Say goodbye to forever

If you really believe, it won't be a problem

12th August 2011

You think things are bad now? Corexit oozing methane causing lung cancer all along the Gulf Coast. Radioactive rain in Oklahoma City. Condoms handed out to fourth graders. Red-blooded American cyborgs exterminating gooks . . . no wait, ragheads . . . all along Muhammad's crescent, Alzheimer's and new designer diseases containing nanotechnotronic control devices falling from the chemtrails, robot presidents explaining why they have to know what's in your bank account . . .

No, there's plenty worse to come. Fukushima was just a taste. After the fabulous success of the 9/11 psyop, they realize they can get away with anything, and their reliable mindlocked media will erase the bad taste of these things from everybody's mind. Or try to.

But we haven't seen the really big tectonic event, on the scale of what created those jagged cliffs on everybody's West Coast, large magnitude disasters which we now know are facilitated and exacerbated by HAARP, another handy Jewish convenience like nuclear power. We haven't seen the really big plague that our government is busy creating for us at Fort Detrick. And though we have seen the utter pollution of the air we breathe and the water we drink, we haven't yet experienced the destruction and reshuffling of the money supply, and the savage havoc that will precipitate, or the legal invasion of America by the Chinese to physically claim property they already own, among other scheduled upcoming disasters.

We haven't seen the government's version of the alien invasion, either, other than tantalizing sky demonstrations funded by the black budget all these many years. But we are at the point where even citing Constitutional principles is a potential death penalty offense under our convenient new Homeland Security laws, the last nail in the Jewish-made coffin of America's freedom of speech.

But these and other pitfalls, not even the upcoming exponential expansion of consciousness, are absolutely nothing miniscule, even compared to the big adjustment that survivors of the soon-to-be-upon-us apocalypse are going to have to make.

First and foremost, we're going to have to say goodbye to forever. And that will be the biggest, most painful episode in humanity's history that will have ever occurred. The wail of pain when this epiphany hits the world at the general and ubiquitous level will last so long and hurt so much that it will make all previous disasters look like mere nightmares in the clinical history of manic depressives. But like a scab being peeled off a wound, it will be the first essential step in the history of humanity aimed toward actual sanity.

Your concept of eternal life is about to be taken from you, forever.

The whole world runs on a simple lie. Believe this line of horsepoop and you won't die, ever. Who can resist this tantalizing lure? It is the No. 1 human wish. Something about which everybody everybody in the world suspends their critical thinking. And you know why? Because everybody knows it's a lie, a situation there is no solution to, except through blind faith emphasis on the blind.

The result of all this, however, is the utter corruption of every single human institution, because the framework for all thought is based on a model of immortality, which is the one single, immutable thing in the entire universe that absolutely does not exist. Anything that lives must die. Deliberate ignorance and evasion of this reality is absolutely the exact cause of everything that ails the world, insofar as humans have an effect on the planet. It is why everything seems turned upside down.

This insane objective can produce nothing else but corruption and hypocrisy. Also down this road is the reason why people who mean to do so good do so much bad. Ernest Becker had it right: "Cosmic heroism is a self-defeating fantasy." He was also right with this one, which contains a portent that you definitely do not fully understand. "Material production is the greatest evil in human history."

Among the insane manifestations of this pathological mindset is the notion of royalty, where some people in today's society claim descendence from ancient kings, who by their titles were somehow related to God or his assistants, and that this connection gives them the right to rule over other people. Since all the religious myths can only be by definition fictitious history, any claim to royalty is bogus in the spiritual sense since all these existing religious traditions are based on stolen traditions and fabricated lies.

Of course all the royal lines were either bought up or infiltrated by the Rothschild Jew troops long ago to the point where today the British royal family is all Jewish from multiple angles, and all other monarchs in the world play second fiddle to this most powerful corporate entity whether they admit it or not.

In my opinion, people who tell you they know what God says or what God does are the lowest form of human life on this planet, because God is only the echo of thought bouncing off the impenetrable wall of death, and by definition can be nothing else BUT a human projection. Yet, the planet has helped us stay alive. If we would only listen to it, it would keep us alive. But we don't, because we are lost in our own abstractions, all caused by the fetishization of the fear of death as manifested in religious rituals and their pseudo-moral pronouncements.

We humans are the finest form of life in the universe, the one single species on Planet Earth to have been given the honor of protecting every form of life everywhere. Now, who was it told you differently?

What Jewish man told you you were ruled by an omnipotent critter from above? Jesus. What Jewish man told you that at the bottom of everything you were just a criminal sex maniac molesting your own children? Freud. What Jewish man stole all his information from others and then was pronounced by Jewish media as the greatest genius of all time? Einstein.

And as a result of all this and endless other acts of perfidy, we find ourselves helpless and starving in the face of welfare state imprisonment and drone slave education, prisoners of a malevolent mindlock for our whole lives.

All because we aspire to a lie. Yes, I know, it's easy for me to say that, but taking it into your life, internalizing and incorporating it into the way you think would change every single thing that happens in the world, and greatly reduce the number of lives lost due to hypocrisy.

I don't mean to go more grandiosely melodramatic than I already am, but all these ritualized acts trying to kill our own deaths by killing others is just a grotesque parody of our own fear of death rather than acceptance of its inevitability, which would greatly increase our levels of compassion for others because we would realize that everybody is in the same boat as we are, under the threat of a death sentence that is as natural as the rising and setting of the Sun.

Understanding that our eternal life is taken care of nicely by procreation, right action and the creation of longlasting beneficial ideas, and that the truth of one's sincerity and convictions are only validated by the inevitable and understandable presence of death, peace will come to the world, and the universal understanding and love it is the human destiny to project out into the universe will finally begin.

Whether it's Enoch in the seven heavens spaceship, little gray Zeta ETs posing as Jehovah's Witnesses at the front door, or wild evangelical gesticulations about Jayhooshawoowah, I get really upset when some idiot tries to tell me what the after death state is like, or about the many lives they have lived, and, really, consign all these stories to the same category.

First of all, who are THEY (representatives of false mind control traditions) to tell ME (certified pseudohistorian and all around cantankerous dude) what GOD said about anything, given the sorry-ass history of their holy frauds and forgeries and their ruthless extermination of all competing arguments?

God or excuse me, G-d told a bunch of Jews they could kill and rob anyone at all as long as they kissed his holy butt. Christians are so stupid they don't even realize they're doing the same thing, only in a kinder, gentler way.

That's what I meant about suspending your critical thinking in matters of belief. Don't do it. That way lies destruction. And right now, it is way too close.

It irritates the hell right out of me when I contemplate the fools that are trying to give me spiritual advice, because every single one of them is just out to make a buck. Who are they and who am I to know what God says except through the intimate channels of my own heart? And therefore, what I perceive God to be by the life on this wonderful planet that I have been privileged to visit is so far beyond what I can comprehend that I harbor no doubt in that when I die, I have nothing to worry about because I am going home to where I came from. I need no further confirmation of this, and neither do you.

Don't let people sell you something you already own. It's called the Federal Reserve syndrome.

Please note that anytime anyone tells you he is quoting God, or speaking for God, you are dealing with a pathological liar who will accept no fact that disagrees with his culturally engendered mindset, rendering all decisions he makes as biased, illusory and deceptive.

So how do I feel about giving up forever, all those times on hairy Navy airplane flights when I prayed to Jesus because the lightning bolts got too wide, all those luminal moments coursing down the avenues of thought of Krishnamurti and Bohm, or Dylan Thomas, or Jean Sibelius, those wonderful moments of knowing that all is right in this gift we've been given?

When you really believe, giving up forever is no problem, especially after realizing all the lives it would save, all the needless murders it would prevent.

Only by doing this can humanity ever accurately assesses and address its own shortcomings. Not doing this guarantees that this continuing level of righteous and misguided hypocrisy will lead to our extinction.

When all is said and done, when you're totally out of ammunition and arguments, you can frustratedly exclaim: "But spirit never dies." And you'd be absolutely right, thank God.

But just look at the flowers. God never promised you forever. Only priests did that. We only get a season in the sun. And for that, I will be grateful for as long as the ever moving magic wand of time permits me to be so.

Simply knowing this makes you treat other people better, makes you finally realize that despite all the differences, everything you ever had in your whole life came from them.

The only thing you ever really keep is what you give away.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, urging people to understand that no problem in the world can be authentically addressed without first analyzing tangents caused by Jewish perfidy, which has subverted and diminished every aspect of human endeavor throughout history. Support for his work is wholly derived from people who can understand what he�s saying and know what it means.

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