Religious zombies

Robot Christians do the killing while snickering Jews push the buttons in their brains

for Volker Puls

18th July 2011

There is no valid distinction between religion and magic. — Ernest Becker

Rocky path in a poisoned fog. Can't see where you're going. Don't know where you've been.

Suddenly, a muted chorus of slightly off-key voices wafts out of the mist.

Onward Christian soldiers
Marching as to war
With the cross of Jesus
Going on before.

—   (common Christian hymn sung by many denominations)

This should have told us what the plan was. But throughout most of human history, the enemy was real, coming at your throat with a bloody blade. Then, it was more critical that these communities stuck together; now, that way of life, when people actually cared about their community, is long gone. Yet the same threat to our lives still exists in the seething black ghettos of America, now spreading faster than the radiation from Fukushima. And also on the white highways of Tennessee, where troopers rob tourists and newspapers never report it.

But mostly now the enemies are made up, concocted, figmented by some think tank and implemented in the real world, like al-Qaeda, Blackwater or all these Project Blue Beam extraterrestrials now being seen all over the world, but especially off the Jersey shore. It's only another dog and pony show, another false flag operation, to keep you on your heels (really more like your knees) so you can't stop this madness being imposed on every living thing.

The divide and conquer strategy that Joseph used on Egypt, that "bishop" Irenaeus used on Rome, that "liberator" Cromwell used on England, that Lord Palmerston and Count Cagliostro used on France, that Amschel Rothschild used on the U.S., that Jacob Schiff used on Russia and Japan, that Samuel Untermyer used on Germany, and that Bennie Netanyahu used on the American congress a few weeks back � that's what's always happening, because we can't see through the Jewish white noise smokescreen � really the word is "miasma" � that envelops our lives, and shortens them drastically.

The formula that always works is to invent the enemy � like Zbig Brzezinski did with Al-Qaeda, Jacob Schiff did with Japan and George Bush did with Iraq � so you can be sure you're in complete control. Plus, as demonstrated so often, enemies like this � perfect enemies � can be used on either side of any given conflict. To wit, Libya, today, where al-Qaeda has become a staunch U.S.-Israeli ally, as they were in Serbia. Too few Americans know that's the way the Soviet Union was invented, too. Who are these robots for hire that will do absolutely anything for a buck? And more importantly, are you one of them?

Which leads us right to the tale of Jesus's apostles! And the most blackballed writer of all time, Celsus (pronounced with hard C)!

� � �

I'd been searching for this story for three decades, since my druid hunting days in the Boston Public Library. As all great truths do, it came unexpectedly, a sudden clap of thunder � in an email from Germany.

I knew only one line from this long-suppressed writer, and that was recorded in a book by a "church father", Origen, that was meant to debunk him. That line was " . . . there is an ancient doctrine that predates and underlies all the religious creeds that are and ever were . . ." The writer was Celsus of Ephesus, an Epicurean philosopher who had read Plato, and had long ago been declared an enemy of the church.

The author's original work on which was based Origen's book, Contra Celsum, written in A.D. 79, was long ago destroyed. How the 19th century English author of this collection got hold of fragments of it, I have no idea. But it read like music to my ears, and vividly verified thoughts and observations I have had about the Christian religion for decades.

"Men who irrationally assent to any thing, resemble those who are delighted with jugglers and enchanters. For as most of these are depraved characters, who deceive the vulgar and persuade them to assent to whatever they please, this also takes place with the Christians. Some of these are not willing either to give or receive a reason for what they believe; but are accustomed to say, 'Do not investigate, but believe, your faith will save you. For the wisdom of the world is bad, but folly is good.'" (p. 4) (link at bottom)

Celsus criticizes the character of Jesus for many things. First, for pretending he was born of a virgin. Celsus offered a more candid opinion. Jesus was born in a Judaic village from a poor Jewess, who had been abandoned by her husband for committing adultery. Celsus then asks . . .

" . . . is it not absurd to suppose that God would be enamored of a woman who was . . . hated and ejected by the carpenter her husband . . . ?"

Celsus then spoke of the mighty deeds sung about the heroes of old, many of whom were later turned into gods, and asked Jesus (paraphrased, p. 7):

"What beautiful or admirable thing have you ever done that would convince us that you were a God?"

Synchronicity being what it is, about a week or so ago, I happened to be watching the rough cut video of filmmaker Randy Atkins' interview with the writer J. B. Campbell, and was astonished to hear this very last of the real American patriots saying essentially what Celsus had said 20 centuries ago.

"What did this guy (Jesus) ever do to deserve the respect he's gotten over the years? Turn water into wine? What else did he really do?"

Campbell, author of the militia book "The New American Man" as well as a slew of penetrating political essays over the last 40 years � highly recommended is this excellent explication of the basic problem with the U.S. Constitution, titled Confederation Not Empire (see link at bottom) � explained what the essence of Christianity actually is.

"If you follow what this guy (Jesus) said, you let everybody take your money, you can't resist them, and then you get crucified for it. And that's the best you can hope to expect. Christians are no good for anything because they don't really do anything, they just talk and don't understand what they're saying."

Meanwhile, two thousand years earlier, Celsus had the same thoughts.

He looked at Christ's so-called miracles and noted that these were the same things many other "enchanters" had effected � "expelling daemons from men, dissipating diseases by a puff, evoking the souls of heroes, exhibiting sumptuous suppers, and tables covered with food, which have no reality."

Indeed, Celsus claimed Jesus had learned the tricks of Egyptian religion and returned to his hometown claiming he was a God.

"Jesus having collected as his associates ten or eleven infamous men, consisting of the most wicked publicans and sailors, fled into different places, obtaining food with difficulty, and in a disgraceful manner."

In his trenchant criticism, Celsus did not mince words: he called the Christian fathers "Papists worshipping the images of worthless men," practicing "the arts of depraved and unhappy men."

Further, Celsus avers "Jesus was betrayed by his own disciples" and concludes "it is absurd in the extreme that people should now believe in Christ when he was unable to convince anyone (he was God) while he was alive."

And what kind of character was Jesus, really? Celsus asks:

"What excellent general, who was leader of many myriads of men, was ever betrayed by his soldiers?"

Celsus puts it this way.

"Let us grant you that Jesus predicted his resurrection: but how many others have employed such-like prodigies, in order by a fabulous narration to effect what they wished; persuading stupid auditors to believe in these miracles? Zalmoxis among the Scythians, who was a slave of Pythagoras, used this artifice; Pythagoras also himself, in Italy, and in Egypt, Rhampsinitus . . . This, however, is to be considered � whether any one who in reality died ever rose again in the same body . . .

"But who was it that saw this (Jesus rise from the tomb)? A furious woman, as you acknowledge, or some other of the same magical sect; or one who was under the delusion of dreams, and who voluntarily subjected himself to fallacious phantasms � a thing which happens to myriads of the human race. Or which is more probable, those who pretended to see this wished to astonish others by this prodigy, and, through a false narration of this kind, to give assistance to the frauds of other impostors."

"It is to be believed that Christ, when he was alive, openly announced to all men what he was; but when it became (required that he should rise from the dead), he should only show himself secretly to one woman and to his associates?"

As they say on the sickly suburban streets today, "What's up with that?"

Celsus, then speaking in his own voice instead of a character in his work, says:

"Christians and Jews stupidly contend with each other, and this controversy of theirs is exactly the same as the proverb about the fight over the shadow of ass (Apuleius)." The argument is simply about whether the Messiah showed up or not.

Echoes of the modern-day Mossad philosophy of divide and conquer wafts backwards like a poisoned vapor for two thousand years.

Celsus writes:

"The Jews originating from the Egyptians deserted Egypt through sedition, as the same time despising the religion of the Egyptians" (and yet they stole it, changed the names, and made it their own � even though they hated it. � JK)

As the years past, subsect upon variation multiplied, guaranteeing constant strife and sectarian violence across time.

The best part of all this, Celsus notes, is that Christians can be made to look stupid simply by using the very evidence they use to show Christ was real. It clearly proves the opposite. "What however is still more wonderful is this," Celsus gleams, "that their doctrine may be easily confuted, as consisting of no hypothesis worthy of belief."

So how was Christianity so successful?

On page 19, Celsus is quoted: " . . . Christianity is not designed for the wiser, but for the more unlearned and ignorant part of mankind. For the following are their precepts: 'Let no one who is erudite accede to us, no one who is wise, no one who is prudent (for these things are thought by us to be evil); but let any one who is unlearned, who is stupid, who is an infant in understanding, boldly come to us.' . . . "

The shorter version, right out of the Bible.

'Whoever is a sinner, whoever is unwise, whoever is a fool, and whoever, in short, is miserable, him the kingdom of God will receive.'

Celsus concludes his argument with this.

"Extending to the multitude these insane and perfectly obscure assertions, the meaning of which no intelligent man is able to discover . . . they afford an occasion to the stupid and to jugglers of giving to them whatever interpretation they please."

Kind of like how American courts butcher the law in our own day, wouldn't you say? Or maybe how the Jewish financiers have been stealing all our money for a hundred years.

And Celsus, this intelligent Ephesian who lived so long ago, asks a question that is perhaps the most important question any of us could ask today. (pp. 49-50)

"If the God of the Jews had predicted this would be his son, why did this God legislatively ordain through Moses that the Jews should enrich themselves and acquire power; should fill the earth with their progeny; and should slay and cut off the whole race of their enemies, which Moses did, as he says, in the sight of the Jews; and besides this, threatening that unless they were obedient to these his commands, he should consider them as his enemies; � why, after these things had been promulgated by God, did his son a Nazarean man, exclude from any access to his father, the rich and powerful, the wise and renowned?"

(Why indeed? Because Christianity is only for the ignorant and unlearned, believers in unverifiable superstition and magic. And that is how the rich and powerful Jews control the world. � JK)

� � �

If you follow Jesus' teaching, you should be meek, obedient and let yourself be slaughtered when your betters deem it necessary. That's what Jesus did (and it particularly upset Celsus, who commented that no God would have to do that, and that anyone who was stupid enough to do that was certainly not a god). But that's the example he set. After being abandoned his followers, Jesus did not even defend himself. And that's what we're supposed to do. Jesus, what a psyop!

That's what 21st century Americans are expected to do when their own government poisons the whole country with radiation, steals all our money, sends all our businesses overseas and prepares for the great culling of billions of humans as decreed by the Club of Rome. Just lay down and die, and pray that Jesus � an utterly Jewish creation � will take you home.

About six months ago, I had a nice interview with Mark Glenn, the well known anti-Israel crusader, after I wrote a story called 'Blind Spot,' which talked about how the average person has no idea of the Jewish influences that negatively affect them. The last thing he said to me was, "John, you're going to be a semi regular on this show." Haven't heard from him since, and don't want to, now.

Last weekend I had been invited by a righteous anti-Jewish Christian to participate in a rock concert focusing on American patriotism and the Jewish problem. It required a lot of money and a lot of time, and when I got there, they pretended nobody had ever heard of me.

Some years back, while investigating the Oklahoma City bombing, I chatted regularly with Harmon Taylor, an off the grid lawyer and son of an Old Testament preacher who among other noble deeds got Timothy McVeigh a stay of execution. He told me I was wrong about the Jews, they weren't the real problem.

Harmon and Eustace Mullins were good friends, both believed in the OT Christian creed, and both did great things politically with their beliefs. But immersed as they were in Christian dogma, neither man knew about Manetho, the Egyptian historian who spoke of the "lepers" who ruled Egypt for so long, and so badly. I happen to know this from speaking directly to Eustace. He did not know that the founders of the Jewish religion and the Christian modification posed and plundered Egypt as their faux pharaohs for many generations, and that the Old Testament stories of Abraham, David, Solomon etc. were really about their exploits in Egypt, as archeologists and other scholars have proven Jerusalem did not yet exist at that time.

Now we find the works of Eustace Mullins, so hard to find yet so valuable for their political genealogies exposing Jewish control of the world, lost in limbo while Christian fanatics try to beef up their fetid dogma and lighten up on the Jewish angle so as to make Mullins' posthumously published books more acceptable to the Jewish book brokers.

This really sucks and shows a decidedly Jewish character to these Christian marvels that they would be willing to cover up an important truth in order that their own particular version of events 2000 years ago remain unimpeached.

This is what I mean when I say you can't depend on Christians to tell the truth, because they will modify the truth to protect the dogma that has been implanted in their brains.

And that's why I'm dumping the Christians from my mailing list as useless to the task of unmasking the Jewish megascam and liberating the world from its tyranny. In fact, Christians are part of that tyranny, and maybe the essential part.

Everybody knows Jews never tell the truth; hell, it's an important part of their holy canon. But everybody should also know that Christians never tell the truth, either, to protect this fetid dogma that they presume will gain for them eternal life. I know, it sounds like daytime TV, doesn't it?

The fact is you can't trust what any religious person tells you, because the devout will invariably lie to protect his dogma, rendering what he says, in real time and space, useless.

Isn't the whole purpose of this exercise called life to spend as much time as possible talking and being with the ones you love? The rule is if you're not doing that, you strive toward that, and if you work hard enough, you will eventually achieve that. What could be better?

Worshipping God, in the Jewish Christian way of seeing things, actually accelerates alienation, because it takes you away from the ones you love and turns you toward a being who is not real. Christianity, a thoroughly Jewish invention, makes slaves out of the Christians, who let the Jews take their money and kill them while they turn the other cheek. Jesus, what a psyop!

The Celtic way of death: the last thing you do, after giving thanks for the gifts you've been given, is to tell a joke, to reassure everybody else that they'll be OK when they get there, too. No sweat: your heart will always tell you what to do. Don't hesitate and don't doubt. The best way to deal with death is to laugh at it. Never fear what you may not avoid. When you do, you're susceptible to all sorts of fantasies and scams.

Of course, you can only do this if you feel you've done your level best to see the light. Otherwise, you sick and lame dudes have no other choice but to seek compassion and forgiveness from a Jewish guy named Jesus.

Many of you already know what it's like to seek compassion from a Jew. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. And many more of you are about to find out.

Note to all you feckless rubes who are going to write and ask me if I'm an atheist: I work for God. I am too frightened to say who all these other people are working for, but I have a pretty good idea.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, urging people to understand that no problem in the world can be authentically addressed without first analyzing tangents caused by Jewish perfidy, which has subverted and diminished every aspect of human endeavor throughout history. Support for his work is wholly derived from people who can understand what he�s saying and know what it means.

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ARGUMENTS OF CELSUS, PORPHYRY AND THE EMPEROR JULIAN AGAINST THE CHRISTIANS; also extracts from Diodorus Siculus, Josephus, and Tacitus relating to the Jews

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