Four quartets for Ezra Pound

22nd December 2010

Unless we see that the way to the universe is inward, we will never reach the nearest star or have peace in our lives.

Unless we develop the common sense to see that who we kill is who we are, we will inevitably kill ourselves.

Unless we understand that the devices of life, when disconnected from the natural cycles of the Earth, make us sick and kill us, they will continue to do just that.

Unless we see that profit, as the total focus of our lives, obliterates every beauty in its path as it plummets toward the bottom line, we are doomed to destroy everything we love.

Unless we see how the rose is twisted, the garden will die in midsummer.

Unless we see how the game is fixed, we�ll be fleeced and discarded by the roadside.

Unless we put our trust in others, we will walk a lonesome road.

Unless we forgive them their trespasses, well, we just won�t get along with anyone, will we?

Unless you understand the background of how America went wrong, you�ll have no clue of how to fix things, because you�re still enmeshed in the tentacles and aspirations of that system, which was poisoned from the very beginning and has metastasized into a monster that is about to snuff out the last of our liberty and steal the rest of our money.

Unless you detox the false beliefs about America and God that you have ingested into your deluded system, you will continue to serve the interests of: 1, the devil, of course; 2, the Jewish destabilization template, which has just about achieved complete control of the known world through its control of money (�Hey, it�s only business.�); and 3, your own fear of death that is the exact thing that has caused all these problems, and all the lies you have utilized to anesthetize that fear are now manifesting as bad karma in the real world, we�re talking the ultimate insult to God here � the deliberate and malicious murder of innocent families that the Jewish-controlled United States inflicts on all the peoples of the world. You may want to reread that.

Unless you live your life for others, you�re nobody, and nobody loves you.

Unless you live your life for everybody and every living thing, you are a potentially drug addled airport security tyrant, fresh back from killing civilians in Afghanistan, ready to frisk children and imprint them with a memory of their government that sounds a lot like a circumcision of the mind, just a little something to remind you of the Jews in charge of everything. Or, the alternative: go through the airport scanner and get cancer. Giving and �treating� (but not curing!) cancer is a longtime Jewish moneymaker, in which they keep you alive as painfully as possible just long enough to get all of your money.

Unless you know that Tom Eliot (Ezra�s prot�g�) backed out of his existential position in the final years of his life and into the loving arms of Jesus, you probably don�t know that that abdication of thought left unanswered the pressing question of who in the hell was that shadow he talked about in his Nobel Prize winning poem �The Waste Land.� (1922)

Unless you know that he was talking about �that third that always walks beside you� which is an affliction we all have � really, it�s over your left shoulder all the time � the shadow, suppressed awareness of our own mortality, a shadow self, utterly manipulated by behavioral forces, in other words, utterly exploitable by the predators who designed the system that you, dear reader, certainly do not fully comprehend how it controls you.

Unless you know who John Kaminski is, you probably do not know that he has gathered all the weight of history from the remaining responsible non Jewish sources to conclusively identify who T. S. Eliot was referring to when he wrote that memorable poem, which for years has been taught in every respectable English class in the whole world. Who was the shadow, you ask, that casts its ugly pall over the whole of human existence?

Unless I miss my guess, it is the Jews, sucking the blood out of cultures and spilling it with glee in all corners of the planet, ruining everyone�s lives just to make a buck. Disgusting. Now, you�re already their slave in some way. The only question remaining is how they will choose to kill you, and believe me, they are matching methods and persons right now.

Unless we immediately recognize how we are being changed from decent people into preprogrammed robots with built-in self-destruct mechanisms, our collective future is history. The Jews are the Shadow of Death, manifested as the constant shadow of debt that imprisons us all, and so ably described in The Waste Land we now see before us, menacing our lives and laughing at our pain.

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