The man who knew too much, but not enough

If you trust a computer analyzing linguistic patterns, you are to be incinerated no later than October 11

11th March 2011

The way to love anything is to realize that it may be lost.  — G. K. Chesterton

The Web Bot futurologist Clif High is flirting with some major scientific discoveries. His Expando Planet theory not only reveals that the Earth has grown to three times the size it was in the time of dinosaurs, but it is the Sun itself that fuels this growth by sending its rays directly to an active plasma core in the center of the planet that transmutes solar energy into volcanic matter.

But scientific breakthroughs take a back seat in this story, once the punchline is finally delivered.

" . . . dangerous radiation will pour down upon the planet and us guys, its inhabitants. Not good. Terminal sunburns in minutes. Burning of anything directly in the path of the sun's output. Cook your dinner in a pot outside in minutes. That sort of thing. But not good for life."

Fire in the sky. The modern version of it, ultraviolet waves. October 11, at the latest.

Clif High is no crank . . . (Wikipedia) Web Bot, or the Web Bot Project, refers to an Internet bot software program that is claimed to be able to predict future events by tracking keywords entered on the Internet. It was created in 1997, originally to predict stock market trends. The creator of the Web Bot Project, Clif High, along with his associate George Ure, who call themselves "The Time Monks", keep the technology and algorithms largely secret.

You may draw some skeptical relief in that his last set of predictions sketched numerous outbreaks of spirited events that did not happen, unless you count all those Islamic revolts that have broken out of late. Close followers of this computer groundbreaker insist he had the Gulf oil spill pegged a year before it happened.

Internet bots monitor Internet chatter. Words are assigned numeric values for emotional quantifiers such as duration, impact, immediacy, and intensity. As of 2008, there were about 300,000 keywords in the lexicon, along with with emotional context indicators which are fed into a computer-generated modelspace. They then use a technique called Asymmetric Language Trend Analysis (ALTA) developed by Clif High to generate a predictive report from a fully-populated modelspace. These predictive reports are known as ALTA or Web Bot reports. Ure and High hypothesize that changes in language precede changes in behavior. This is the basis for attempting to use ALTA as a form of future viewing.

"2012 is still ALL about catastrophe, and cataclysm," High wrote in his latest report, titled "2012: Doom Ain't What It Used to Be."
"To reach any other conclusion is to not be aware of manifesting circumstances," he concluded.

Get the basic rundown of upcoming events at Patrick Geryl's website, and then consider these disturbing conclusions High has extracted from the data collected by his Web Bot.

The earth's magnetic field, humanity's shield, is failing, and has a period that is about 11,800 years between re-charges. This process, High insists, is just about to start itself up.

Expando Planet Model

In High's Expando Planet model, the continuous stream of energy from the Sun goes not only to the surface of the planets, but also to their centers, where, given the existence of an active plasma core, this energy is transmuted into matter. Plasma is an 'energetic antenna' that seems to draw energy to it via sympathetic resonance.

"So, since magic likely is not how the core of the earth generates the magnetic field that we observe, it would seem more likely that the explanation is that the core of the earth is plasma. Plasma is highly excited energy, and does develop prodigious magnetic fields all out of proportion to its size. All of the observable magnetic effects on earth can be explained with the plasma core idea."

"So, in the Expando Planet model of thinking about Earth, the plasma core gets energy steadily from the Sun and as a necessity, must convert this steady stream of energy into matter. Thus if the Expando Planet model is correct, one of the predictable effects would be that the planet would pretty much continuously grow. And that is also what observable, manifesting reality demonstrates. The Earth is slowly growing."

But then, the fateful question: What happens to this whole matter creation mechanism if there is a sudden burst of energy from the Sun?

"If the Expando Planet model is correct, there are some predictable effects that should be visible. One is that the 'skin' of our orange (planet earth) will rupture in specific ways that should form 'crinkly bits' for coast line on the anterior side of the tearing. These would be expected to be rough, ragged, vertically exposing of interior skin features, and not evenly spaced."

"Also if the Expando Planet theory is correct, then it is expected that the ruptured surface of the planet should resemble a picture puzzle in that the various sections should fit exactly back together when the 'new parts' are removed. Anyone who has ever looked at a globe gets the idea that ALL the continents were once connected along all the edges. The standard explanation for this offered by academics is the idea of one giant continent called Pangaea in one giant ocean on the earth at the same size as it is now.

"This explanation is clearly wrong as it defies math in the form of the spherical trigonometry expressed in the coasts of the continents. In other words. It is not possible, on a globe that is the size of today's earth, to fit the continents back together. The curvature of the earth gets in the way. The edges do not fit when this is tried. But clearly, the coasts of the continents, just as with the edges of a torn piece of paper, look like they fit together. Indeed they do. Simply not at the current size of the earth. For the edges of the continents to snug together (at the continental shelves), the earth would have had to be only about one third its present size."

It also explains why 35-foot-tall dinosaurs could not exist today, how those giant stones of the ancient pyramids could be lifted easily into place, and why the Sphinx shows 10,000 years of water damage at its base.

[I find it fascinating that High thinks this process of the Sun connected to the plasma core of the Earth could actually create new water. That just boggles my mind. It's like the sun is tending its garden called the solar system with long tendrils of energy the rejuvenate planets and keep them healthy, a process which unfortunately has the obnoxious side effect of scrambling existing lifeforms during this process so that all civilizations are erased and the Mayan time clock is reset to zero.]

Freezes, quakes and infrastructure distintegration

High explains: "The Expando Planet model is also supported by the evidence of large areas of the planet going into an 'instant freeze' such that animals are flash frozen while munching on grass or pies. The Expando Planet model has at its core (pun intended) the plasma core which can become very chaotic, and is expected to produce huge 'toroidal imbalances' which will result in a bunch of 'magnetic field anomalies' that will resemble 'magnetic tornadoes'. These will reach out into deep space and will funnel down not only huge levels of highly charged particles, but also, vast quantities of very very very cold cold from space. The air will freeze as it is. So will anything under one of these toroidal vortexes. And since many of them will be associated with where the new magnetic pole will reside (after a bit of a walk-about), it is understandable that many of these flash frozen areas will stay frozen."

The earthquake danger everywhere will continue to escalate. Shallow quakes are not only more frequent, they're more dangerous, doing more surface damage.

"In looking at potential and predictable problems arising in 2012 as a result of the energy burst from the sun causing lots of material creation and thus expansion pressures from within the earth, as humans, we need to also focus our attention on human creations. These will not only include buildings, but also dams, and reservoirs, and the real nasties. Before moving on to the latter, let us note that mega earth projects such as the Hoover, Grand Coulee, and Three Gorges dams, among others, are at risk for catastrophic and cataclysmic failure as the planet actually pulls apart around them, or, alternatively, as the surface crinkles up underneath them.

"Train derailments, and other impacts on human infrastructure. Including worries about dams. Sinkholes, in fact many of the problems claimed as issues of the approach of the planet X would be expected in the Expando Planet model.

"Further problems for humans will include the direct effect on our consciousness of the solar radiations once the magnetosphere has collapsed. Other issues include physical burns, radiation burns, destruction of crops, loss of life as animals en masse on land, in the air, and under water, are killed by both magnetic waves and radiation from space. Further issues will present themselves in the form of mental problems for those who do survive by hiding from the radiation exposure.

"The total infrastructure of humans that is in any way bound to electricity is likely to fail, and probably spectacularly so. Predictable electrical and magnetic problems are already observable as has been noted on many 'conspiracy fact' sites. The predictable biological effects are already happening as the 2012 expansion event ramps up under our feet. The mass die off of birds, and ocean life already seen is very likely the early edges of what will occur in 2012.

"We are still facing civilization doom in 2011 and 2012. The doom starts the day that the Sun takes out the planetary electrical grid."

The one pleasant thought in all this is that Dick Cheney and all his Illuminati co-conspirators who thought they'd be safe in their underground bunkers will be, in High's words, fried like spam in a can once the ground starts shifting and shuts off their systems. Like spam in a can. Story of the human race.

The idea to get used to � if we ever can � is that many previous civilizations have existed on the planet that disappeared. Today we only have furtive glimpses and fantastic fictions of the ancient civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis. It appears to be our fate to leave an identical legacy to the future, where only the tiniest fragments of what human civilization achieved will ever be discovered in the far distant future.

What tasks us now, knowing that the proverbial end of our world is now a working model on the tables of think tanks everywhere, is dealing with the space of time as the clock ticks down.

In a way, it is no different from the ordinary life we have known: it's just that we can ignore the timeclock until the buzzer goes off, and we can pretend to be surprised when it does. Now the alarm for us all has been set. October 11, 2001. Or sooner. The sun is beginning to sizzle. Soon we will be, too.

Take heart (or refuge) in this caveat. I went screeching out of Florida last year because I thought the oil spill was going to overwhelm us all, which it has not so far yet done, though its diseases do appear to be spreading. So you can just write me off and ignore all of this, dismiss my mention that what Clif High reports is what I've been thinking for three or more years, ever since reading Arthur C. Clarke's "Sunstorm" and visiting a few Mayan pyramids, and just go on about your business believing what you will until the bright shadow of a darkening Sun pops up again in your rearview mirror, and you can wonder again at what all this frantic driving has been for.

In the time of the Nagas and the Maya (the really ancient ones, not the Yucatanians), James Churchward, in "The Empire of Mu," recalls the ancient Hindu legends from 20,000 years ago.

"Maha Bharata (writing in 1000 B. C.): Mention is made in this ancient book of the "gift of a flying machine" by a king to a brother monarch as a token of friendship. These are the most detailed accounts I have found about airships of the Hindus 15,000 to 20,000 years ago, except one which is a drawing and instructions for the construction of the airship and her machinery, power, engine, etc. The power is taken from the atmosphere in a very simple inexpensive manner. The engine is somewhat like our present-day turbine in that it works from one chamber into another until finally exhausted. When the engine is once started it never stops until turned off. it will continue on if allowed to do so until the bearings are worn out. These ships could keep circling around the earth without ever once coming down until the machinery wore out. The power is unlimited, or rather limited only by what metals will stand. I find various flights spoken of which according to our maps would run from 1000 to 3000 miles. All records relating to these airships distinctly state that they were self-moving, they propelled themselves; in other words, they generated their own power as they flew along. They were independent of all fuel. It seems to me, in the face of this, and with all our boasting, we are about 15,000 to 20,000 years behind the times. Dropping bombs from airships is a new sport with us, less than twenty years old; yet here we see that it was done 15,000 to 20,000 years ago. Rawan was shot down with a circular gun that spit fire and made thunder which is uncommonly like some of our machine guns today. Yet the world is flattering itself today that never before during the history of man has there ever been such a brainy lot of scientists as are with us at the present time. Pure egotism crowned with ignorance. I feel like the sage of old who said: "There is nothing new under the sun." There are many Chinese records of about the same date regarding these ancient flying machines."

And now is the time to think about what they will say about us, in the far future, when we are the ancients buried in the dust, and they are the moderns smug in their latest fashions and technological advances. We wish them well and apologize that our achievements were so meager and senseless.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, urging people to understand that no problem in the world can be authentically addressed without first analyzing tangents caused by Jewish perfidy, which has subverted and diminished every aspect of human endeavor throughout history. Support for his work is wholly derived from people who can understand what he�s saying and know what it means.

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