American I wish to know that with dual Israeli-American citizens, which country takes precedence in priority of allegiance? Does Israel come first, or does America come first? And what is the percentage of each group of Jews?"

Have fun. Your life depends on it.

Top twist technique in tribe's tall tales. The most common way they use to distract you from your original question is . . .

"Surely you don't mean all Jews, do you?"

Anybody who knows me knows I mean all Jews. Check the programming by analyzing all the irrelevant answers and you'll see what I mean.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, urging people to understand that no problem in the world can be authentically addressed without first analyzing tangents caused by Jewish perfidy, which has subverted and diminished every aspect of human endeavor throughout history. Support for his work is wholly derived from people who can understand what he�s saying and know what it means.

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