The courage to face tomorrow


Teams announced for the biggest game of all time:
Jews vs. humans (predator vs. prey)

(Latest score update, with two minutes left in the game of Planet Earth: Jews 5,761, humans nothing)

Note to readers: Hitler was innocent; U.S. started WW2; but we believed Jewish media; Saddam was innocent; The Taliban were innocent; Qaddafi is innocent; America is a robotized killer state.

27th June 2011

BREAKING NEWS: You can either be a Jew or a human being, but you can't be both. This is what the Jews themselves say in their supposedly holy book, The Talmud. They claim to be the only real human beings on the planet, and all the non Jews are, according to former Israeli prime minister Menachem Begin, "beasts." You've doubtless seen the many stories out of Israel affirming this is true, with one rabbi after another repeating that non Jews are only here to serve the Jews.

Can you think of a clearer parallel to this 360 degree herd culling now going on?

Jews can't defend their position � because it's insane. Narcissistic megalomania would be the correct term to use in the science Jews created, which is psychology. Judaism is the disease psychology was invented to cure � but it failed totally. Religions failed for the same reason: failure to identify our relationships with others as the most important part of our lives. Religion hijacked our primary allegiance into outer space with an imaginary god. Psychology took us into own minds and abandoned us there without a shred of hope, drugged and duped in the service of alienation and exploitation.

I repeat: Jews can't defend their position because it's insane. That's why they inevitably resort to slander and evasion. The Holocaust propaganda myth has been exploded. Both World Wars were planned and conducted to create the State of Israel, the crime capital of the world. All those hip Jews, pretending such sincere concern over the fate of the country they happen to be living off, can only respond weakly: "You're a bad person for saying that!" "Surely you don't know what you're talking about."

Guess again, Moishe. As I survey the cyberhorizon, I might be the only one who does.

Have you ever noticed that when you really piss off a Jew that he reverts to the most scatological slurs he can sputter and scalds you with the most offensive profanity? That's the real programming coming through, baby. It's reflected in their cowardly and dishonest responses to legitimate criticism. The profit scheme is their prime directive. It's simply blasphemy to oppose it, subject to Talmudic death penalty.

Why do you think they keep the Talmud so secret? Because in amongst the many horrors contained in that monument to self-destructive perversity is the command: "Any non Jew who reads the Talmud must be killed." This is an admission of all Jews of the shame they really feel but suppress about the insane dogma that rules their lives.

Because we have all been hypnotized, transfixed and mystified by centuries of Jewish-imposed population control plans � from newspapers, art, music and movies to universities, encyclopedias, sciences and pop trends � we no longer have the tools to identify what is real and what is spin.

The stain on civilization emanating from the Hebrew prophets is far more pervasive than any of us realizes � or perhaps, can realize. The breadth of the Jews' parasitic penetration into our minds and bodies is breathtaking. The way we think was even invented by a Jew.

Judaism is nothing else but a parasitic self destructive virus that has badly infected both Christianity and Islam with its poisoned misinformation, but the crux of the matter (pardon the pun) is that the effects it has caused in the world is now culminating in a scenario none of us (we thought) could be so hateful and so depraved as to even imagine happening to us � mass extermination by the people we at least said we trusted � our leaders!

Henry Ford was right. "The only things Jews are afraid of is the truth."

Because Jews are so scared everyone will find out they're just like everybody else � nobody.

I don't know why they're so scared of that. I rather enjoy it. It's called being human and respecting your own life.

I have long believed that the Book of Revelation contains coded subconscious instructions for our destruction, and we � guided by the insane hand of the Jews � are witnessing before our every eyes right now that programming coming to fruition.

By believing in a lie and then fighting over minor points of it for two thousand years, we have poisoned our own home and guaranteed our own extinction, which in case you haven't noticed, is imminent.

Did I mention that all the American presidents (9) and all the Russian czars (7) who were assassinated were all assassinated by Jews?

Did I mention that the people who guided the Roman emperor Constantine on his death bed to convert to Christianity were all Jews?

And if you still have any doubts about the innocence of Adolf Hitler, did I mention that Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin were all Jews?

PRACTICAL ADVICE: Do you know what to do when you're railing about the Jewish penetration of reality, the Israeli genocide of the Palestinians, or the wars for Israel America is fighting in every country in the Arab world, and a Jew resorts to his primary fallback position, which is "Of course it's not all Jews!"

The proper response to this is: "Really? Which 99 percent do you mean?"

And then you might want to add: "Israeli soldiers like shooting children in the back of the head and then harvesting their organs." It's important to remember that Israeli soldiers are Jews, just like your "neighbors" who live down the street and are always so busy in social and political affairs. In fact, many of your "neighbors" have actually been Israeli soldiers.

� � �

No one can ever be happy unless they live in a country, in a society, they can believe in. The great Franch lawyer Frederic Bastiat said something that will stand for all of time, and I paraphrase � when a citizen has to choose between his sense of honest moral justice, or his belief in what is right, and the law, the society in which he lives is doomed. Rights precede laws. Any law that violates rights should not be obeyed. Thomas Jefferson said that, too.

Who among us here now still believes in America, with its war machine going full speed slaughtering Jewish enemies all over the world at the expense of millions of human lives. No matter how deceived we may have been by Jewish propaganda throughout our lives, all of us here remember being an American, feeling American, willing to defend our country against all enemies at any time. Who among us believes that now?

Would you go to war and fight to the death for Barack Obama? Or George Bush? Or Bill Clinton? Or George Bush? Or Ronald Reagan? This is how long the current neocon tyranny in America has lasted. So would you mind telling me, if you gave your life fighting for Barack Obama, what would your sacrifice be for?

All our leaders should be in prison. They're mass murderers. You know all this.

� � �

The most important piece of information I can give you is what I call the Mullins/Ramsay meme. It is the description of the modern Jewish world financial monster as it evolved from the killing of the king by Oliver Cromwell in England in the mid-1600s. The first Bank of England was formed shortly thereafter and to this day controls the world of finance.

A hundred years later in concert with Jewish money from Germany and Italy, Lord Palmerston's British intelligence engineered the French Revolution, which is the bloodiest of them all, where neighbor slaughtered neighbor with meat cleavers and all the political configurations kept changing as the slaughter was going on so that nothing was left of what France used to be.

In the American Revolution, Haym Solomon, the Henry Kissinger of his time, paid James Madison a regular salary and George Washington got substantial contributions from Jewish slave trader Aaron Lopez in Newport. Rothschild counted the coins of Prince William of Hesse, who furnished the soldiers to fight for the British against the American rebels. The kicker: Prince William never paid the troops, a massive fortune. Partners with Amschel Rothschild, who founded the dynasty that is now thoroughly destroying the world, Prince William died mysteriously at age 25, according to Eustace Mullins.

I'll skip over the American Civil War. Long story. Complex Jewish accomplishment.

It took hundreds of years, the assassination of seven czars, and the arming of Japan before the Jews finally took over Russia, and they never could have done it without the army of maniac anarchists that Jewish bankers in Brooklyn sent over with Trotsky to give Lenin $40 million in gold. The result of this Jewish false flag revolution was, according to Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, 66 million non Jewish dead.

The brutal murder of the czar and his family in 1917 was the culmination of a process triggered by staged stock market crashes and massive immigration of Russian Jews from 1900 on, who all registered to vote and gained the election of Woodrow Wilson as president, the "peace candidate" who brought America into World War I as soon as the Balfour declaration was signed, promising Israel to the Zionist Jew financial monsters who were and are manipulating reality.

Wilson further betrayed his country by shepherding the passage of landmark legislation that changed the character � and the health � of America forever. Income tax, Federal Reserve, direct election of senators destroying democracy. Wilson admitted it. "I have unwittingly ruined my country." Asshole. Tradition among presidents. Except one.

I was never a believer until now. He told us everything, and we couldn't hear him above the preplanned manipulated white noise din of Jewish mass media. This near 50 year old video tells us how profoundly we have been anesthetized by white noise in the last half century.

All the wars since WWI have been Rothschild-Rockefeller-Schiff-Warburg enterprises.

Very important to understand Ramsay's "The Nameless War." It's on my website. Easy read, about 80 pages, curl your toenails.


This is my belief. What we believe is what we do.

Call me naive, but I believe we're all working for the same God. The Hindus have 3,300 names for god, but they're all aspects of the same one. Muslims fervently pray to Allah, Christians devotedly tend their statues, it's all the same god.

What you believe is what you do. We're all working for the same God � err, except those who worship G-d, which really should be G$d.

In no way, shape nor form is the God of the Talmud or the Old Testament the god of the Trifid Nebula or the first words a baby speaks. Jehovah is a venal beast, justifying crimes against humanity for the sheer satisfaction of his bloodthirsty control. We all have to come to grips with this, and take Frederic Bastiat's maxim about nations up to species level.

Humanity has yet, and may never, come to grips with the sad fact that the greatest empires are compiled, and the greatest heroes worshipped, since the dawn of time, have been the greatest killers.

What do we do when the God we worship, shackled and distorted by profit-seeking priests, becomes the devil our heart tells us to avoid?

Whatever we may wish to think about these things, it is important to remember that all humans worship the same god, and possess the same aspirations, except for that one poisoned group. We must not let sly social engineering and media manipulation deflect us from our goal of individual liberty as the cornerstone of all rights and laws. This benevolent paternalistic attitude of the state is a false pose that has led us dangerously far down the road to irremovable totalitarian tyranny. I'll take a man with his rifle over a bureaucrat with a pen any day.

In this day and age of intense Jewish infiltration of what began as anti Jewish groups, I know it is difficult to assess others whose differences may be slightly different than your own. We've all been burned so many times by Jews pretending to be our friends and allies. Don't be put off too quickly by token differences. It is essential to identify intruders and fakes but don't exclude potential allies too quickly.

My formula is I try to keep all Jewish information out of my data base, because three thousand years of history have shown that information to be false and manipulative, no matter how nearly convincing the rhetoric may be.

I'm still waiting for some hotshot Jewish writer like Gordon Duff, Gilad Atzmon, or Michel Chossudovsky amongst the many so heavily promoted by all these supposedly hip websites to address my main concerns, which apparently no Jew has the courage or candor to attempt. I charge that the words "Jew" and "integrity" are mutually exclusive. You can trip up any Jew instantaneously by simply asking him to recite Jewish history. He will not be able to avoid lying.

If you try to include Jews in a coalition fighting for freedom around the world, that coalition is doomed to fail. If you try to build a stable society, Jews will gain control of it and ruin it. How much fucking evidence do you need?

Answer me this, hotshot Jewish writers who pretend to be on the side of patriots fighting for genuine freedom.

Would you believe anything a person said who professed belief that his particular . . . call it any kind of group you like: ethnic, religious, racial, cultural . . . group had the right and duty to kill (and rob, I like that part, very religious) any non Jew in the world, whose holidays all commemorate the slaughter of non Jews, and who took an oath every year to lie about everything they do? Of course you wouldn't. That would make you a goy.

It's your choice: Defaming the memory of the dead, or erasing the lives of the living.

The logical end point to the Jewish philosophy is that the Jews will keep killing until there's nobody left to kill but themselves.

For this wonderful world we inhabit and for the people we love, we non Jews must not let them do that, nor must we accept any help from any Jews who pretend to be on our side, because then, as you know, the job will not get done.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, urging people to understand that no problem in the world can be authentically addressed without first analyzing tangents caused by Jewish perfidy, which has subverted and diminished every aspect of human endeavor throughout history. Support for his work is wholly derived from people who can understand what he�s saying and know what it means.

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