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The ten greatest Jewish achievements in American history

10th August 2011


I'd like to take a moment to dedicate this poem to all the Jewish people and their many devoted friends and fans around the world. It's titled . . .

or, Fate of a Cursed Clan

You're taught to steal,
so you learn to squeal.
When you swallow the deal,
you follow and kneel,
a hollow schlemiel
with an uneven keel.
When you learn to feel,
you yearn to heal.
Dark truths reveal
what the lies conceal.
What you chose to deal
has never been real,
so your very last meal,
cold blood, will congeal
on the fangs of your schpiel
and the tombs of your children.

Take it elsewhere, Hymie Sue.
The whole world knows what you're up to, and won't put up with it anymore.

Here's the big news for revolutionaries everywhere.



It must be done now, before they have a chance to mass the troops.


It's way too late to hesitate.


And now the news.


10. THE CONSTITUTION. 1776. Alexander Hamilton and his traitor friends sell out the newly born American republic and retain the right of printing the money for the bankers, even though in the Constitution it says only Congress has the right to print money. Jewish bankers secretly funded both sides of the Revolutionary War. Slave trader Aaron Lopez loaned money to George Washington and powerbroker Haym Solomon had many of our Founding Fathers on permanent retainer. On the other side, Hessian troops hired to fight for Britain were never paid because Amschel Rothschild, founder of the financial dynasty that rules and is now destroying the world, killed Prince William of Hesse, aged 25, and stole his vast fortune.

9. THE USS LIBERTY. 1967. Israel deliberately bombed the USS Liberty, and most Americans didn't find out about it until 20 years later. Many of you still might not know the story. In the runup to the Six Day War, false flag champ Israel tried to convince the world Arab terrorists were threatening them and so staged a real attack on this U.S. intelligence ship, killing scores and injuring hundreds. They wanted to blame it on Egypt, but too many people had seen what they'd done. A U.S. rescue mission already underway was called back by President Johnson and the attack was allowed to continue before the proximity of other traffic caused the Jews to cease their mass murder of American sailors. The surviving crew was ordered not to talk about it and the mass media clammed up about it. Now, 44 years later, melancholy sailors speak to small groups about what happened to them, and most people either don't believe them, or can't be bothered to realize what this story means - that Israel made war on the United States (of course, that's not really news to those of you who have been keeping up).

The nominees for the No. 8 spot included the Jewish pollution of all the universities with stealthily modified information fed to unsuspecting students (much like Wikipedia does now), Jewish destruction of the arts and sciences with falsified information and senseless mind manipulation, and the capture of all public media, but the choice is...

8. ASSASSINATIONS OF U.S. PRESIDENTS. 1841. 1850. 1865. 1881. 1900. 1923. 1945. 1963. The first two by poison, the second three by gunshot, two more poisonings and another gunshot, or bevy of them, in Dallas that fateful day, all of them killed for the same reason, that they opposed, even in some minor way, the plans of the Jewish bankers. Presidents Jackson, Ford and Reagan were shot at for the same reasons, by the same people, but they happened to survive their attacks. Assassinations of numerous lesser politicians, from McFadden to Wellstone, from Huey Long to John Lennon, from Fred Hampton to Bill Cooper, from Gordon Kahl to Vicki Weaver, were also carried out by the same people. Didn't you know? All assassins are Jews, or Gentile dupes working for Jews.

7. FEDERAL RESERVE TAKES OVER, END OF AMERICAN REPUBLIC. 1913. Did you know the Statue of Liberty was really a Trojan Horse? The words of Jewish poet Emma Lazarus "give us your tired, poor and hungry . . ." opened the door to massive Jewish immigration in the late 1800s, and by 1912, newly registered Jewish voters were able to swing the election to Woodrow Wilson, the peace candidate, who, near the end of his life, was only able to bewail his fate despondently, stating the immortally infamous line, "I have unwittingly ruined my country." Wilson's election amid cheers from The New York Times for his great leadership led immediately to four things that radically changed America for the worse.
1. The Federal Reserve, which gave criminal bankers financial control of the nation, who used this power to engineer World War I as well as bring down the czar of Russia and fund the Soviet tyranny in perpetuity.
2. The income tax and direct election of senators guaranteed permanent financial slavery for Americans, who would be forever thereafter guided by politicians who were selected and groomed by these same bankers.
3. Following World War I and the Bolshevik Revolution came the Spanish Flu and more deaths of millions from poison vaccines made by a Jewish medical profession conducting its own war against the people.
4. The boom and bust cycle of stock market crashes and land confiscations amid massive thefts, which have never abated, by the Jewish bankers and their criminal minions.

In the running for the No. 6 slot were the discovery of oil, the invention of psychoanalysis, putting cancer in the polio vaccine and this...

6. SLAVERY. A multipurpose instrument of subversion, sabotage and enslavement, slavery has been the wedge that has kept America from being really free throughout the history of the nation. It is the foremost weapon in the arsenal of the Jewish destabilization template. Initially, slave labor provided the capital for Jewish warbrokers to create conflict and steal treasures. America ascended financially on the backs of black slaves, who were then used to destabilize the republic by crying for their freedom. Once freed, the Jewish bankers were able, through the time-tested principles of the traditional Jewish inversion of values, to bring everyone down to the level of slaves through the slavish dependence of the population on the bloated welfare system. More than a century of this has resulted in America's total inability to be self sufficient. It could be called, and doubtless has been, a fatal addiction to government.

5. THE BANNING OF HEMP, PLUS FLUORIDE, RADIATION, AND TELEVISION. 1937. Hemp was America's largest cash crop, nontoxic, environmentally friendly and owned by everyone. It was replaced by poison petroleum pharmaceuticals, fabrics and fuels, plus alcohol, all owned by a few Jews. Fluoride diminishes mental capacity; it was a waste product of nuclear fuels that would have cost billions to dispose of, so they hid it in our water supply while our doctors lied. The radiation tests of the 1960s diminished our intellects, changed the way we thought. The scar the Jews left on Japan at Fukushima left future generations of suicidal insane and radioactive Ninja warriors ready to wreak revenge on the West. Television taught us how to be insincere and how to avoid relating to our families. It instilled in us the New World Order maxim, "the truth doesn't matter, as long as we keep getting our paycheck." And the destruction of the family unit is high on the list of Jewish achievements in American history.

4. 'WOMEN'S LIBERATION: DESTRUCTION OF THE FAMILY' It has to be called a very Jewish technique of luring a target populace toward a political goal by using a method that is utterly disastrous to their health, but that's what happened when Freud's nephew Edward Bernays engineered a public relations campaign that made cigarette smoking by women (previously prohibited) a symbol for their liberation. The irony of poisoning themselves to gain equality was lost on everyone, such is the power of commercial advertising. But it was the underlying theme of the whole movement, engineered by strident Jewish lesbian banshees in the 1960s, which turned women into junior men and added all those numbers to the tax rolls while subsequent generations of American men, now growing teats at an early age, were all brought up without fathers, who were mostly drunk and attending sporting events (which is a whole other great Jewish achievement and component of the American coma).

Spots are getting scarce on this top ten list and there are still plenty of topics in American Jewish history from which to choose, like the creation of AIDS, the Great Depression, or the infliction of cancer and/or manual rape at airports, oops, and I almost forgot the kosher tax, which is the thing that irritates housewives (are there still housewives?) the most, but instead the choice is...

3. 9/11 AND THE HOLOCAUST. 1964-2001. These two things changed the political landscape of the world into total fantasy. 9/11 proved that the U.S. government could kill a large number of its own people, blame it on someone else, and get away with it because the public had become so dumbed down by many of the influences mentioned above. The Holocaust religion, which didn't really get invented until the late 1960s, proved that reality could be created and enforced simply by creating laws that put people in jail for telling the truth while attempting to debunk official lies. 9/11 opened a door to the ugly side of American history, which, if you choose to walk through it instead of closing your eyes and blocking your ears, you eventually discover that the really big decisions about America are not made by Americans at all. They have all been made by Jews, who have no nationality at all, and are the enemy of every country on Earth, including even themselves. The Holocaust religion is being implemented in the same way Christianity was imposed on the masses: first you destroy all competing points of view so people won't have the knowledge to perceive the lies, then, as Dubya once said, you keep repeating the propaganda until it sinks in, using bribery, blackmail and murder as needed. As long as the current fictions about 9/11 and the Holocaust continue to exist in mainstream society as actual historical truths, the lives of all people who wish to think for themselves are threatened by unexpected, instantaneous and arbitrary liquidation. Yes, as I said, these programs are well underway.

2. WEATHER WARS, FOOD POISONING AND GENETIC ALTERATION. Our future is right in front of us, leaping out of the big screen as the Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminator scenario, also predicted by the futurologist Nick Land, where the bacterial logic of machine thinking voraciously consumes every atom of natural life in the world and replaces it with its "better idea" of human progress, which is unfortunately motivated by the unquenchable desire for spectacular profits gathered for the purpose of perfecting luxury for the few and misery for the many. I mean, this is human history, isn't it? What's happening now is what has been happening all along: he who acquires the most toys wins, right? And we've followed that for thousands of years. Where has it taken us? Right over the cliff into that distinctly human landfill called Earth? Soon to be the former home of humans. Perhaps you haven't noticed we are being molded into nonhumans. Just what the Talmud - you know, the Talmud, that Jewish "holy" book - says we are... nonhumans. Hmm.

Lastly, there are still many competitors to be named as the greatest Jewish achievement in the destruction of America. You can probably point out many of them yourself, and adjust this list to your own preferences. But above all, I think, is this one.

1. TO MAKE THE WORLD SEEM SO BAD YOU FEEL LIKE YOU WANT TO DIE. 2011. This is the real Jewish contribution to American culture. I saw it in that story about old people who said they'd prefer to die rather than have their money taken away from them (which does seem about to happen any day now). Think about what they're doing to us. Crisis after crisis. Massive cognitive dissonance and confusion about who is doing what to whom. A media mindlock which censors out all negative information about Jews. Public media all owned by Jews. Jew puppeteers controlling CIA cutouts like Obama and Sarkozy, people whose history is suppressed lest their real motivations be revealed. Deliberately poisoning the oceans is a trip I can't quite fathom, but is seems like proof positive that it IS an extermination program, and it IS underway. But still the American people stayed glued to their tubes, squinching their eyes real tight, and hoping that the tornado - bigger than any storm they've ever even heard of - will pass.

This is all a Jewish production, a vampire's vaudeville enacted and reenacted since the dawn of human consciousness, still being shoved down your throat as we speak. And still, you remain silent. This storm won't pass until we make it pass.

The worst piece of garbage the Jews have left to posterity is themselves. The biggest effect they've had on the U.S. is that, through their control of all levels of media, they've turned most Americans into manipulative liars and soulless killers just like the Jews themselves.

This story is dedicated to Samuel Untermeyer, the Jewish powerbroker who once, in 1932, engineered the headline, "Judea Declares War on Germany," except that the headline I am yearning to see is "Humanity declares war on Judea" (because Judea has declared war on us . . . and that really happened thousands of years ago).

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, urging people to understand that no problem in the world can be authentically addressed without first analyzing tangents caused by Jewish perfidy, which has subverted and diminished every aspect of human endeavor throughout history. Support for his work is wholly derived from people who can understand what he�s saying and know what it means.

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