The fulcrum of fear

The essence of our problem is what we are not allowed to say

15th August 2011


I am so sorry. We won't be able to give you that information because of . . .

1. NATIONAL SECURITY (you've heard that one right?) AND THE TERRORIST THREAT! That's the big mind eraser now, already written into law, but this concept has evolved from . . .

2. THOSE PEOPLE ARE EVIL (which doubtless you've heard in any kind of church when they talk about every other kind of church). This is at the bottom of this whole subject, fear and loathing of the outsider, anyone who looks different, obviously must be a child of the devil, especially if he's not from your neighborhood. And if they ARE different, they're obviously out to kill us, because anybody who's different from us is obviously out to kill us. This evolved from . . .

3. YOU ARE GOING TO DIE AND I CAN SAVE YOU if you just believe everything I say and don't question it, which is the formula for all religions (and all governments), any place, any time, this is the answer, and you're damned if you don't follow, which is why you probably will be killed for reasons you do not understand, except that usually those reasons are exactly the opposite of what is being officially stated as the reasons for your termination. And since I am an amateur prehistorian, I can even go one step back further than that and tell you this all started at the dawn of time before any formal religion even began with this pathetic excuse for separation and secrecy from one's fellows . . .

4. THIS INFORMATION IS SO IMPORTANT IT CAN'T BE ENTRUSTED TO ORDINARY PEOPLE, which is the canard the ancient mystics used to prevent the spread of their so-called sacred knowledge, lest it be abused by the unenlightened, which is where the whole priestly thing of secret rituals got started, and any resemblance of it to current government policy is not only not coincidental it is a direct descendant of the paranoia always used to mobilize any creed's less intellectually endowed followers to kill anyone opposed to your religious philosophy, which as you know beyond doubt from what your priests have told you, is the only true creed.

Got it? I don't think so! Because you're we're still trapped in this fetid puddle of futile self-justification for unjust murder and robbery. American troops in Afghanistan is a good example of this.

This is a story about the knot of fear in our minds that prevents us from achieving the goals of freedom and liberty.

What is it that prevents you from seeing it, and having seen it, achieving it?

I know this beautiful and dedicated woman whose load in life is to champion a cause that has been made to seem so ugly in the public mind that she fears to reveal the real truth of her cause to most people for fear of their pathological reactions and reprisals when the American miseducation programming installed in their minds seizes up.

Besieged for so many years by all manner of viciously contrived obstacles, legal faceslaps and insane innuendoes, her objective has necessarily been to gather support in subtle ways, by first establishing rapport with as wide a variety of people as possible, to see how many of them or how few are capable of transcending their social conditioning and cultural fears and apprehending this one particular awful truth that has become arguably the world's most heinous lie and also her life's work.

We have a running argument, Isabella (not her real name) and I. She needs to mobilize as much public support as possible to free her friends and loved ones from their false imprisonment, and her task has been made just about impossible by the waterfall of lies from officialdom that has been pouring over humanity for a half century. So she never gets too specific about certain things rather than give anyone a reason to abandon their support for her mission.

I tried to tell her that it doesn't matter how many supporters she has if the governmental system she is trying to convince to help her rather than hurt her remains the same glassy-eyed robot stooge of the moneymen that got her and her friends into this predicament in the first place. Therefore, why pull punches? Half hearted supporters will abandon you when the going gets tough, anyway.

She rightly points out that mine is an academic argument. I've have not been hurt by the powers that be for speaking my mind (except for the worldwide Internet ban on my stories and the number of books I haven't sold for all the subterranean preventive measures that have been take by that worldwide network of mythmakers).

And she has been hurt. Her husband was taken from her permanently for speaking his mind. He got way too loud, way too effective, had way too many supporters. The powers that be won't put up with that. He was taken away and silenced. Like so many others.

At least he wasn't killed. When you get into the public eye as he did, it becomes more difficult to eliminate you. Bad publicity, y'know. But the substitute is a public flogging and private torture, loss of all your money and rights, long prison term, and forbidden to speak about certain subjects forever. This was the fate of Ezra Pound and so many others. Media spins it down the memory hole as fast as possible and nobody ever hears about it. Nobody will ever hear your story, y'know. Only if you work for THEM, and do something really nasty that they will spin into something heroic, they'll name a street or maybe a detention center after you.

I just have fewer people who listen to me, because the truth of what I have to say is so hard to take for so many, and most still turn away. My most serious injury is to be snubbed and ridiculed, a pretty good deal, all in all, on the spectrum of things that happen to people who try to tell the truth.

She and so many millions of others have felt the real pain, the tangible loss, of their lives, their loved ones and their livelihoods . . . all for attempting to speak the real truth of the world, which happens to be all about the four items at the top of this story.

The essence of our problem is what we are not allowed to say.

Which takes us to the matter of Internet correspondents who don't use their real names. Their excuse is always the same. "I don't want THEM to know who I am!"

What a paradigmatic example of lame thinking! If THEY want to know you are, they know the minute you turn on your computer. Yet most intellectual giants on the internet think a pseudonym in their email address actually conceals their identity. That's who we're dealing with here.

The most common excuse for this lame attempt to conceal one's identity in the discussion of controversial topics and I've heard very many is . . . "I have to protect my family" (although I suspect that is often a cover for I have to protect my property and my financial wellbeing, the latter concept now being a synonym for life itself), and I can both understand and identify with that fear. Because it's real. The examples are too numerous and too tragically bloody.

So this is the knot that prevents us from speaking freely, from calling the people we want to identify as criminals as "Hawaiians", "Eskimos" or simply "them", anything but use of the forbidden word, which is the most reliable identifying label.

The essence of our problem is what we are not allowed to say.

The result is the lies that we are forced to parrot as our own. As Texas Gov. Rick Perry, likely our next president (you heard it first here), said recently: "We seek to maintain that great humanitarian tradition that is the United States of America."

Can you hear the echo of drones over wedding parties in a faraway country? Take a deep breath of the aluminum from the chemtrails? Note that our leading Republican presidential candidate takes Prozac and sometimes has three-day bouts of psychotic paralysis? Think her finger will twitch on the red button?

Don't talk about them or you may lose your job, if not your life. This axiom gives most people in the world a permanent case of moral laryngitis.

And above all remember this: you may identify the perps in your mind, but you may not name them out loud. That will incur for you a serious penalty that will change your life. It almost seems like the true badge of patriotism today is to have been tazed and teargassed by the cops, and smashed and tortured by the powers that be. Besides, they like it that you know but can't say anything about it. It is the exact mindset you need to buy something you don't need for a price that's way too high, but are so distraught you can't even figure out why you did it.

You've been taught to accept what the government says just like what the church says is true, so any observation you may have critical of the government has now been reclassified into an act of treason against the state a kind of civic excommunication and from this behavioral canyon there is no solution except an all-out, balls-to-the-wall revolution, which, by the way, should start right now.

But there's that fulcrum of fear again, a sadistic seesaw of insecurity that bounces up and down in your heart: Do you say what you feel will really lead to freedom and liberty, or do you clam up and accept the severely limited version of freedom that you think you have now?

If you are not allowed to tell the truth about every single thing you encounter, what's the point of continuing this self-delusional daytime TV drama known as the human race at all? To continue it at this point is only to become the very nonhuman bovine troll THEY have claimed you were all this time.

One way or the other, this is the end of the childhood of the human race. Either we grow up and realize the biological limits of our organic lives and the stated objective of our collective mind to live forever are at odds, and must become synchronized as much as possible through patient understanding, or we can continue to operate this dysfunctional paradigm of questing for eternal life, even as it leads us directly to our extinction.

Pinioned as you are on the fearsome fulcrum of fear, you must make the call. Don't be too worried. It has always been this way. Incredible as it may seem, for as long as we can remember, humanity has always made the wrong choice the quick solution instead of the real fix. What we are seeing now is the accumulation of those choices.

When will we ever realize that the more we make these shortsighted and fear-driven choices, the more they will occur?

And what is it that I have not mentioned in this story that causes you great relief and is the true name of the fulcrum of fear, which you, for all of your life, have been so afraid to speak?

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, urging people to understand that no problem in the world can be authentically addressed without first analyzing tangents caused by Jewish perfidy, which has subverted and diminished every aspect of human endeavor throughout history. Support for his work is wholly derived from people who can understand what he�s saying and know what it means.

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