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The Jesus franchise

Magic man hammers nails into your euthanized soul

30th May 2011

Nyah, nyah, my god is better than your god. Therefore, I have a right to kill you, right, because you are nothing but a freakin' infidel! Die, you scum sucking dog! Boom!

How many different types of true believers have I heard utter those insane words? White supremacists, black victim robots, yellow crimelords, and of course Jewish slumlords. How much of what is described as the fight for freedom is passed off under the guise of this warped sentiment, this ungodliest of philosophies. My god is better than your god; therefore, you must die.

It's always a cover story for theft, according to the entire history of the world. The arguments of partisans form a line that stretches to the horizon, all waiting to tell you that their way is the best way, and everybody else is camel dung. Very rare is the prophet who espouses respect for those practicing other creeds. So-called religious wars are fought over trivial differences in ritual and procedure, and are only really spun rationalization cover stories to mask the robbery and mass murder that has taken place, which are then woven into heroic tales of glory by partisan religious authorities.

Religion is righteousness used as a murder weapon, all the while preaching peace with a smile. Religious explanations of political events can never be anything more than sanctimonious excuses for crimes after which the holy ones have received their prearranged share of the booty.

Ritualized beliefs were supposed to protect humankind from carnage and injustice, but instead they have exacerbated and facilitated them. This is because the whole edifice of human civilization � the whole of human thought � is based upon a lie, and the ramifications of that lie have sabotaged civilization through the universal exploitation of this fear since the idea was first invented.

The hypocritical corruption needed to sustain that lie is precisely what is destroying human civilization.

You want to be like Jesus? That means you subliminally want to be crucified. Phishna is right. It's ritualization of a programmed death wish.

I want you to think for a moment about the culture of corruption in human thought that has occurred over the centuries in the development all as the result of one thing: the creation of an artificial godman, which, like some demonic magnet, has extracted the souls out of the bodies of all of his followers and deposited them in the care of those men in black robes, who hide the real knowledge of history in the Vatican library and long ago hired Rothschild to take care of their money.

How much effort, over these many bloody years, has been required to maintain that lie, and how many great thinkers � as they still are today � have been persecuted and murdered on the altar of senseless sanctimony. The reason is the same every time. Executed for wanting to tell the truth and refusing to believe in the lie.

The one thing anyone can determine about Christian historians, from 1600 years of solid evidence showing distortions, inventions and fabrications, is that they definitely cannot be relied upon to the tell the truth, because of all of the faulty data they have ingested and then further bastardized and spit out throughout their lives. It is a web they have spun for themselves that eventually suffocates their minds completely, and makes them literally immune to reason, not to mention, facts.

But then they counter, reason is not what counts in the end; only faith can suffice. And they're right. Right here is where they're on the border of discovering real faith, which involves no doctrine at all; but it's just too simple (aka: unprofitable) for them and they cannot make the leap. So they lapse back into revering the bleeding Jesus, and have no inkling of the connection between his blood and the blood that is spilled needlessly every day in the world.

He didn't die for our sins; we're killing each other for his.

Or as Ernest Becker put it, killing someone else lessens our own fear of death.

But the best explanation of all may be found in The Gospel of Fred, er, Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900), called by some the second greatest philosopher (next to Plato) in human history.

I make war on this theologian instinct. I have found traces of it everywhere. Whoever has theologian blood in his veins has a wrong and dishonest attitude towards all things from the very first.

The pathos that develops out of this is called faith: permanently closing one's eyes with respect to oneself so as not to suffer from the sight of an incurable falsity.

Out of this erroneous perspective on all things, one makes a morality, a virtue, a holiness for oneself, one unites good conscience with seeing falsely � one that demands no other kind of perspective shall be accorded any value after one has rendered one's own (perspective) sacrosanct with the names 'God', 'redemption', 'eternity' . . .

. . . the theologian instinct is the most widespread, peculiarly subterranean form of falsity that exists on Earth. What a theologian feels to be true MUST be false: this provides almost a certain criterion of truth.
(excerpt from Nietszche's 'The Antichrist', p. 9)

To call the taming of an animal its 'improvement' is in our ears almost a joke. Whoever knows what goes on in menageries is doubtful whether the beasts in them are 'improved'. They are weakened, they are made less harmful, they become sickly beasts through the depressive emotions of fear, through pain, through injuries, through hunger . . .

It is no different with the tamed human being whom the priest has 'improved'. In the early Middle Ages, when the church was in fact above all a menagerie, the noble Teutons were 'improved.' What did a Teuton look like after and he had been led into a monastery?

Like a caricature of a human being, like an abortion: he had become a 'sinner', he was in a cage, one had imprisoned him behind nothing but sheer terrifying concepts . . . There he lay now, sick, miserable, filled with ill-will toward himself; full of hatred for the impulses toward life, full of suspicion of all that was still strong and happy. In short, he was a Christian . . .
(Twilight of the Idols, p. 4)

And finally:

The unmasking of Christian morality is an event without equal, a real catastrophe . . . He who unmasks morality has therewith unmasked the valuelessness of all values which are or have been believed in . . .

. . . The concept 'God' invented as the antithetical concept to life . . .

. . . The concept 'The Beyond', 'real world' invented so as to deprive of value the only world which exists . . .

. . . The concept 'soul', 'spirit', finally even 'immortal soul', invented so as to despise the body, so as to make it 'sick' � 'holy' � so as to bring all the things in life which deserve serious attention � the questions of nutriment, residence, cleanliness, weather � reduced to trivial matters [Ed: � made invisible by the 'light' of faith, i.e., blinded by the light].

. . . Instead of health (you get) 'salvation of the soul' . . . a revolving joke betweens spasms of redemption and atonement hysteria.

. . . The concept 'sin' � invented together with the instrument of torture that goes with it, the concept of 'free will', confuses and sabotages our belief in our own best instincts.
(Ecce Homo, p. 8)

Nietzsche had a clearer view of things than most everybody who ever lived. One thing all non partisan analysts of his work agree upon is that the world would be clearer and more straightforward if his concepts were better understood.

So that brings us nicely back to the matter of contemporary religious righteousness, and the many manifestations of the Jesus franchise.

So many people don't realize that the whole Christian evangelical movement was cut off from mainstream Christianity by Scofield and Darby, who Zionized the 'good book' and taught followers of Pentacostal, Nazarene, Jehovah's Witnesses and all those other CIA religions that the divine Jews were really nice guys.

In amongst this crowd lurks the Christian Identity squadron, eager and enthusiastic to articulately separate the Khazars from their Chosen Hebrewness, but promising only more of the same Talmudic righteousness in a new world that they would rule instead of the Jews, most frighteningly using most of the same rules.

Every other Protestant denomination is just a watered down version of that same general tack, and most Protestant theologies descended through the Jew John Calvin. Of course, the biggest bad joke of all was that the whole thing was invented by Jews, who live by stealing, to make them immune for prosecution for the things they stole. Wildly successful idea. Any resemblance to what's going on today is not coincidental.

Turn the other cheek.

While I pick your pocket.

Three best moneymaking opportunities today?

1. Multibillion multinational arms dealing. Government debt paid by taxes is the surest route to megawealth, because all governments are so willingly corruptible.

2. Deal drugs, at any level. The higher the level the less likely you are to get caught, since the people running the country are the same ones running the drug business. Once you get promoted above a certain level, you become immune to prosecution.

3. Purchase a handy dandy Jesus franchise. A lot of rich Jews will be willing to help you if you just spin the tune the way they want. That's the way they work. If you sign on the dotted line, it's only a matter of time before you discover that you have to violate everything Jesus supposedly said before you actually can get out there and start telling people what a great guy he supposedly was, and how powerless everybody is without him.

Just once, try to see what it is you're giving up, and what that power actually is. Exactly whose power are we talking about? you might ask.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, urging people to understand that no problem in the world can be authentically addressed without first analyzing tangents caused by Jewish perfidy, which has subverted and diminished every aspect of human endeavor throughout history. Support for his work is wholly derived from people who can understand what he�s saying and know what it means.

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