The price of peace

Would you trade your most precious possession to guarantee the end of all wars forever?

11th May 2011


Enough, I say. Enough of this boring, ordinary, artificial news of the day.

So what if one media robot killed another media robot who was already dead. Just call it Obamaosamacide. Or would that be Osamaobamacide? I thought I knew what ugly was until I saw all those Americans in the street cheering the targeted assassination of an imaginary corpse.

So what if weather wars are destroying the middle of the country, and that people are correctly predicting where these designer storms are going to happen by spotting telltale HAARP radar signatures, proven precursors of destruction. It's like a new death lottery.

So what if our government's telling us there's nothing to worry about, that a little radiation is good for us, and that they're shutting down radiation monitoring stations left and right. They didn't report the truth about 9/11 or the phony wars. Why should they tell us we're already being killed as we speak? It would go against tradition.

So what if CNN reports 50,000 irate Libyan citizens protested in Benghazi when the video of the event shows only 200 criminals with torches and petrol bombs, and our government, which hired these same rebels (and owns our media), insists this is reason to start yet another all-out war (the new sanitizing euphemism now being "no fly zone").

As Halliburton salivates over prospective rebuilding contracts in every nation on Earth about to be destroyed by the Jewish-run U.S. government, worldwide genocide is no longer a conspiracy theory � it's an actual fact, but generally not the stories you read in the Jewish newspapers; the real genocide, like the harvesting of protesters' organs in Bahrain, is not reported by them.

All this news and other earthshaking threats to our future pales by comparison to the problem that supersedes all other problems, that causes and exacerbates all other problems, and best typifies the human condition of not really wanting to fix the problems caused by what they believe, because they cling to the disproven belief that the pain of denial is less daunting than the fear of acceptance.

So it's long past time to get to the nub of the matter.

What you believe is what you do.

How many murders in 5,000 years of monotheistic religious rule can you count?

� � �

We invent stories of the afterlife to calm the fears of our children, who are rightly grieved when an elderly loved one or an innocent friend suddenly disappears. One need only reflect on the loss of a parent, or worse yet a child, to understand the need to explain this sudden departure from the life of a child. Perhaps on this subject, we are all still children, yes?

The stories that we give them are the best we can find � . . . oh, they've gone to a better place � to allay, or anesthetize, the fact that their own condition is terminal, but that is what each of us � and all societies � shove aside, palliate, obfuscate, disguise and bury as we live our lives in search of a meaning that cannot be clearly defined because of the ultimate level of repressed uncertainty that underlies all our activities.

Whether it's triumphing in some sport or business, or being a member of a respected team, these goals that means so much to us, that consume the effort of our lives, are mere distractions from having to think about the meaning of the that black brick wall that we all hit, and finding a way of believing that this wall is not black is essential to our mental well being throughout the lives that we live. Not thinking about this � declaring it morbid, or in bad taste to even talk about this subject � is part of the repression.

Every activity we undertake in this life has as its ultimate purpose the distancing from and the anesthetizing of the ubiquitous uberknowledge that we are future toast, scheduled to be dust on some future occasion, our lives and achievements utterly forgotten in the rubble of future history. This is the big picture, and it's black.

Except for one thing. Your choice. It doesn't have to be black (in fact, it is the ultimate prism). And it is a major mistake to distance yourself from it, a mistake that has cost our species more than it will ever know.

Now here's the most radical idea most of you will have ever heard.

The way to guarantee that there will be no more wars among humans on Earth is to give up our belief in our own immortality, to fearlessly recognize that we are only here for a single cosmic minute of time, to do our best with what we can learn, and to understand and venerate the cycles of the universe that issue our very brief contract with corporeal existence.

It is a fundamental definition of life that we deny in all our thinking. The myths we construct and the jobs and professions these myths create are rife with corruption and dishonesty because they are built upon a lie, the lie that we do not die, as a result all of this society's constructions are skewed, based upon myths that simply are not true.

This corruption in the form of secret bankers and perverted priests riddles history with its stink and poisons our present with a false reality that says we should bomb Muslims because they attacked us, when in reality the multinational task force of Israel, Washington politicians and New York bankers � all of them disgustingly Jewish � engineered the deal, and pounded it home in the minds of the feeble goyim through their Orwellian control of the media.

You say that can't possibly be true? We can never give up our hope of eternal life.

All I'm saying is that we can't know what's on the other side, so it's useless to pursue formulas for the understanding of it. Faith comes from realizing the life that has been provided for us has been so good � no matter how marred by human insanity � that nothing bad could happen in a process that has provided this much good to so many for so long.

All our hopes and dreams, all our government institutions, all our schools, all based on the idea that we live forever, through one doctrinal method or another, palliating our fear, assuring ourselves that we and our institutions are immortal. It is the lie we all share � in every single activity that we do.

As an old sportswriter, when I read about sports in the Protocols of Zion, I saw the magnetism of rooting for your team as a distant substitute for achieving victory over death, the fleeting immortality of the sports hero. Can you say Pudge Hefflefinger? A sports hero from a century ago.

What does it mean? It means nothing. It means you (me, we) have devoted our lives to the study of something that really didn't benefit us, because it was always aimed toward a false � and, throughout the universe, unobtainable � goal: immortality. Doesn't happen on any level of organic life, except metaphorically through regeneration. And whoever set up that system couldn't have picked a nicer way to do it.

And yet, the eternal truisms that have guided our civilization through an endless series of bloody convulsions have all been false. Take the famous slogan of the French Revolution � liberty, equality and fraternity. It turned out to be the formula for the total destabilization of a deranged monarchy, resulting in a spilling of blood and a shackling of thought that continues unabated to this day.

We have anchored our most precious thoughts to a delusion.

The institutions that falsely rule us to this day are all based on this traditional motive of guaranteeing eternal life by arbitrary dogma, and making this belief mandatory by ruthless force and intellectual dishonesty. It's a convenient fairy tale that, in the interests of neighborhood peace, everyone is willing to go along with if it's not too oppressive. But the sad fate of all religious organizations is that they can't defend their dogma by logical argument or historical certitude, so they resort to force and manipulation to exclude the legitimate ideas of others.

Anyone who claims to be infallible is a psychopath. This characterizes all believers in the monotheistic faiths.

Can you believe that anyone who can see what a beautiful and bountiful world this is would believe all the crap they attribute to God. No higher being, figmented or not, would ever say it was OK to rob or kill anyone else for any reason. And yet that what's the God of all these monotheistic religions said, over and over. You do the math.

The worst aspect of this spin job known as the Resurrection (remember, this whole thing was concocted by Jews) is the millions who live and die on the movement of the Pope or the mullahs. The rabbis don't cut quite as high a figure as they're usually transporting money or kidneys.

We have to learn what it means to die. Otherwise, we'll just keep killing people needlessly.

Just imagine when you kill some one it's you. Think of what you have just taken away. To kill someone you have to be so unappreciative of your gifts that you would trash them, forever mar them, in this way.

I'm thinking that if you realize you have only one life to live, you will be less likely to take life of another, because you know what it means. As long as you have Muslim heaven, or wherever, to fall back upon, you are far more likely to kill someone on the say-so of someone else than you would be if you were a freethinker, and that does not necessarily imply atheist. For example, I believe in God and have total contempt for all religions, none of whom do justice to this force that has given us all these great gifts.

So here's the deal, the formula for everlasting peace.

We trade our hope for immortality in exchange for eternal peace, because everyone would realize they had only one life to live, and the purpose of it was to make it more comfortable and more hospitable to every other living thing. This would be especially important when you realized that, in all eternity, it would be the only chance you would ever have.

This is the true price of peace. For five thousand years, humanity has been unwilling to pay it, and we see the result.

No afterlife? Are you kidding me? We're not giving that up. There comes a time when that will be the only thing we have, right?

Just so.

I am approaching the conclusion that we can either have the imagined immortality our religions profess to provide for us, or we can have peace among compassionate brothers who realize our stay here is limited � but we can't have both.

Can humans give up their imagined immortality in exchange for permanent world peace? History shows that they cannot. Now we are at the point where humans MUST give up this preconscious thought engine of immortality in order to save their own lives, and the life of their planet.

Can they do it? Not very many could. Will they do it? Not a chance. It is because, after hundreds of generations of training, and a million words reinforcing this monotheistic paradigm which says everything we do is ultimately meaningless and only fealty to the sacred game plan earns you a trip to the sacred la la land, the illusion has become far more important to humanity than actual reality. That is the title of my most recent book, Recipe for Extinction.

We are currently very far down that rabbithole, and it doesn't look like we're ever going to escape from it, all because we won't exhibit real faith and give up the pathological projection of our fear that is the appeal of immortality. Cowardly species don't survive. And life was never for the faint of heart.

Don't forget the two things: The price of peace is letting go of our dreams of immortality, and understanding what our role on this planet actually is. I'm betting on gardener.

Being locked into the concept of a god outside you forever prevents you from fully realizing and releasing the god within you, and it's long past time to spring him into action.

OK, let's have a show of hands. How many of you out there would trade your soul to save the world? I would, unhesitatingly. How about you? Oh? And what would you be saving it for?

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, urging people to understand that no problem in the world can be authentically addressed without first analyzing tangents caused by Jewish perfidy, which has subverted and diminished every aspect of human endeavor throughout history. Support for his work is wholly derived from people who can understand what he�s saying and know what it means.

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