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Solutions to every problem sabotaged by not being able to say forbidden word


30th May 2011

What does it mean to be well adjusted in a psychotic society? — William Whitten

Without a shred of proof, the worldwide media monsters declared Muslims guilty of explosions in New York City, and as a result, between two and three million innocent people have been murdered in the Islamic world. Every country in the world not owned by the Jewish World Bank is now under threat of U.S. drone attacks for any reason, or no reason at all.

After the worst radiation accident in history, the U.S. government shut off its radiation monitors.

A man who knew why birds were falling from the sky made a special trip to tell the president the real story and wound up beaten to death in a suburban dumpster.

American cities are being torn up by unprecedented tornados that are forecast on the Internet days in advance by reading the unnatural cloud formations � the incriminating tip-offs are perfectly straight edges and perfectly round circles in the radar signatures � which indicates that some government agency in control of the weather is controlling and deploying apocalyptic storms to deliberately ravage the American landscape. Which government is it? Any answer to this question is bad � but you know what the worst one is.

And worst of all, a foreign leader representing all that is bad and vicious in the world receives more standing ovations during his address to the U.S. congress than the president himself, and insists on the insane right of his people to kill anyone they want at any time for no reason and with no penalty. For this, the American legislators applauded wildly, fearful that anyone who displayed less than total subservience to this monster would suffer greatly in his reelection bid. Almost nobody realizes that this is the way America has done business throughout most of its history.

There is a reason why nothing is getting fixed, everything's being destroyed, and people are being exterminated in large numbers. It is all because of the one word we are not allowed to use, the one set of parasites that has spread throughout the world, the one very wealthy group of paranoid pathologues who control every word that is ever written or spoken in public media throughout the world.

And it's exactly what Americans, trapped in their own Chinese fingertrap of Jewish education, refuse � even to their deaths � to see.

It is the very people who provide our education who are committing these neverending crimes against humanity.

We are deceived by stories that describe capitalists and Communists, right and left, Catholics and Protestants etc. They're all variations of the divide and conquer strategy. The sullen fact remains that in all wars since the 1600s that were not outright annexations of Third World countries, both sides were funded by the Jewish bankers who eventually bought, sabotaged or destroyed every country in the Western world, the demolition of the U.S. being their last and greatest accomplishment.

Our thinking is trapped into believing that these are countries getting together to fight Islamic terror, when really all these nations have become zombie subsections of the the Jewish world financial monster. None of them has a president who was genuinely elected by the people; they are all designees of the New World Order mind controllers who were selected for their lack of conscience and ability to mimic genuine human characteristics, but also be free of the tedious and outmoded traits of honesty and compassion.

So it's not Britain, France and the U.S. who have chosen on their own authority and no one else's to bomb the hell out of Libya to steal its valuable resources of oil and water. No, it's actually three major battalions of the NWO extermination team based in London but run by a consortium of Jewish crimelords who have taken over major industries � make that, all major industries � and ultimately funnel all the ill-gotten gain that they don't spend on themselves directly to Israel and the worldwide Jewish extermination team. This is what Hitler never realized.

The operating principle of the status of governments in the world today is to remember this maxim of spook democracy: Blackwater mercenaries and Al-Qaeda terrorists are two subdepartments of the same employer, in the same subsection of Wall Street terror enforcers who can be used in any context on any side to destabilize any situation and shake money out of the trees for their Jewish superiors, who in any case determine what these thugs do.

Thus we run screaming from the Talmudized mainstream media and straight into the arms of our Internet champions promising to save us from tyranny, and what do we find? The same kind of speech straitjacket, where we're just not allowed to use that certain word or our advertising revenues will plummet.

I liked writer Kurt Nimmo's "Straussian neocons" as the best epithet for the Jews among writers who bent over backwards in all sorts of ways not to call them Jews. As I have been stressing for years, to the endless criticism of all these "responsible" Internet writers, the first step in solving the problems of the Jewish kidnapping of reality is to call them "Jews." Not Zionists, not Communists, not feminists, not anarchists, not Bolsheviks, not liberals, not Shabbataean Frankists � they're all Jews! But with all these subtitles, Jews are perennially adroit at evading identifications through these endless, coded pseudonyms and keep the public hoodwinked as to the true cause of certain troubles. The strategy has succeeded beyond everyone's wildest dreams.

The Khazarian money bandits implanted a deliberate and perpetual malignant tumor in the bowels of the Middle East when it invented Israel as its hideout. First of all, the invention of Israel made World War I possible because it brought the U.S. into a war that had already been won by Germany. And second, it guaranteed constant conflict in perpetuity, or at least until the Judaic philosophy has been erased from the memory of man (which, incidentally, is a mandatory requirement if humanity is to escape the destiny of robot droids that has been planned for it).

But we're making no progress because the hip and enlightened commentators on a wide variety of Internet websites are still reluctant to use the word "Jew" where the world "Jew" is required.

� It was a Jew who shot that unarmed peace protester on the flotilla trying to bring food to starving people. Four shots in the back of the head.

� It was a Jew who invented the atom bomb. He was quoted as saying, "I am become Death, the Destroyer of Worlds," echoing Werner Sombart's earlier remark, "Wars are the Jews' harvests."

� It was a Jewish doctor who assassinated Huey Long, a Jewish doctor who put a cancer virus in the polio vaccine, even Jewish doctors who killed President William Henry Harrison in 1830.

� The movies, television, newspapers, music industry, theater, publishing, evangelical religion, pro sports . . . they and just about everything else are all run by Jews.

And yet there are people on the Internet, "respectable" commentators (many of them Jewish), who don't use the word Jew when they write their stories. Like Nimmo, they bend over backwards not to use the word.

What's even more worrisome to me is the number of openly Jewish commentators who now do use the word. They know their history, though most are not willing to concede the Holocaust debate to the truthtellers, most of whom are either in jail or "legally" prohibited from telling the truth about this insidious Jewish control of intellectual reality through the arbitrary imposition of unjust censorship laws.

Still, particularly on Veterans Today, ostensibly seeking to become a responsible voice in its commentary on U.S. foreign policy and other matters, maintains the Chomsky-like fiction that Jews are just another ethnic minority in a world full of obstreperous people, when the actual reality that everyone in the world desperately needs to realize are Jews are an inevitably destructive cancer on any organization they infect, inflicting their own self-hatred that they simply can't believe in the good and the true on everybody else around them, in a murderous rage that will never be stilled until they eventually destroy themselves.

And the big question on everybody's mind, which I encourage all you candid Jewish commentators to address, is this. If Jews can't tell the truth about their own history, how can we expect them to tell the truth about anything? Only a feeble minded innocent goy would do that.

And maybe an even bigger question than that is, "Are all rabbis hidden homosexual child molesters and closet kidney dealers?"

So, then when you get done weaving a pile of hot Palomino dung to explain why those questions were asked by "somebody who hates", answer me this:

Are the "suitcase nukes" the Israeli government supposedly has secreted at various locations throughout the United States (and presumably elsewhere) located in the Holocaust museums, or did you install them right in the synagogues?

If we had a truly American law enforcement capability inside the U.S., the plausibility of that remark, given the history of Jewish military manipulation throughout the world, would trigger a feverish and thorough nationwide investigation into this question. But as we don't have that � the Department of Homeland Security only protects Jews and Jewish interests, have you noticed? � we have an occupation force of drug addled soldiers practicing their murder techniques overseas for future use . . . anywhere they might be needed.

Maybe we ought to ship some of them to Tennessee, so they can help those state troopers rob people as they're passing through. Just another rustic snapshot of Jewish America.

Someone should ask the monster Netanyahu, "Bibi baby, would you sacrifice your own family to advance the interests of Israel?" We fear we may already know his answer concealed in the insane doctrine of Judaism, that turns humans into robots before it turns them into dust.

I try not to read anything written by Jews lest they pollute my data base even more than they already have, lest I be deflected by the hidden deceptions that infect everything they write.

Jews turn and run from the truth. They absolutely can't stand the light of it. You notice their response: it's all slander and evasion, never, never a substantive response. It is because their history is both indefensible and reprehensible. Not to mention fatal to most everyone else in the world.

I'm still waiting for that one Jewish writer to respond to the central issue.

"It is a moral crime against humanity to defend Judaism in any way, shape or form given the anti-human and self-destructive attitudes it encourages. The Talmud instructs Jews to kill or enslave every non Jew in the world and to regard their victims' property as their own. Jews take a vow every year to lie about everything they do. All the Jewish holidays happily celebrate the slaughter of non Jews."

Netanyahu, exemplar of all terrible things Jewish in the world, received the warm applause of the U.S. Congress.

Say good night, Alice.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, urging people to understand that no problem in the world can be authentically addressed without first analyzing tangents caused by Jewish perfidy, which has subverted and diminished every aspect of human endeavor throughout history. Support for his work is wholly derived from people who can understand what he�s saying and know what it means.

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