Identifying our enemy

4th December 2010

Our enemy is someone who believes that Muslims did 9/11, because they most surely had nothing to do with it, except to inadvertently serve as designated patsies and future victims of the most horrible plot of all time, one which our enemy, by his silence, endorses.

Our enemy is someone who profits from poisons, who has taken the bribe and supports the lies of the predator class that is now strangling the planet with its robberies, its very bad medicine, and its false flag terror.

Our enemy is someone who knows exactly who is doing this to us, but won�t say or do anything about it for fear of losing his or her livelihood, bank account, and reputation. This includes all people who use pen names.

Our enemy is a journalist who has no grasp of the real history but only the programming of the slick Jew who writes his bloated paycheck, and every time they want a war this journalist plays a trick on you, and throughout the last century the people have always accepted what he said, endured the privation, and then asked for more.

Our enemy is someone who pretends to be on our side, but you don�t find out that they aren�t until the worst possible time. A lot of Internet personalities fit into this category, and sad to say, most of you haven�t figured out who they are.

Our enemy is all dual Israeli-American citizens, who are committing treason by definition, and are the principal architects and engineers of the destruction of America, beginning with the constant causing of financial panics throughout the 19th century as justification for the creation of the Federal Reserve, which is the legendary war machine created, imposed and always owned by Jews, that has ravaged the world ever since.

Our enemy is anyone who blanches at the loud use of the word Jew in connection with

� Systemic crime that seems to have originated in Babylon, financial tyranny that got them kicked out of 82 countries before Rothschild was able to buy every single system in the world and that�s exactly the tyranny that is oppressing the world right now. The main fallacy is that a private organization should control the welfare of every person on the planet with no oversight. No genuine freedom is ever possible under this system.

� Corrupt government means no oversight on a medical community more interested in creating diseases than curing them, as recent mass murder attempts like AIDS and swine flu have tragically demonstrated. The biowar now underway against every person on the planet continues to be understood by increasing numbers, but governments remain locked in the callous grasp of the Jewish money machine, and people die so bogus debts can be repackaged and used as a basis for more bogus loans, while Americans remain deliberately misnourished and Israel fattens itself further into a morbid moral obesity with all the cash it has stolen from America and everywhere else.

Who are our leaders? The same they have ever been, somebody who does a really big favor for a bigshot along the way, who is cultivated, shaped and nourished by a small league of very rich men whose ancestors made most of their money off the sale of drugs and slaves around the world, and continue to do so today. Our leaders must cater to their wishes before a thin red cent ever bounces our way. Trickle down economics refers to the wages of slaves. In fact, the whole Western wage system is just a trick to get people to believe they really aren�t slaves, when in actuality they are, just as surely as the chained silver miners of ancient Greece, who also had no actual say in their future.

It is a fiction that runs the world, and the fiction is that those who pretend to be protecting us are actually creating serial enemies that wage war against us so the people pretending to protect us can prove the threat is real, even though they really create all these threats in the first place.

This is the true history of the 20th century, and long before that. And the horrible part of America�s Jewish controlled history that virtually every American is simply too cowardly and too brainwashed to even look at.

This is the part where it gets difficult, because all of us, each American and each person throughout the world, has to examine his or her own role in this financial monster that threatens to suck all human values out of each of us, and turn us into � which it has already � bottom line bottom feeders, who measure the passages of lives in terms of the money we acquire, inevitably relegating to secondary status each and every person we have ever loved and known.

Many of us know now this was not the way to go. The direct result is all these endless fake wars, where the stated reason is completely different from the actual geopolitical objective, which sucks all the money in the world out of the hands of the people who need and would use it wisely into the curdled stomachs of the Jewish so-called men who control the City of London, Wall Street, the White House, and virtually every company in the world. The predator class. They are the Jews. They show no mercy because they don�t believe non Jews are humans, and are, therefore, abusable. And they have no compassion for the same reason.

That their philosophy can be proved to be totally pathological by their own science � psychology � has no meaning to them. They steal organs from nonwhite children, though, to extend their own sorry lives. And every thing about them is hypocrisy and untruth. Anything a Jew tells you, ever, is a lie, because if they told the world what they had really done to everyone, the world would rise up and exterminate them. Even George H. W. Bush once explained that to Sarah MacLendon.

Yet the world refuses to see who the enemy is because, as that Jesus character so often warns us, you have taken the 30 pieces of silver yourself, but lie to yourself that you didn�t. So, really, the first step in identifying the enemy is understanding what part of yourself, by definition, puts you in that category of being � as they say � your own worst enemy. And that�s totally a matter of not really understanding what it is you think you�re hearing.

Observation about groups: you can�t put more than six people together discussing the significant political issues of our day before a Jew shows up, and, if admitted and included in the discussion, within a very short time has derailed the group from its objective with a series of objections, all of them involving the sensitivity of Jews to criticism. You see it all over the 9/11 skeptics movement in its refusal to correlate all the Jewish reality-shaping by the cops, the courts and especially the Muslim-bashing media, coordinated by key Jewish sayanim organizers who constantly guide people into fruitless endeavors and prohibit discussion of Israel.

Hence, no genuinely authentic conversation can take place with a Jew involved, because the very purpose of that conversation will be changed to the purpose of the Jew. And in these heady days of expanded consciousness about the beast known as Israel and how it is protected by truly evil American mass media and the politicians they choose to buy, no rational conversation with any Jew about any of these subjects is possible, because their objective in them is only to protect the scam that has brought them to the pinnacle of financial society, and hence control of the world, and they are not about to give that up, or even admit that they�ve done it, under any circumstances. As George Bush the Elder once said to Sarah MacLendon, �If the people found out what we�ve done, they�d hang us in the streets.�

How many crazed Israelis have already gone on the record saying they�ll blow up the world before they let the Jews be collared like the dogs they are? How many rabbis have come right out and said Gentiles exist only to serve the Jews, and if you look around the world, that�s what you see everywhere. The president of France is a dual CIA/Mossad agent. Russia has a Jewish president. Israelis have already bought up most of southern South America for their new operations once they�ve incinerated the Northern Hemisphere. Medicines are all poisons now, and Americans are addicted to hundreds of them to the point where they can�t distinguish what�s real and what�s not, which is why they still believe what their government tells them.

You�ve doubtless been into a government agency lately for one reason or another, and you know they�re your enemy. Get a speeding ticket and prepare to be tased if you ask any relevant questions. God help you if you�re white and the government �servant� is black, especially in big cities. If you think America is beginning to become like Zimbabwe, you have accurate information.

In just about every conversation I get into, I wind up offending someone, because I simply won�t let anyone hide behind some lesser label � like Zionist or Communist � when the subject is most properly labeled Jewish.

People use Zionist or Communist because they think if they�re ever overheard, they won�t be accused of criticizing all Jews, and therefore probably won�t suffer the consequences of the Jewish social revenge that ruins people�s lives on a regular basis if they have dared to utter anything other than presumptively groveling remarks about the Jews.

This is exactly the wrong strategy.

The Jews must be confronted head on, by everyone, so that there are too many people to seek revenge against, and their system will finally be overthrown. Otherwise, the few brave souls who dare to speak about Jewish control of the world are left out there on their own, exposed, and soon to be destroyed by the kosher powers that be.

Those who timidly criticize this or that aspect of Jewish behavior but quickly add �It�s not all Jews� are actually helping the Jews without knowing it, because it actually is ALL Jews who have voluntarily contracted this utterly inhuman philosophy simply by being Jews and accepting the poisonous tenets of its pathological programming.

Remember � and this is what too few non-Jewish people know about Judaism � the core of the Talmud, Judaism�s holiest book, advocates the murder and/or enslavement of all the non-Jews of the world.

And when you finally find the literature suppressed by Jewish media control, you�ll begin to understand how each generation has been adequately warned by true patriots who were soon killed or otherwise destroyed shortly after publicizing this information.

Being mealy-mouthed about what the Jews have done and are doing to the world is guaranteed to get us all killed. Telling the exact unvarnished truth about what they have done to everyone in the world by their horrid practices will put them in a very bad position, but it will put the rest of the world on the road to spiritual, psychological and economic health.

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