Goldilocks and the 3 psyops

Christianity, Communism and the New World Order all follow the same creed: 'Kill or enslave everyone'

3rd August 2011

What kind of conscience-erasing religion could forgive a crime like this?

You say you stand with Israel? Israel is the country that put four slugs in the back of the head of Furkan Dogan, the 18-year-old boy murdered on the deck of the Mevi Marmara, for bringing supplies to the starving people of Gaza. What is your religion that permits you to defend this action? Is it that so-called God who told you that as long as you worshipped Him, you could kill anybody you want?

Israel is the country who ran over one its own, little Rachel Corrie, with a bulldozer to prove its was serious about defending its own insanity, which claims the right to kill Palestinians because they're animals. Every newspaper in America keeps saying that Israel is our friend, but isn't it funny that when you track the ownership of these businesses, they're all Jewish. And how much more today that the last time I mentioned it does America resemble bullet-riddled Palestine, where innocent Jews "defend" themselves from their ritual victims.

And still you stand with Israel? You stand with rabbis stealing kidneys or infecting little boys with herpes in their rancid rituals? You stand with a political system utterly polluted and decimated by Jewish billionaires for the last hundred years? You stand with the folks who assassinated every U.S. president and Russian czar who ever was assassinated? You stand with the very people who are destroying the world and laughing about it, all the way to the banks, which they have owned for a very long time?

You stand with Israel and you stand with the perpetrators of the Gulf oil spill, the Fukushima disasters, manipulating the weather for political purposes through HAARP and other methods. You stand for prostituting the American military for criminal Jewish purposes, for poisoning the world's food supply, and for continuing the ancient Jewish practice of ritual murder which in today's context has become the cancer industry, which both infects and kills people for profit (as slowly as possible) while suppressing a panoply of other, simpler, cheaper, and actually effective ways to cure cancer.

Once upon a time, not that very long ago, America was a Norman Rockwell painting, where neighbors smiled at each other and believed what their "betters" told them. America was the Goldilocks of three bears fame, a Saturday Evening Post cover you hoped your daughter would become. Today, after a century of Jewish culture � ever so assiduously manipulated toward destabilization, depravity and destruction � your daughter aspires to be the porno icon Lady Gaga, taking drugs and dripping hate for herself and everything that's real and true.

Of course, the American Goldilocks mystique was only a media layer of reality. The days Norman Rockwell painted were a lot grimier and more miserable than that for most, chasing the almighty dollar from place to place and eventually being corralled into some metroplex, where we got more more money and more cancer.

It's really amazing that we haven't figured out that we're causing our own diseases by our own behavior, and the very things we build are the very things destroying us.

But arrogant and assured though we may be about the subjects we convince ourselves we have mastered over the course of our lives, I'm about to show you three identical psyops that just might give you some inkling of how deeply trapped you are in your own thinking, and how that contributes to all this unnecessary institutionalized nastiness.

1. Christianity. For 1200 years (325-late 1500s), until Gutenberg, Christians had no knowledge of what was in the Bible; all they knew was what their priests commanded them to do. If they disobeyed they were killed and their property taken. Thus, Christianity was not spread by reasoned argument, but with the fiat power of military terror, which meant mass murder for so many, as it does today.

As the the otherworldly passivity of Christianity undermined all governments it encountered by its enlistment of slaves promised forgiveness for all sins, the concept of democracy was forever shattered by corruption, and nations wishing to succeed on merit were eventually undermined by the forces of world capital, which both then and now were run by those in control of international trade.

It is important to remember that the origins of Christianity came out of the Jewish community in ancient Alexandria, and all aspects of its construction and implementation were overseen by Jewish powerbrokers. Rome never persecuted Christians, only Jewish terrorists, in a time it was hard to tell one from the other. It still is. What immediately followed the creation and ascendance of Christianity were the Dark Ages, which have yet to end.

2. Communism. The Jewish 'hidden hand' besieged Russia for more than a hundred years, agitating among the peasants and assassinating czars in 1801, 1825, 1855, 1876 and 1917. After each of these acts, new czars tried to placate the Jews and give them more rights. It always backfired. The kindest of all the czars, Alexander 2, who had championed the cause of the Jews, survived four assassination attempts before being killed by a Jewish bomb.

When you watch the Juri Lina video I sent around yesterday , you learn about how Jacob Schiff ruled the world with his financial machinations and that all the thugs he put in place to form the Soviet Union � Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky etc. � all stashed millions is overseas bank accounts while these foreign Jews slaughtered the Russian people. You learn the Bolshevik Revolution was about stealing the fortune of the richest man in the world � the czar � by the Jewish bankers and their always murderous henchmen.

But the hardest thing to realize and integrate into the thinking part of your brain is that the highest priority the Bolsheviks had, at least after all the gold was safely stolen, was to murder as many people as possible, pretty ones first, intellectuals second, and on and on. The Bolshevik Revolution was an entirely Jewish operation, and after they'd killed 66 million non Jews, they very predictably started killing each other.

3. Capitalism, or the New World Order. The fall of America has taken a lot longer than the fall of Russia. The revolution has been more gradual, assiduous, more like a creeping virus that has spread throughout the land and infected everything.

Although deceptive programs like "deregulation" (a synonym for theft), "nonprofits" and "derivatives" have greatly destabilized our own security, we have been done in by our own luxury items. None of us is capable of surviving in the wild. When they cut off the food and money, we're done for.

First America was used to neutralize the only real threat to Jewish worldwide financial hegemony, which was Hitler's Germany. Now the shoe is on the other foot, and Americans are about to find out what the Germans already know too well: that when Jews control your country, when you tell the truth you go to jail.

Christianity had the Inquisition, Communism had the secret police, and the New World Order has the Patriot Act, which teaches all Americans not to tell the truth about American aggression.

All three of these psyops have utilized the same techniques.

Even though the data you are supposed to believe has been proven false, disobey the rules and you'll be killed. This is the Orwellian conflict that a century earlier Frederic Bastiat had talked about: when law and conscience conflict, which do you obey? America has obeyed unjust laws that have led to its destruction.

So you are made to believe these things � a magical pass to heaven, a communist utopia, or a consumer's paradise. None of them are true, yet you are made to believe them, or your life is ruined, if not ended.

If this is what you call freedom, then we are not on the same page.

In the case of Christianity, you were ordered to believe or die.

In the case of Communism, if you weren't a Jew, you likely were killed, starved to death in many instances, 9 million or so.

In the case of capitalism, or the New World Order, you were poisoned by your own delights, distracted while your patrimony was being stolen as Jefferson said it would be.

All you had to do to fix this at any time was to turn your head and say, "No, this is wrong."

But you didn't do, you never did that, throughout American history, as long as the prosperity was there, you didn't check to see if the story they were telling you was the truth.

Turns out it never was.

Christianity, Communism and the New World Order all follow the same creed: 'Kill or enslave everyone.'

Americans are about to take their turn at learning what most of the rest of the world already knows. Your government is out to kill you, unless you go along with their evil plans.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, urging people to understand that no problem in the world can be authentically addressed without first analyzing tangents caused by Jewish perfidy, which has subverted and diminished every aspect of human endeavor throughout history. Support for his work is wholly derived from people who can understand what he�s saying and know what it means.

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