Awake in the nightmare

Knowing how it happened doesn�t make it any better

9th June 2010

�So,� the doctor says as the patient enters the room, �you say you�re having vivid, persistent dreams of the apocalypse that you can�t seem to shake, and that they seem so real that reality all of a sudden is not real to you at all. Is that your problem?�

The patient nods somberly, �Yes, doctor. Suddenly, the unreal has become real, and vice versa.�

�Tell me about it,� says the shrink.

�The sinkholes happening all over China just knocked me for a loop this afternoon. Did you see that one in Guatemala last week? A round hole that went straight to hell and took a three storey building with it. You got volcanos in Iceland and Ecuador, earthquakes in Chile and a lot of other places, you got the fabricated sky drowning us in white smoke diseases like Morgellons, you have sick people in New Orleans they�re not talking about, you got these robots pretending to be our leaders that have just about stolen all our money, and now, the cull and sack coupe de grace, they�re poisoning the air with oil. After first killing all the wildlife in the ocean, all the birds in the sky, they�ll toast up the rest of US, if there�s anybody left. Three years max, doc, that�s where I�m at. Except last week I thought it was three days to the tsunami, and next week I�ll probably calculate three months if some Jewish anus decides to fire a phosphorus missile into the Gulf � the Jewish media will call it a meteor strike � and the whole Gulf Coast, from Veracruz to my beloved Venice Airport, will be toast. That would be about 40 million dead. Nice culling, Bilderbergers!�

Then there�s tonight�s YouTube footage of the flames under water. Did you catch that one?

�The Gulf Coast will be toast! Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Doc, I think I�m losin� it.�

�Tell me more?� said the doc.

�Really what I think will happen is this. The Gulf will become so infused with oil and the flow of the multiple leaks � at least what the Corexit didn�t sink to the bottom � will flow right into Miami Beach and Fort Lauderdale and the mass exodus will begin, with tens of thousands dying on the road or in FEMA camps. When the oil is sufficiently dense along the Atlantic coast of Florida, noxious gases and the disease caused by dead animals will infuse all of Florida in a hell-spawned poisoned fog � air pollution to the max � and most people will die twitching, gasping for air in a half-frozen posture; their last view will be the bleeding stars.

�They have no intention of shutting off the oil, doc. It�s already enough to profoundly disturb sea life in every ocean of the world. They�ve cut off our food supply � killed the sea life, and hopelessly fouled our meat supply. They�ve filled the air with aluminum and now everybody has these bronchial diseases. Depleted uranium and intensely sadistic training has created American soldiers who will rape and kill anything and anyone, including their own American brothers and sisters.

�When you talk to health experts, they know that mainstream medicine poisons everyone, that mainstream food producers produce poisons. Every ad you see on TV is for something that is really bad for the health of your body. We live in a culture of poisons, so we should not be surprised that they are going to kill most of us. You could say it was deliberate murder, but you could also say it was our own stupidity. They were way too quick for us, and got the better of us, principally because we ourselves were not morally sound, we were easily undermined, in most cases, by the lure of temptation.

�Some people say the oil spill will go on for 20 years. Some say til Christmas. How much oil will it take to kill every fish and bird in the world? And have we passed that point already?

�Why can�t people see that the American president and Congress are working for Israel, for the Jews of the world? And the Jews have announced plainly and clearly, that they have the right to kill or take anyone or anything they want, and no one can stop them.�

�And nobody�s doing anything about this. Well, except for our blessed comrades for freedom in the Freedom Flotilla, and the millions around the world who have taken to the streets to protest Israel�s wanton killing of those preaching peace, love and understanding. Those are things Jews just don�t understand � there�s no money in them, except in the perversion of them.�

�So how can I shake, this doc? Do you have a pill for this? I keep hearing that old Martha and the Vandellas tune running through my head, �No where to run to, baby, nowhere to hide . . .�

The shrink shifted in her seat, and cleared her throat.

�All of what you have said, and I must congratulate you for it, is perfectly true, or at least likely to come true in some instances in the very near future. So I congratulate for being perfectly sane.

�But I must tell you that you cannot escape from this one. This is the real thing. All the reasons for it are beyond the comprehension of all but the very bravest and the very brightest, and I suspect you may be one of them. In situation we find ourselves now, this perceptiveness is working against you, because you know too much and you can�t get it out of your mind.�

�That�s exactly right, doc. I close my eyes and I see Barack Obama with a number on his forehead, telepathically communicating to me that MY number is up. And he�s laughing.�

�And once the Eastern Seaboard of the U.S. in covered with oilspray from hurricanes passing over the Gulf, the Russians and Chinese and North Koreans are going to get together and nuke the U.S., plus, that will be about the time that the Yellowstone volcano will go off.

�I feel like my brain is going to explode. Doc, what can you do to help me?�

�Stay in the moment. There is no past, and there is no future. In the moment is really the only place you�ve ever been, but you�ve tortured yourself with memorizing all these rules from the past which lead to agonizing over what this programming will produce in the future. But you will find, if you think about it, that all your answers are in the moment, facing yourself without barriers, and deciding what it is that you really wanted, given the dire conditions we find ourselves in.

�Storming City Hall is always a good idea, but gather a crowd first; don�t do it by yourself. Arrest your government. Do what you can. And if you can�t do anything lie down and die. Those seem to be the choices these days.

�But how can I live knowing the future is guaranteed disease and misery?�

�That is the task at hand. Fight it every step of the way. Defend your turf. Run when you have to. Do not trust anyone in a uniform. They are not there to help you.

�This is the real nightmare we all face. There is a plan, but we don�t know what it is. We see evidence of it everywhere, but we don�t know what to do about it. This is where our history has taken us. There is no way out. And actually, there never was.

�Once we took the bribe, there was no way back. When that undersea oil field was breached, they cut the artery to the heart of Planet Earth, and we are now rapidly bleeding to death.

�This is the nightmare we are in. And we are awake.

�In fact, there is no way to deal with this, except to make peace with whomever you can, and await the karmic disaster we have had created for us by those who value gold higher than love.

�In fact we richly deserve what is about to happen to us for our ignorance, our fear, and our propensity for turning a blind eye to the misery of others.

�We are getting exactly what we deserve, total obliteration as dysfunctional species of no value to anyone in the universe.

�I can see how you�d be permanently upset at all the events that are happening today, and I can tell you with certainty that only you possess the key toward keeping your own peace of mind in these trying times.�

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