Tangled elaborations of desire, part 1

Walking in quicksand

9th July 2011

Blue is the color of our childhood injuries, which produce our criminal histories. The beauty of blue in the sky is exhilarating, yet beauty is a drug that prevents us from fulfilling our function, which is always to spread light and ensure justice for all (if we ever hope to get it ourselves) through whatever means we may conjure. You must be colorized to your own unique astrological signature to be in balance. Nobody is, or ever was in balance, because our lives are built on quicksand, misunderstood information tailored to achieve maximum exploitation with the least effort, and this keeps everybody bleeding. It is the No. 1 human occupation.

Our goal is a system that guarantees happiness for all beings it encounters � to promote life rather than exploit and destroy it for profit, rather than continue the depraved human practice of killing other things to make oneself feel more alive, to scare off that boogeyman by pretending you have defeated him by kicking a field goal in (ahem) sudden death overtime, or doing terrible things to innocent people and insisting you have a right to do that because of some demonstrably pathological holy scripture. Jewish supremacy indeed � what a pathetic cry for help! Acting out for all the world to see how ugly a human being can really be.

Talk about Nietzsche's "inversion of values." Jews try so hard to be beautiful, put themselves on the covers of all their magazines, even though the whole world knows, in their hearts, these people are all fake puppets, intruding on your reality for some deceitful purpose. How does the whole world know this? Because everybody who at least tries to be real knows beauty is in the heart, and that is something the Jews are in no danger of ever mastering as long as they remain Jews, because their toxic dogma preaches exactly the opposite, hatred and revenge on people who refuse to kiss their feces-covered feet. Julia Roberts is profoundly ugly, yet is held up to us as a Jewish paragon of beauty. Jewish beauty. Oxymoron. Nothing the Jews have ever done could be called beautiful. Start by looking at the Soviet Union. Then look at contemporary America, the robotized killer state, where war is peace and you are taught fresh out of the cradle that intelligence is keeping your mouth shut and going with the flow.

On this this fetid July morning in the filthy Northeast U.S., the sky was an uncharacteristic chemtrail free blue � as clear as the hope in your own breast � as I floated in the pool near the statue of Minerva with the bird under the pines of a Roman dream where the eternal spirit of the emperor Marcus Aurelius pervades in perpetuity. You remember Marcus Aurelius: he's the one who said you have something inside you that nobody � no priest or no God � can ever take away from you. This place was full of groundhogs and baby rabbits cavorting in the sweet grass beneath a sky as clear a blue as the fierce eyes of the happy 2-year-old splashing across the pool towards me. Oh such a happy boy. Filled with life and bringer of joy to all he encounters with a hair-trigger smile and big blue eyes you easily fall into, aglow with the mindboggling wonder of life. Each near word he tries to speak is an augury of the path he will take. Right now, as he zooms underwater toward his swimteacher grandma, his choice seems to be tugboat pilot.

The folks in the neighborhood were planning a gathering later that evening for the local UFO chapter, followed by a party at a local alehouse. Utterly pathetic. Nice folks deluding themselves and not taking our currently grim reality for an answer. I love them. I tried to explain they have wasted all their years pursuing phantasms, inventions of this New Age panoply of perverted cults, when they could have been compiling knowledge that would make them free of these parasites that suck the minds out of their heads with so-called esoteric knowledge. American schools throughout the 20th century have dumbed us all down sufficiently so that we can't see that New Age distractions are just another set of Protestant denominations, all meant to conceal who's really running the show on Planet Earth.

This UFO group was so pathetic they didn't even know all the real UFO experts out there, like Hatonn, fine Jewish gentleman who has published such politically relevant material, or that practically the whole New Age movement was started by two Jews, Ray Palmer, whose amazing stories triggered just about every New Age ET cult that exists today, and Kenneth Arnold, the Jewish pilot who first reported those UFOs over Seattle in 1947. Sheesh, there were more Jews in starting the New Age movement than there were in the Women's Liberation movement, which was utterly and completely Jewish, and which by now has shattered the American family by turning women into whores with the help of Jewish media, turning women into junior men and sabotaging every subsequent generation raised without fathers. A key part of the Jewish destabilization template used on every country Jews ravage � which is all countries.

There is something I've been saying to women for a long time: Take off your penises and go home, because that is where the real work is. Inversion of values. Every woman I know would love for that to happen, deep down, but the problem now is the women are doing all the work and making all the money (at slightly reduced rates of course), and most of the men are drunk after trying to figure out that when you have sex it makes children. Joni Mitchell was right. Sex kills. OK, now I'll really betray my gender. Women tell them this. Dan Millman, in Way of the Peaceful Warrior, says sex for a male should be only for procreation. Otherwise, you're just wasting all that energy, and cheapening the sacredness of what you're doing. Circumcision, as I have mentioned � and a Jewish plot, which I have also mentioned � has turned every circumcised man in the world into a sex addict, if not a homosexual, thanks to the destructive and pornographic influence of Jewish culture, which can best be described as humans trying to destroy themselves so they can't feel their own hatred of themselves. Sex for sex's sake (didn't you know?) is a form of mini suicide.

But getting back to the UFO group for a moment, these folks were transfixed on information that couldn't attract the attention of an intelligent fifth grader. Yet they rely on it for their ultimate authority. Religious people are the same way. Total absence of critical thinking. What I really wanted to tell them (but no way could they have ever understood) was that all religious denominations and all forms of ET speculation could all be deprived of all their apparent credibility by one simple thought � that all the holy books and off planet legends were only the result of the influence of vestigial hallucinations of thoughts and words that were conceived BEFORE the formal invention of language, and were handed down verbally from generation to generation and eventually written down in Babylon and other places as the truly spoken words of God, or some other kind of off planet visitor.

Poof! All visions of Cherubim or Pleiadians vanish when you hear the desperate mental echoes of fruitless human aspirations � all pleading for the same magical transportation to eternal life � in the pages of the Old Testament, especially when God says it's OK to rob and murder anybody you don't like.

That's why it really bothers me when websites and writers conflate legitimate stories about what's rapidly destroying our world and ET extravaganzas over Israel or New Jersey or wherever. Leuren Moret is one of these. Fascinating intellect, depleted uranium expert and ET groupie. Totally delegitimizing her empirical work with these cosmic fantasies. It's just another religion to keep your mind off the real deal, and see who's really working to kill or enslave us. David Icke, Alan Watt, John Hagee � all really in the same class of people who are trying to keep us from identifying and dealing with our main problem, which is our failure to see ourselves without fantasy.

Know this now and forever. Eternal life does not exist for anything that lives, from galaxies to germs. The point of life is to acknowledge that you are here for only a specific amount of time. Only when you admit that can you begin a legitimate search for your own true purpose. Giving others a lift in whatever way you can will be the most popular human occupation in the far future.

Anybody who talks about the UFO thing and doesn't recognize them all as high tech government programs voluntarily relinquishes his or her standard privilege to participate in consensual conversation. As freedom of the press cannot be limited without being lost (Jefferson), so accurate perception of the world we see cannot be accomplished when based on the mythic foundation of reality that most of us use.

Which is precisely why we're all in so much trouble.

As long as we don't know who we ourselves actually are, because our perceptions of ourselves are based on false history and imposed ways of doing things, we can't accurately perceive anything else we encounter with any degree of reliability. The world has always been run on spin. It's long past time to insist � in every instant of our life � that we spin it the way we want it � no excuses, no exceptions. Be true to yourself and the job will get done.

DEMAND the truth, especially of yourself, in all instances. And watch how that synchronicity almost instantly begins to make everything better, from the tiniest example to the largest.

This is our collective task, self portrait, no fantasy. Get busy. We're running out of time.

� � �

Bear with me. Two more items.

I think it was my email correspondent "diggyboo" who forwarded one of my essays to two of his buddies, who in turn responded that they didn't need to know too much information, and that they "were going to stand with Israel" in any eventuality; whereupon I snapped back and called them "retarded cretins" or something like that, and diggyboo wrote back and said I should treat his friends with more respect. After much thought, I had to inform diggyboo that for lack of knowledge about the insane murderers known as Israelis, the demonic bankers known as the Rothschilds and their inbred assassins, the perverse pervasiveness of utterly disgusting Jewish influence in all the arts and sciences and businesses have turned the most beautiful country that ever was, the United States of America, into a semen stained landfill, whatever I said about your friends also applies to you, diggyboo. You're a robot with no brain and no heart, not to be trusted in any circumstance, because you defend Judaism and are a friend of the Jews, which means you are now and will be forever utterly untrustworthy. This applies, I respectfully submit, to at least some of you reading this very story. A brief self audit would be appropriate at this time.

I must note that these responses to my work frequently contain the most juvenile profanity in attempts to intimidate you into submission. So when a Jew swears at you with the most depraved profanities he can muster (and they're not very inventive), he or she is merely verifying his own insanity from trying to defend a position that is indefensible.

The second item is about the concert I drove a thousand miles to go to and then didn't go. Short version: old man dealing with risk factors way too high. Secondary excuse: penetration by phonies.

The pre concert promotional material, what there was of it, contained no mention of me other than my name with no additional information. Must be they have no idea who I am. Then I was scheduled late in the evening, after eight hours of rock music, rap and patriotic speakers, with beer as the only recommended beverage. Then, the schedule was changed at the last minute and inserted before me in the lineup was someone I would have been forced to debunk, creating rancor where presumably at this point there would, or should, have been unity, which I did not want to despoil, out of respect for Paul, who I like. But I told him we have major differences about who is legitimate and who is not.

Then, the clincher, coddled aging American that I am, at 66 I will not sleep outside on the ground in cool weather. It rained that night. So I made the right decision, and apologize to all those who may have made the trip and I wasn't there.

Overall, this is the usual treatment I get from Jews.

I would be remiss not to mention the late scheduling of a person to speak right before me who curdles my blood with his subterranean Jewish- Catholic smarminess, Jim Condit Jr., who makes a living out of saying Adolf Hitler was Jew.

Here's the rule about that. For 150 years, since the time of Bismarck, Germany has been owned by the Jews, despite being only 2 percent of the population. Hitler was the only leader in world history who openly opposed the Jews, which is why his principal target was Communist Russia (utterly Jewish); but he didn't realize that the U.S. and U.K. were both Jewish countries as well. This current World War III that Jewish America is waging against the whole world would simply not have happened had Germany won World War II.

Current attempts by Condit and others to tarnish Hitler are in keeping with the general Jewish media attitude � the man is the most vilified person of all time, all because of the Jews who with their gentile robots destroyed him. In the future I will have something to say about these same tendencies in American Free Press, which sponsored the concert. It is germane to note that people who support Condit tend to be Jews or people who are Jews but pretend not to be.

� � �

So there I was, sneaking out back for a cigarette, talking to a frog, who was clambering through the wet twigs. I told him, "I don't care what they say about me. Suddenly I'm lucky enough to find a way to love everything, to resent nothing because of the profit of its lesson. I can't help it. I can see the way clear. It's all I could ever ask."

After a few more puffs, my head snapped to the left, my vision narrowed to peer through the underbrush, and there, staring at me with big brown eyes, were a fawn, nuzzling its graceful mother doe, and majestic Father Buck right behind them, elegant with his rack, the perfect family portrait, telling me they already knew exactly what I was thinking; then they turned and disappeared into the thick green forest, and I hopped back inside to tell you all this, and start working on the next story on the list, which unfortunately for all of us, will be about Christians, those junior jews who have no idea what they're doing and are of no help to anyone on this planet. Title should be something like: "Mindlocked Christians do the killing because demonic Jews push the buttons in their atrophied brains." Stay tuned.

John Kaminski is a writer currently rambling in the Appalachians, secure in the knowledge that whatever disasters are about to befall us there are plenty of people working hard for a better world. Thanks to all who have helped make my work possible.

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